Good Monday Morning 1-31-05

  1. I have internet!!!! Been having horrible problems with it. The last time it went out on me was a couple of hours ago, but it's back up now.

    I need to come up with a juicy nursing controversy to do a power point speech for school. So I need my internet NOW and for many hours!

    Not much going on, I just realized I haven't been out of the house in since Friday night, other than walking the dogs. At least I did get some fresh air. And Friday night was a social event with dinner with friends so there has been some human contact there. Saturday night I sent spouse out alone with friends so I could catch up on the work I missed while my ISP was down. I'll be going to the gym this morning.

    So here's some coffee, tea, fruit, muffins, bagels, donuts, toast and jams, along with eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, hash browns, pancakes, french toast, etc. Anyone from the deep deep South want some eggs and brains for breakfast?
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning! I can't sleep.

    Went to sleep earlier after reading to my son - ever try to sleep in a bunk bed as an adult? Surrounded by stuffed animals? Woke up about an hour ago and transferred to my bed and can't fall asleep. So I'm eating a bowl of cereal and on the computer.

    Brains - yech! Spent the night with a friend when I was in 8th grade and her mom had a pot on the stove filled with water and a cow's brain. I went home rather quickly without eating breakfast. My family is from the south though so they ate just about everything on a cow, pig, sheep, etc. I'm sometimes a vegetarian.

    There are actually daffodils coming up in some well sheltered yards. Amazing for this time of year. Hoping the warmer (48 degrees today) weather continues and storms go away. My husband left at 10 p.m. so he could get out into the woods before the roads thawed and made a mess. Looks like it will be working nights for awhile until either it warms up enough to dry up the mud or stays cold enough to keep it frozen.

    Better go check out the other threads before I try to hit the hay again.

    Tweety - I couldn't think of anything controversial for you. :chuckle


    p.s. I just noticed my subscription to my firewall expired at midnight . . . .arrggghhh and yikes! Is that why I'm getting all these dang pop-ups?????
  4. by   Tweety
    Steph, you keep very strange work hours, so it's no wonder you can't sleep like "normal". I'm the same way, I have a difficult time sleeping when I think I should.

    I think I'm going to stick to something simple and with a lot of research done and do my power point on medication errors, and the culture of blame, or something along those lines and quit worrying about it.

    In the South, and I'm sure elsewhere, not a body part of the cow or pig gets wasted. Poor folks especially don't waste a bit, and that's still handed down today. I see in the grocery store very cheap chicken necks, pork necks and back bones, etc. for eating and seasoning. Makes collard greens so much better when you throw a few pork neckbones in it. Feet, ears, tongue, stomach, intestines, you name it, it gets eaten.
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  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Tweety - I remember my grandparents fighting over the fat in a roast. I guess because you grow up poor and the fat is fuel so . . . but still. :uhoh21:

    Med errors is a great idea. Simple with lots of information - I downloaded a file at work last week about med errors to help me with pain competencies . . .very interesting. But I still cannot find a simple pain competency to save my life. I even wrote to JHACO

    Ok, cereal is finished - maybe a hot bath (I'll have to bleach it first - neurotic thread). I know my hours are strange and thankful it is only part-time. I don't know how I did it full-time - guess ya just do what ya gotta do. Had a supervisor quit recently and I was approached about taking on sup/er full time - I'm not even tempted.

  6. by   DDRN4me
    Good Morning all..quiet here today! ???maybe this talk of eating brains so early not something i think i'd try. back to work today,may even have a whole week of school this week. I also have to work on my 2 projects, both of which ran into major glitches this weekend!

    dds picked up Bandits ashes from the vet this weekend; he now has a place of honor in the living room with the family pictures We'll bury him in the garden when all this snow melts.

    Well, have a good day everyone, will try to check in later Those of you down carefully and stay safe & warm Mary
  7. by   weetziebat
    good morning to all -

    tweety, please have mercy on those of us with weak stomachs. eggs and brains? no thanks, i'll stick to my beer.
    but do remember as a child eating pigs feet, pigs knuckles and beef tongue - and loving them - till i discovered it actually was feet, knuckles and tongues. how could my parents have done that to us?

    steph, your talk about the daffodils starting to come up reminds me that i noticed out honeysuckle vine is starting to get green shoots. no wonder with this crazy weather.

    mary, sorry but i must have missed it. i assume bandit was your pet. so sorry
    at work, one of the residents recently died and was cremated. her ashes are sitting in a box in the living room. i'd thought it would be creepy but instead find it somehow strangely comforting to have her still with us.

    i had a very busy weekend. dh and i spent all day yesterday cleaning and then shampooing all the carpets. ugh! what a job. agreed this is it - we simply have to get hardwood floors (well, laminate anyway).

    then today we went out for brunch - to ihop (yummy) and then dh went to bed cause he had a splitting headache. the weather was absolutely gorgeous and so, rather than waste it i spent hours out in the backyard cleaning up, fixing the dog run all up, and (my favorite part) collecting poop. who ever thought i'd grow up to spend my sunday afternoons picking up poop? and i'm not even at work!

    so, gotta go pay some bills. hope we all have a great day.
    hugs to all - :icon_hug:

  8. by   akcarmean
    everyone must still be asleep it's kinda quiet in here today.

    tweety -- does the internet company come today?? thanks for bf. i think your idea for your power point sounds good to me.

    steph --hope you can get some sleep.

    mary --good luck with school and work today.

    weetzie --is you body feeling better from shampooing the carpets?? do you want to come and clean up my back yard? i have 4 dogs.

    well i got another 2 a+ in my bus. essentials class. that gives me a 99% . now i am just waiting for my grades in math. i am just hoping i can pull a b out of my a**. i have two more reports to write, type and submit. babysitter called in sick again today. i have to work on friday and sat. so that means that i have to have my papers done by thurs. noc. i hate that. i feel rushed and i don't like that. i worked all day doing research just so i could write the darn papers. so silly especially when the 1 paper is in the math class.

    well any ways i guess the baby and i will just snuggle in bed together and watch seseme street and barney, then telly tubbies. at least it will keep his interest for a while every now and then.

    to all those who are still yet to come have a great day/night.

    i will check in later as the baby allows me to.

  9. by   Tweety
    Mary, I must have missed it too about Bandit, I'm sorry to hear that.

    Weetzie, the only time I pick up poop (away from work that is) is when we are on our walks, as there's city ordinance about cleaning up after your dog. They are so small I don't worry about the back yard.

    Angie, congrats on the A's!!! I should be getting my grade on my big paper I turned in last week on my nursing philosophy. That's 20% of my grade, so I'm hoping for the best. I hope she has mercy on me for missing chat due to ISP trouble, I had to write a brief paper instead (very brief, I didn't even fill up one page. )

    Mary Ann, I hope you're off since we haven't heard from you, otherwise it means it's a rough night for you. :hatparty:
  10. by   Roy Fokker
    Goof morning family!

    *yawns and rubs tummy*

    Geesh! I really don't like these mornings anymore. I loath morning classes.

    BAH! :stone

    Tweety :: I like your topic too. Makes sense.

    Steph :: Yes, I know the feeling of falling asleep in a sea of stuffed animals! :chuckle My nieces have a coupld of stuffed dogs that are simply H-U-G-E (almost as tall as me). They add some nice contrast. The little one is about as big as one of the dog's ears She looks so cute tumbling about in there

    I've often found a good cure for my insomnia - read a book on Advanced Statistics or Advanced Calculus. You'll go to sleep just out of pure frustration if not outright, mind-numbing boredom...

    Weetz :: Picking up poop? Well atleast they didn't poop on them carpets

    Abgie :: Here's hoping you get ANOTHER A instead of that B youa re hoping to pull Snuggle in with hat little one and take a moment's breather. You've had a tight weekend ...

    *looks at his watch and sighs*

    Well, guess I have to drag my sleepy behind to class.

    Oh well, them's the breaks in life. No pain. No gain.

    See ya folks....
  11. by   UM Review RN
    I need to come up with a juicy nursing controversy to do a power point speech for school. So I need my internet NOW and for many hours
    I guess you came to the right place, Tweety! I'm sure you'll have no problem with this assignment, with all of your experience. Hoping the 'Net stays cooperative.

    Steph: Daffodils! They're so pretty. I love to see them. Spring is here (well, almost!)

    Mary: Hope the glitches get worked out quickly for your projects.

    Angie: watching TV in bed... that sounds like a plan!


    PS Man, this thing is slow today! I ate my cereal waiting for the doggone thing to post!!
  12. by   weetziebat
    Boy, glad to hear I am not the only one who is finding allnurses slooooooow. I sit here clicking the mouse like that might speed things up. It is taking forever to do anything.:angryfire
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    good morning angie, angie, tweety, roy, steph, weetziebat and all others!

    tweety, breakfast sounds good...
    i am not sure i should refuse brains...i am need a few more.

    sunny and cool here....
    went to the post office and got a ton of mail that was waiting for us since we were away a week, and now have to go back cause i got a card that there is something they couldn't fit in the box. i hope it is the nc licensing info! argh! i need that!

    more packing today....
    still waiting to hear from the builder on a counter offer for the new home....

  14. by   HannasMom
    Tweety, you have such sweet talk this morning. Brains, fat and dog poop. Yuck!!! I have a GI virus, which is going around at work. Got really sick at work the other night, but couldn't go home. I called off last night. I didn't know a body could sleep all day, all evening and all night too. First time I have been on the computer in awhile. I am going to lay on the sofa all day, drink fluids and watch soaps. I have tonight and tomorrow off. It's odd how when someone is sick how weird the dreams are...I had strange, silly dreams all night.

    I'll stop complaining now.