Good Friday morning..... 2nd July

  1. morning all!! and yes I got the date right this time!! :chuckle

    its friday and nearly the weekend- thank goodness!! so what are you all doing to celebrate your holiday weekend- maybe we should celebrate getting rid of a pesky state!!! :chuckle I'm off to Leeds castle for a Prom- complete with the London Philharmonic orchestra, opera babes, fireworks, cannon and a wellington bomber fly past!! I have to take a posh picnic so thinking about that- some people go in full evening dress!! should be grate fun. Then sunday I will be sailing on the Thames and trying hard not to fall in!!

    work beckons........

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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning Karen. I'm enjoying a lull at work right now.

    Karen, that sounds like a good time!

    We've been invited to a couple of cookouts on Saturday and Sunday, but I'm going to lay low and relax and read.
  4. by   jnette
    Morning !

    Wow Karen, that DOES sound like a marvelous time to me, too ! Super ! What a wekend you have planned ! ENjoy, my friend ! *no fair*

    Morning Tweety ~

    I'm off to work.. catch you all later!
  5. by   Ted
    'morning, folks!

    This is my first time replying to one of these thread. Every so often I'd read them. This is a very, very cool thing!

    Just clean, dried and powder-puffed one of my patients. The other is slumbering away still.

    Amy's brother is visiting from Texas for about a week. We're going to have a big family cook out at our new (rented) home and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Our pastor's daughter is getting married tomorrow. Watched her grow up from grade school. (It's so wierd to see "children" grow up! Especially since we don't have any ourselves.) I'm playing the organ (keyboards) and Amy is singing. It's our gift to the soon to be newly-weds.

    And we're going to continue to move into our newly (rented) home. It's been a huge undertaking. . . both delightful and unnerving at the same time.

    Hope everyone has a stress-free, safe and pleasant day & weekend!

  6. by   H ynnoD
    We got tickets to a Baseball game with fireworks after.Me and my daughter are working in the church youths fireworks booth this weekend.Money earned is for their trips through out the year.Still working the bugs out of this computor programming I did.Hope Everyone Has Great Day!
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    morning all! i'm feeling rather feisty this morning. i had a dream that i was quitting school because of monetary problems and i woke up with a new resolve because of it. so, it was a crappy dream but came out with a good outcome as far as i am concerned. no one and nothing is going to get in my way this time!!!!

    for the weekend....nothing much planned. tomorrow is the kids' birthday party and sunday bry has to work. i am still unsure of which day is the fireworks, but whenever they are (they have them everywhere here!) we will take the kiddos. monday is a holiday for most places, but not classes start!!!!

    karen...your weekend sounds fabulous!!! have a great time!

    ted.....great to see you here! stress free? what's that?

    donny.....a baseball game! fun! what an all-american way to spend the holiday weekend!

    netters.....i forget, are you working tomorrow? because that's probably when you should be watching your mail at work. okay? laying low doesn't sound much like you!

    fran..... you just make me laugh out loud and my whole family thinks i've lost my mind!

    nekhismom.....i'll say a prayer that you find what you are looking for to be able to move. it does sound a little ancient there where you work and i can appreciate why you don't like it there, especially being a new grad. i don't think i would either.

    kate.......don't fly into any walls on your way through! congrats on the a, girlie!!!! wooohooo!!!

    just wanted to get your attention, girl! lol!

    i'm gonna start that dang kitchen today. i want to get inside the cupboards, etc. so it's probably a two day job, especially with kiddos underfoot. i was trying to get the bunny cage cleaned out last night and the bunnies just jump right out! lol! we have to get their bunny condo made for goodness sake...they are getting huge! yesterday, when they were out, boo jumped up on top of the cage straight from the floor. she never would have been able to do that a couple weeks ago because she was so little. for being the runt of the litter, she sure has caught up to her sister quickly!

    i found out from my aunt that my childhood dog died last friday. i had already pretty much figured that she was gone. she was 18 years old and had been failing....she had a stroke. i feel bad about it but i hadn't seen her for so long and my mother had confiscated her as her dog. she was never really allowed to be mine. and get this, she was named pooh bear! lol! guess who named her?

    wow...lots about animals today, eh? well, it's better than complaining about my troubles! lol! i did get ahold of steph and she is going give me a ride to my nutrition class. i am just going to go ahead and take my mil's car for my mon/wed class and bry is going to try to take the day of my surgery off (i think he "got" it the other night when i made a comment about it). he's being really affectionate but i'm not there with him. i'm still hurt and i'm still stuck at the house with three kids all the time, not even being able to get them to appointments that were previously scheduled. i need to figure out what to do next as far as our relationship goes now that i have most of the other stuff figured out.

    bry did get all the back taxes done yesterday and he is mailing them today. thank god! the bankruptcy can now be filed as soon as we have the money for it. should just be a couple weeks because the woman he was doing the kitchen for owes us money and he is doing a floor for a guy at work. this is where bryan shines. he does so much to make sure that we have what we need, for the most part.

    my upstairs neighbor also told me not to purchase my books until i find out if she has the ones i need. i am pretty sure she didn't take nutrition, but if she took college comp with the same instructor, then i may be able to save $50. it would be nice if that would work out.

    so, things are gradually looking up. there are still issues and obviously some problems with my marriage, but i am going to get to go to school and the bills are even working out. in about 8 weeks, we will be done paying late fees because we should be caught up again with them and we will be able to breathe a bit around here. of course, i'll also be having to buy lunch on campus (when i even have time in my schedule for lunch! lol!) so there will be a few more expenses.

    man, i've been doing this an hour (in between getting the kids settled) so it's time to shut up! lol!

    love you guys to pieces!!! i never would have made it through my breakdown without all of you!

    hugs all around............
  8. by   laughingfairy
    aww kim...
    take care of yourself...what I found works well for me is packing left overs. I stick a big ice pack in there and then I have lunch. (it also beats waiting in lines for food.) Sometimes that way I could eat in the classroom and study when otherwise I would have wasted time in line. I also started buying lowfat granola bars.
    LOL I'm back to that again...helps alot with the kids when they are hungary NOW and I know I won't be cooking dinner until we get home and that by the time dinner is ready, the kids will be little monsters and I'll be beyond frustration.

    Plans for the weekend. Well we had planned to have a big shebang here. DS and SO were going to do the cooking because I will be at work Sat and am working a half day Sunday. Since she had the little one, that's out....we are going to keep it low key and MIL promises I wont have to cook.

    This week has been a weird one. Totally off kilter so I'll see you all later as I try to get caught up.
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Fairy......good suggestions. I like Pria bars also. Have you ever had those? Scrumptious and sweet without all the nastiness of candy bars! LOL! I can actually justify eating those. There are only two days in my schedule that I have time for lunch in the fall and I'd really like to make use of the gym at school on those days, so I may just take a protein bar or something with a bottle of water and munch on my way from the gym to my next class.

    Low key is good for baby! LOL! When are you posting pics?
  10. by   Tweety
    Kim says: " okay? laying low doesn't sound much like you!"

    Girlfriend, laying low is what I do best. wink
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    Glad to hear it Tweeters!!! LOLOLOL!
  12. by   suzanne4
    Just stopping by for a quick hello to say that I am alive, too much going on right now to spend much time here..........................

    Miss you all. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))) ))))
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Checking in to say hi to all.....

    work tonight, ack, I hear the full moon is doing its work on the OB patients, so I better put on my roller blades...sigh...

    4th of July pool party at dh boss' house Sunday. Hopefully it will be nice for that.

    My son and dh are fishing in the Puget Sound today, pray they catch us some yummy salmon!

    See u all later.
  14. by   dianah
    Hi all. Not much planned; oldest is going to an anime expo at the Anaheim convention ctr, with some friends. That left youngest home alone, so I took today off to be here w/him. Tomorrow is music @ Sabbath School and lunch out, as usual. We have no firm plans for much, really . . . dh and I have Mon. off. A friend usually has a potluck on her front lawn and we all bring chairs and gab, waiting to watch fireworks from nearby stadium. AAACCCKKKK, there is a TON of things I could do in the house and garage. I need to get the garage cleaned out, as dh gave our pop-up trailer to a friend in exchange for Brazilian jiujitsu lessons. How weird is THAT???!!! Now, if you want entertainment, just stop by any Thurs. nite around 5:30 and watch the four of us (yes, the kiddles too!) learn jiujitsu!! I have NO idea what this will entail (other than close body contact . . . I think!). We'll have to see!
    Saturday we need to stop by a friend's house (actually a friend of a friend) and feed his pot-bellied pig. Dh called me at work yesterday: Guess what? We need to go feed Jambon (French for "ham") on Saturday, cuz X and Y, who agreed to do it, will be out of town for a few days. Should be interesting. My question: "Do we need to pet it and play with it too????" Nah, he said, just food and water.
    Son's ride should be along any time, so I should sign off here. Will check in later. Hope everyone has a good day. -- D