Good Monday morning 6-21-04

  1. good morning all...I'm headed to bed after my weekend at work (in fact should be asleep now but needed to unwind) Got to be back tomorrow early for inservicing...don't ya love it...sounds like everyone had a good weekend...sleep tight (or good morning)
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Get some rest now laughingfairy.

    I'm off to Walmart to grocery shop and stock up. To the gym at 5AM when they open, and then back to bed around 8AM. I'm working overtime 7p to 7a tonight. Our unit is a bit short right now, one nurse is on vacation, three travelers contracts ended and weren't replaced yets, and one is calling in sick a lot. I got one of those desparte calls Sunday night "so and so called in sick and there's no way of replacing her.............." Thank heaven's for answering machines.

    Suzanne, I invented my own tom yum soup and put azuki beans in it instead of meat. It was quite good.

    Yesterday was fun. Went to the picnic at the beach and pigged out. Brought the dogs with us and they had fun at the doggy beach. But it was hot as Florida is in the summer. Someone brought the most delicious homemade red velet cake their mom made from scracth, (even shelled her own pecans and put it in the frosting). Another person made Boston cream pie from scratch and even shredded her own coconut. There I was with a bucket from fried chicken from Publix.

    Jnette, how sweet of the kids to come by on Father's Day. Loved the pics. They look great. Love the son's tat and that's all I'm gonna say about your son, since he's hot looking. hehehehe...........
  4. by   Saved_by_Grace
    Good Morning All....Have a good day!
  5. by   WyomingRN
    Good morning. Just got home from the shift from Hades. The problem wasn't the residents, it was the LPN I was working with. She had a major attitude tonight, knew she would from working with her before. All she could talk about was how incompetent the day shift is ( they can work circles around her with one hand tied behind their backs). She is on a witch hunt of the day shift nurses.

    Of course, I knew she would come in with an attitude so I just added to it, by assigning her the "heavy" hall that I know she doesn't like to work. Naught wasn't I. :chuckle

    So she had to go call her husband and talk to him for half an hour and complain about the day shift and being stuck on the heavy hall as soon as we got out of report. Then she had to run to the store to get supper since she hadn't had time to pack a lunch before coming to work, was gone for 20 minutes. The store is only 3 blocks away. Told her husband that since there was another nurse on tonight she could do as she pleased and I could pick up the slack. Wrong !!!!!!!

    This nursing home staffs 1 aide for 17 residents between 2-5. Lights were going off like crazy so I was busy taking people to the BR, etc. and trying to help the aides out , plus get my assessments done. Where she was half the time, who knows. Know some of it was for smoke breaks, plus dinner break.

    Come 9:00 when she finally gets around to thinking about doing her charting, she went ballistic because the aides hadn't gotten her vital signs and they had done mine. Informed her, that the aides, hadn't gotten mine, that I do my own when I do my assessments. She had balls enough to tell me that I needed to quit spoiling the aides by doing their work, like doing my own vitals, taking people to the BR getting people ready for bed and doing HS cares. That is not what the nurses in that nursing home do.

    Thanks god that I am agency and don't have to deal with this on a daily basis, only every other weekend. Hopefully by the time I have to work with her again she will have had an attitude adjustment.

    Know this is long, but just needed to vent.

    Now off to read some more threads on here before heading to bed.
  6. by   Tweety
    jnette! Up and adam! Rise and shine! The early bird gets the worm! LOL
  7. by   jnette
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    jnette! Up and adam! Rise and shine! The early bird gets the worm! LOL

    I'm up, I'm UP already !!! Sheeeeeeeeeesh. :chuckle
    Kitty woke me up at 0200, meowing her baby head off on the couch where we left her. So of COURSE Momma had to go out and bring her to bed with her, and she just purrrrrrrred ever so contentedly. I hate to leave her today.. can't wait 'til I get back home !

    Well, I better get ready here... Adam got that tat when he was in Germany... I was ok with a tat, but had no idea it was that HUGE!! I nearly flipped when I saw it ! He does get a LOT of compliments on it, however... it's quite unique. He even had to get a waiver for it when he joined the Navy, 'cuz it was so big. hee hee... Yes, Tweets, he IS a "hottie" ... Thank you.

    Ok.. gotta go. Catch y'all later !
  8. by   jnette
    PS... glad you had a fun day at the beach, Tweets ! Red velvet is a favorite here in "these parts". Yum !
  9. by   karenG
    morning folks!!

    starting another day at work. got a fire lecture at lunchtime.. deep joy! still not so hot today so fencing tonight will be bearable! and of course its wimbledon, strawberries and cream time!!

    have to ask.......whats red velvet?

  10. by   Tweety
    Red velet cake is Southern US cuisine, or so I thought until I read this little snippet. It has a cream cheese icing and basically is cake died red. But homemade is oh so good.

    "Although the details are sketchy at best, red velvet cake is not as Southern as many like to think. The story, which began circulating some time in the 1940s, claimed that Manhattan's elegant Waldorf-Astoria granted a diner's request for the recipe, then a short time later sent her a bill in the amount of $100. The angry woman, apparently with revenge in mind, then began circulating the recipe along with the story."
  11. by   Tweety
    Good morning jnette! Have a nice day! wink
  12. by   laughingfairy
    good morning...up and at is right tweety...i'm off to my inservice on reporting...get this how to report to other nurses and change of conditon to family etc...lucky are still asleep...go figure...step son isn't here yet so mil will hopefully be here or dh up when he gets here to let hime in. then have errands to run...need a hair cut in the worst kinda way...dh picked up 10 bags of mulch for me so i have that to do...and swimming lessons at the y. anyonehave any dinner ideas that can be stuck in the oven and just left
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    morning! off to of joys! lol! ack! but just these four more days to go then off friday! starting work through the agency next monday! i hope it works out. it's more money, that's for sure.

    have a good sleep and/or fun day all! hope you are well, fran.
    kim and netters, stay outa trouble. lol

    sunny and looks like a good day weatherwise here.....

  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    good morning all! trying to get focused this morning. it's hard after the night i had. i didn't get much sleep, :zzzzz between piper having her first accident at night and bryce fussing in his crib and then trey wanted me to lay with him for awhile and i had about <-----> this much room in his bed! by the time i finally got settled in my own bed, it was after 4 am! and they had me back up at six but we did some cuddling for an hour! lol! morning cuddling is the best! darn smiley central is holding me up so no fun smilies today! :angryfire hey, if that's all that gets me upset today then it's a good day! lol!'re throwing me off here chickie talking about all that good junk food!!! i'm really trying to get back on track with my diet, and you are not helping! was the movie good then? it's one i would like to see but won't pay the money to go to the theater. it has to be an exceptional movie (or one for trey because he loves the theater) for me to pay that amount of moula to go! is chelsie settling in? she is a cutie pie whatever dang color that is on her! :chuckle

    tweeters..... i just adore you! lol! glad you had a good time yesterday. it sounds like great fun! and you stop with the food talk too, would ya? lol! is soooo good to see you on here! try to catch up on some of your rest today! i'll tell you what i do in a pinch. i take boneless pork chops, throw in some potatoes and a bag of frozen veggies. then i take a pack or two of onion soup mix and throw it on it all and add a little water, cover with foil and bake for about an hour at 350-375. quick, easy and no mess!

    wannablpn......morning....and welcome!

    wyomingrn...she sounds like a piece of work!

    karen...glad you asked about the red velvet, cuz i was going to as well!

    liza....good morning! have a good day...keep counting them down!

    okay ya'll. .... i have a busy sort of week here. i am supposed to go to my ob/gyn today but since no sitter showed up yesterday to meet us, i guess i have to reschedule. i am gussing that kimmy wasn't as good as i thought she was if she couldn't bother to let me know what is going on. i know she is afraid that i will insist she come today, on her birthday, but i wouldn't do that. i would have just called my mil if i had had some notice, but now i don't . so, i'm gonna see if maybe they have a cancellation this morning or if i can get in later in the week. it will be tough, but i'll try.

    i have to go to the school and ask them why my efc went up because i cannot figure it out. i also have to pay my bill for the summer and find out about books. there's another dilemma in there too, because i want to try to audit just the a & p i review session. the school seems to think (in the registrar's office) that the assistant dean will work with me on this and i had the instructor for lab three years ago so i think she will agree, but i don't know how they will work out cost for the time in the review session. i can't audit the whole class because my schedule is full. it just works out that the review session is right before my one class on friday and the kids will be in daycare anyways. it's like it's meant to be. and it certainly won't hurt to brush up on everything!

    tomorrow night is our school dinner and lecture for the potential healthcare workers. wednesday is my first night of cpr, thursday bunnies to to the vet and friday is piper's birthday. we are having a combined party for her and trey on the third, so we'll just blow up some balloons and get a tiny cake for us here at home like we did last year. we have to acknowledge the actual day!

    so, i guess i'm back to sitter finding again......ugh!!!! just angers me beyond belief :angryfire because school starts in two weeks and tues/thurs nights sometimes i will need someone!

    i hope you all have a wonderful, sunshine filled day! it's actually supposed to get up to 71 here so we will make it outside for awhile.

    oh, qod...what's your favorite fruit? i am a melon girl myself. love watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew.........

    and suzanne............can you check out that other thread i started about the food for bryan? it's in the break room somewhere....i need your expertise if you don't mind and bry wanted me to ask you some questions!

    hugs all around...........