Good Monday Morning 5/3/04

  1. And a happy good morning to you all today! I have been up since 5 AM,trying to get kids settled again, to no avail. Only the baby is back asleep but the other two are determined to wake him! How is everyone this fine morning? It is cold here...brrrrrrr...this is NOT what the weather is supposed to be like in May!

    We got pizza last night...late after the kiddos went to bed and I wish we hadn't. I was doing very well on my eating for a couple weeks and then I blow it over a couple days again. I soooo wish the pain would go away so I could exercise, but it's not to happen anytime soon I don't think. So, the question today is how much, if any, exercise do you do? What kind? When do you fit it in?

    I don't have a lot planned for today, other than some important phone calls to try to figure out all these dr. bills. I have orientation for school this afternoon from 4-5:30. I kind of excited about that because I get to meet some of my new classmates. That's what stinks this time. Last time, I had been taking pre-req's so I knew alot of people. This time, I won't know anyone! Ah well....I'm pretty outspoken. I think I'll do okay!

    This guy is for Liza for keeping me on here too long yesterday.....

    I'll be around.....
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Holy cow I missed a bunch yesterday by not coming back on here! I don't think I'll remember everyone but here it goes:

    Leslie...I am getting the links together for you right now so I will post them on this thread very, very soon! (not waiting for you to be here at the same time...we never are! LOL!)'d better send me those links too chickie!!! What makes her so special??? and, yes, I'm pouting! LOL! I loved the hiney...I got lots of those...I'll share in a minute! LOL!

    Mickie...thanks for the info. on the rash. He has never had one up until the last couple of weeks and it's a doozy...the blood just oozes through his skin, poor baby! It started after he had been on fruits and veggies for awhile so I wondered if it was something he was eating. It appeared almost directly after he had oranges and bananas (Gerber baby food) so I thought maybe the acidity in the oranges did it, but now it's back and he has only had those few things I mentioned yesterday! I'm stumped. This morning, his hiney looks much better! Good luck to the kiddos in the ballgame today!
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    WHERE the heck IS everyone? Did ya'll get invited to a party that I don't know about? LOL!! or are you all working hard, unlike me sitting my hiney on the puter?

    Okay, Leslie...links:

    and then there is which is the one I have been using lately.

    Here's some butts for ya:

  5. by   ARmickie
    Good morning all! Things are quiet once again at my house.. everyone is gone! I've plenty to do today, but nothing without stopping in here first for my first cup of coffee.
    The diaper rash ointment was a Godsend for me. It was the same way with my daughter. A yeast infection was the last thing in the world I suspected, but... The skin looked like little pieces were just torn off or scalded and they would seem to ooze a little blood.. and the baby was hurting. But, once I had that cream on her, she was better immediately, and the next day there was no sign whatsoever of a rash.
    We had a visit from some potential "renters" last night. Seems DH knows the man. I'm just so torn about what to do here. The other house we own is next door, and it needs alot of work. A 45 yr old man and his 25 yr old wife (along w/ their 3wk old son) came to my house last night. He offerred to work on the house as long as they could live there, rent free, for a few months. DH wants to do this, but also told me "Don't open the door if I'm not home." The man seems nice enough, but there is just something "off" about this woman. I'm not trying to be ugly here, but some of the things she said in talking to me have me concerned, regarding the baby. Keep in mind, the baby is three weeks old. She said the baby is a big eater.. when I asked what she meant, she told me that he can eat TWO 8 oz bottles in one sitting. She swears the baby is now "rolling over" on his own.. hmm, I saw no sign of it. She said the baby had "stopped breathing" a few times, but "no, he is okay so we didn't call the doctor"(????), and this "only happened after someone gave him cold milk"... I'm trying not to be judgemental here, but all my instincts were screaming at me. DH is looking at the financial side, saying that the work on the house and rent money later will help us out.. and I agree, but after I told him my concerns, he just kept saying,"I sure hope nothing happens to that baby..." . I just don't know about this.. I'm not too sure I want someone living next door to me who I'm almost positive isn't going to properly care for their baby... then again, if we say no, who knows how that baby will be treated... I don't know.. probably sticking my head in where it doesn't belong.. I'm just torn about it..
    Anyway, that's my morning rant! Hope you all have a good day!

  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Mickie..I am a loudmouth advocate of children...I say that if you know where these people live, call social services immediately (and anonymously) to get them over there! This woman is not safe for the baby IF she is telling the truth and IF she is lying, social services will scare the beegeebers outta her enough to make her tell the truth to people from now on.

    Also, JMO...I would not rent to them...the remodeling won't be good for the baby anyways...I'm sure you guys could find someone else willing to do the work for free rent! There are plenty of people looking for a nice place to live!

    Now, remember, this is just my loud mouth speaking..
    oh and BTW, good morning! LOL!
  7. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Boy what a difference a day makes. Everyone alert and oriented, no one falling on the floor, no one gasping for air.

    So I'm off for two days. Woot!
  8. by   ARmickie
    Yes, I'm incredibly open mouthed when it comes to children myself.. Last night as I went to bed, I prayed and prayed.. my mind just kept coming back to that baby.. I intend to talk to DH when he comes home tonight about it all again. He said last night that they are currently living with the man's father, and basically have no place else to go. He (DH) asked me if we could give them some furniture, b/c they have nothing... I'm telling you.. I don't know what to do. I have no idea of who these people are, as I'd never seen them until last night, and I have no idea of exactly WHERE it is that they live now. All DH said about them last night, in regards to their relationship, was stressing to me that the man would KILL over that girl.. I told him I didn't care... he could have the girl all the wanted, it was the baby I was concerned about it.
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning Tweety! Enjoy your two days off!
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    Mickie...there are plenty of places that will help them out...seriously it doesn't need to be you if you are uncomfortable. Send them to the Salvation Army or local churches, etc, but I still say call social services (do it anonymously!). I would do it even if my dh said No. I am ready to about my husband's granddaugher. If Bryan decides that we aren't going to fight for custody of her, I'll be on the phone with social services before something terrible happens to her (well, more than what already has).
  11. by   nurseunderwater
    real quick....have a wonderful day all...good luck at orientation today!

    check in later...toddlers everywhere!

  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    Part of the problem here too is that you and your dh just got back together and I'm sure you don't want a rift like this coming in between you two! I really would state all your opinions in a clear and calm manner and hopefully with your renewed relationship, your dh will see where you are coming from and agree!
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    LOLOLOL @ Kate! The story of my life! I love this thread!
  14. by   walterrn
    A most excellent day to all,

    Another day off for me........sort of.

    Taking a phlebotomy skills class this afternoon. I've worked so long in private psychiatric hospitals that use the "lab" to draw blood that my skills are somewhat shaky. So, my hospital is offering a skills class and I'm going.

    I developed a "sty" or "pink eye" over the last couple of days. It hurts badddddd. So very little eye strain today, including my puter. I'll just keep my hands washed and sit at the back of the skills class and not touch anybody.

    Ooooh, a house to remodel. That's one of my most favorite past-times. I wouldn't give free rent, I'd just do it myself. Invite over a couple of friends, order beer and pizza and have at it. A case in point: Last month, I laid 1000sq ft of "Pergo" in my house, while at the same time, my oldest boy and my son-in-law ripped out all the baseboard and door jambs, and replaced them all; all in the span of 2 week-ends.

    My point being, to offer free rent to someone to fix the house, you're out the cost of the rental, you still have to pay for the materials and there is no guarantee when the work will get started, much less, completed. Heck, offer me that same deal, and I'll get free rent from you and have your house completed by the year 2010. OR Do the work yourself, and you end up with a nice house, on your time schedule and no unneeded headaches

    Exercise.............hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahaha
    What's that?..............................My work place is over a mile long, which I walk a dozen times a noc; Yard work, house work........what I really need to strengthen is my forearm while I'm casting.

    You all have a wonderful day.

    Walter the Nurse