Good Monday Morning 02/07/05

  1. Just a brief good morning to all of you.............going to make it an early night......busy day at work anticipated again tomorrow. Amazing how busy that you can be with just two babies...........of course both are on vents....
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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    I DID IT! I MADE IT TO 21!

    Wow! I feel no different at all from yesterday! Well, my back kinda feels itchy but that's about it.

    What's this magical feeling that everybody seems to get in the country?
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    There is no magical feeling .. .birthdays are arbitrary days . . I still feel like I'm about 28 years old.

    Happy 21st Birthday Roy.

  5. by   leslie :-D
    happy birthday roy!

    here's to having that magical birthday you desire, and wishing you all good things today. be extra good to yourself.

    leslie :flowersfo
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    I didn't mean that birthdays can't be magical . . .just that something doesn't happen when you turn 21 and all of a sudden you realize you are an adult. Age is, as I said, arbitrary. Adulthood isn't a number.

    21 means you can buy a beer with your pizza legally now.

  7. by   leslie :-D
    you're right about that steph- adulthood is not a the 3 remaining buddies of dh are cleary demonstrating. i've only gotten harrassed around 5 times tonight so that's an improvement. dh is telling them now to go home. he can barely stand or talk- macho bonding, gotta love it.
  8. by   Tweety
    Happy Birthday. 21 because it's the legal age one can drink is a bit of a milestone since it's another passage into adulthood. But don't worry Roy, you still have another passage into adulthood and that's college graduation, marriage, children.......................................
  9. by   weetziebat
    :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody: :melody:

    :hatparty: happy, happy 21st birthday, roy :hatparty:

  10. by   presC.
    roy, happy birthday!:melody:
  11. by   RainDreamer
    Happy Birthday Roy!!

    I used to always wonder why people ask "do you feel different now?!" on your birthday, I'd think *I'm only a day older than I was yesterday* lol. The only time I really felt kind of different was when I turned 20, it was so depressing for some reason! I was just so sad I wasn't a teenager or something, I don't know what it was, silly though now that I think about it. I like steph's way of looking at it. The numbers aren't important really.

    Did everyone enjoy Superbowl Sunday? I'm a bit ashamed to say I didn't even turn the TV on at all during the whole thing, I ended up sleeping right through the entire game, missed the commercials and everything! I got some of the ERI tests done for practice, I feel like I don't know anything after I take those, I wonder if I'll ever be prepared for the NCLEX in a few short months

    I've got class tomorrow morning *sigh*. I think I have a bad case of senioritis, I'm just so tired of going to the classes. Clinicals this week weren't too bad though, I was in the PACU on Thurs. and then in the OR on Fri., got to see an ACL repair, that was interesting. I'm just ready to start my preceptorship, I'm really excited about that! Just hope the next few weeks of classes/clinicals go by fast!

    I took such a long nap and now I'm wide awake, why are my days and nights always mixed up :uhoh21:
  12. by   dianah
    roy, happy happy!! oh, to be 21 again!!

    suzanne, thanks for starting the thread again! when do you drive to phoenix?

    presc, it's always good to read your cheerful (pink!) posts!
    well, i didn't wash the car, as it drizzled or rained off and on, all day. i did get the wash done and folded, sheets changed; bought, brought and put away the groceries; cleaned the kids' bathroom; paid the kids their allowance; took youngest to his party and picked him up after the superbowl; had dinner with dh, oldest and bil (pho ha noodle soup, yum!); watched extreme makeover, home edition (a re-run, but i still like it! ); helped dh change brake light bulb; cleaned cat boxes; got my hair cut (about 2" off, the ends feel good now ) . . . now i need to get to bed!! and i'm ready!!
    dh was a sweetie, got my wireless lan to work on my pda, so now i can surf the net -- including allnurses! -- from it! 'course, that's at home, where i can just as easily access the internet with a pc and its mucho-larger screen!! i tried to access the internet at the local coffee shop (they offer 15 min of free wireless = "wi=fi" -- connection with purchase of beverage). they gave me some code to put in as the id name and password, assuming i had a computer. i need dh to help me sort this one out . .. not that i have the time to sit in coffee shops and surf . . at this point if i'm going to sit in a coffee shop i'd rather read a book. but i'd like to get it working, just to know how to do it! ya never know when ya might "need" it!! :d :d

    tomorrow i hope my pda mentor has time to show me a few more things on it. so far i like it, and that's saying a lot, for a mostly non-geek!

    'nite all/good morning to some at this time/good morning to most others (it's 10:30 on west coast right now). -- d
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  13. by   Nurseboy1
    Morning everybody

    ROY. Hope it is a great 21 for ya.

    In stepdown again tonight, same 2 patients on the ventilator. We have had 7 admits and had to send one patient to the MICU tonight. Hopefully it is starting to slow down.

    I am back on days this week after tonight is over, sigh get to make the flip again.

    Well the vent is alarming gotta go, hope everyone has a great day.
  14. by   RainDreamer
    dianah, wow, busy day for ya, get some good sleep!

    ben, do you like working nights better or are you glad to be getting back to days?