Good Monday morning 4/4

  1. Well, I have no TV, but thank God for internet! We've had sooo much rain in the last week that the Delaware River is now over flowin'. Some of the residents who live right along river's edge were evacuated. I wonder what makes people decide to buy a house right along the river like that? I hope thay have plenty of flood insurance because this is the second flood since September when we had hurricane whatever her/his name was, I can't remember. :stone It's really scary to see the water almost rise to bridge level and I can't understand why the cars are still crossing it! It's pretty strudy, but what if it gave way??? Anyway, I'm off tonight and wanted to watch that movie "14 hours" but our cable is out, so guess what I'm watching? The one and only DVD I can find because my son took all of our DVD's over to his girlfriend's house. :angryfire The Grudge." Can you believe that? I've watched it twice now while on line and I'm really, really tired of it. There must be another movie somewhere around here. The Elf? :icon_roll I don't think so. Well I hope my cable is turned on very soon because my butt is very, very sore from this chair! How will I go to sleep? Anyone here who can't go to sleep unless the TV is on? I'm probably the only weird one here, but I can't sleep without my TV. Guess it'll be "The Darn Grudge" for the 3rd time. :uhoh21: Have a nice day everybody.
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  3. by   dianah
    Lol, you poor thing!! My grandpa used to sleep with the radio on, tuned to a talk show of all things!! We all joked that if we turned the radio off, he'd wake up!! I hope you get to sleep, even with that Grudge movie playing . . .

    Everyone have a good day!! -- D
  4. by   presC.
    hi dianah and night owl. "morning"

    i just gave my other dog to my mil's friend. his name is "tsoknat" (meaning chocolate). he has a big round tummy, eats constantly, and always makes a big mess of everything. but i miss him now...
  5. by   DDRN4me
    good morning friends,

    seems like forever since i've been here...had a test, a presentation and a paper to write besides teaching 2 classes and work ..whew!!!!! all done except the paper, got a good start on that this weekend..thats the one good thing about all this rain, i have no desire to be out & about! dh and i did go out a little yesterday to plan a new garden in the backyard (which is now flooded and has a duck pond, unintentionally,) but i still enjoy watching them!
    another busy week, but not as crazy as last week.. teaching cpr today after work, first aid wednesday
    , my presentation tuesday , class on thursday...hope to finish my paper too, its due the 14th but that seems too close !
    rain, hope your preceptorship continues to go well. the emotions get to me when i am overtired as well, even when i dont realize it !
    ((((jeannette))))my thoughts and prayers are with you, hope all goes well!
    leslie, nice to hear from you!
    angie, hope you are feeling better, thanks for the message from weetzie!
    tweety, marla, presc, and everyone else! have a great day!! mary
  6. by   jnette
    G'morning All !

    Wow, NightOwl.. that bites, huh? Poor baby. Stay safe, dry, and keep you waterwings handy !

    Well, don't have much time.. need to hop in the shower, tidy up the house, give Charlie fresh food and water (neighbor will be checking in on him and feeding him) and then head up the road.

    Thank you, Mary, for the good wishes.

    Take care, everyone, and I'll check in when I get back sometime Wednesday !

    (((HUGS))) all around !
  7. by   RainDreamer
    Hi nightowl, dianah, PresC, Mary, and jnette ..... hope yall have a wonderful Monday!

    I'm off to bed, hope yall sleep well and those that are getting up, hope it's a great day!
  8. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Got a major chemistry exam/assignment today, but I have until midnight tomorrow. The guys in my class who have started have made some posts about how dreadful it is "I'm on hour six and not even halfway done!" kind of posts. I'm dreading it, but gotta get started.

    Sleep well Rain, good luck in precepting tonight!
  9. by   nursemary9
    good morning, all!

    just stopped by to say good morning to all of you guys & hope everyone has a great day!!

    mary ann
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    I always go to sleep with tv on..i do set it to go off most of the time

    tweety be mean and tell all the others what a piece of cake the assignment was

    dianah, presc, mgallant, rainy, jnette and anyone i missed -- be good or don't get caught
  11. by   Tweety
    Chatsdale, I think I will. Although 7 hours later, I'm still not done, almost, but not quite. It's dreadful. I'm putting it down for the night. Eating some tofu vegetable goop and going bowling. Life's way too short for this.
  12. by   phn92
    Hello all!!!

    I've been so busy, I haven't had time to do much but read here on Allnurses! Work has really busy and by the time I get home, I don't feel like doing much of anything. The house is coming along slowly!!! The Amish guy came by on Friday and I told him what I wanted for kitchen cabinets. He told me it would be at least a month before he got them done. I'm figuring at least 6 more weeks with no kitchen. I'm hoping to have the downstairs painted at least in a few weeks. DH will be in the fields soon, so I know I will be solo on that job!

    I'm so excited, next week I will leaving for New York City with my son's school trip!!!! I have been looking forward to this for a long time! We leave on the 13th and come back the 15th. We will get to see Lion King on Broadway! It will be non-stop, but I think it will be so fun!!

    I've missed everyone here and hope everyone is doing well!!
    Take care and have a great evening!!
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    Hi everyone, it's actually almost evening here in Oregon, but thought I'd post anyway. I got to go home early today because my cold has made my asthma flare up, and it was really worrying my co-workers.........I FELT okay, I've just been really SOB and I can't help coughing and wheezing whenever I have to get up and walk more than a few feet. Makes it hard to run up & down the halls at work, yanno? So they called in another nurse and let me go home at 3, which was nice because I was getting really tired. It'll be an early bedtime for me tonight, I think!

    Hope you all have had a good day!
  14. by   psychonurse
    Be careful mjlrn-- I was doing that about a year ago and come to find out I had CHF and major water in my tissues. So get it checked out if it continues cause it could become a big problem.

    Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately but life has been running away from me. It is either the union or work, or VFW or one of my other little projects and can never get caught up. Will try to spend a little bit of time now and again on here.

    I also sleep with the TV on at night, cant go to sleep without it. My DH has to sleep with a fan so you can imagine where we are when it comes to sleeping together LOL...but there are nights heheheh..anyway I hope that everyone has a great first day of daylight savings time and I didn't even notice what time it got dark tonight...that was pretty smart.

    Anyway glad to see the boards are still busy and hope to get on chat sometime soon.