Good Friday morning.. 26th June!

  1. good morning..............

    Tweety- you must be around here somewhere...... I have this mental image of a man who never sleeps!! And you didnt start this thread! :chuckle

    so England are out to the European cup. you would not believe how quiet it was here last night!! I drove home from my work BBQ while the match was on and I was the only car on the road! It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!! maybe everyone was crying into their beer!

    well- I have started another day at work.. finish at 4 today. Nearly the weekend- yippee!! Going to Ikea to get ideas for a new kitchen, thinking maybe shaker style with tiled floor. Going to have to fun looking!

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  3. by   H ynnoD
    Good Morning Karen.Guess everyone is asleep.Usually I'm around the 4th post.Do you have a question for the day?
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  4. by   HannasMom
    Hi Karen and Donny!

    It's 2:16 am here in Oregon. My second night off from the night shift, I go back to work tomorrow night. Was working on my Sociology assignment, and decided to take a break. Nice and quiet here, so it is easy to study. Just hard to stay away from the chocolate bars we bought yesterday. Love chocolate!!!

    Sounds like fun, shopping for ideas for your kitchen. I love to remodel. It's like having a new home after you are done. We redid our living room a few months ago. Now we have honey colored wood flooring, fresh paint on the walls and two new bedrooms in the basement, plus one bedroom on the main floor has become our office.

    How is everyone at this time?
  5. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Karen, I don't sleep much, and it's shows in the fatigue I feel. Strange to be tired and not sleeping. Problem I don't sleep for long a few hours and then I'm awake and have a hard time getting back to sleep, especially if it's a day off. Or if I'm sleeping good the dogs wake me up.

    Anyway, not much going on here went to the gym and the grocery store and spent a little quality time with spouse while we walked the dogs together. I am winding down. Will bring a book to bed and call it a day.
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    morning!!! it's piper's third birthday today!

    jkaee......good to see you again. glad you got the washer you wanted. i know exactly what you mean about birthdays. if i get anything, it almost has to be something we need, ya know? my mother's day present was my cpr class! lol! even if you are late june, you are still a cancer like me and netters (and two of my three kiddos! lol!)

    tweety...i know what you mean about the books, but everyone keeps telling me that i will want some for reference and hey, it's never to early to get nclex review books, right? i think for now, i'm just gonna try to find my elusive little card for my free one so that i can get them that way! lol! i'm usually so good about hanging on to those.......hmmmmmmmm.......where could it be? *sigh* i so wish our gyms were open 24/7. then i could just go when bryce wakes me up in the middle of the night.

    netters.....i think the day with adam sounds wonderful. you should plan it now and not let anything get in the way! it's gonna be rough on you, but we are all here for you! and tubing........oh how fun that would be!

    karen....sounds like your bbq was fun! my husband does kitchen design if you want any personalized help.

    melissa....if you keep mentioning the exercise and my dr. gets my pain to go away again, i'll be right there with you every day! don't have to worry on this thread about posting what's really happening in your life. it's cool here. you will get honesty, but no personal attacks. i am so glad that you and your mom are getting along well. god is good!


    steph....poor puppy. i hope he's just lost. let us know what happens!

    hi donny and hannasmom!

    qod: what's the worst personal accident you or a loved one has had?

    i ask because bryce and bryan fell down the front steps yesterday and i had to take bryce straight to the dr. bryan's legs keep giving out on him. i am assuming it is part of the fibromyalgia. it's very scary and bryce has abrasions all over his scalp, but his fontanel is okay. he also has skinned knees and a bruise on his forehead. i was in the backyard picking up garbage and heard a scream. i don't think i have ever run that fast in my life!

    my house is never dull. when i was at the cpr class the other night, piper kicked out part of the window in their room. *sigh* something really bad is gonna happen one of these times.

    i think the worst that ever happened was trey putting his hand, palm first, on the iron on my wedding day. he ended up with second degree burns all over it....blisters......poor kid. it was pretty bad. other than that, he has only fallen down the stairs in our old apartment that had an upstairs. we wouldn't have taken him to the er but the ped. suggested it just in case of head injury.

    piper, clutz that she is, hasn't done anything yet. i haven't ever had anything really bad and bry hasn't since i have known him. i know when he was younger he was crazier! lol! it's dreary and yucky. school starts in 10 days, so i am starting a thorough top to bottom cleaning of my whole house. i am trying to do a room each day, the outside one day and the basement one day. that will just about do it. no relaxing before school. i would never be able to sit through class worrying about my house being a mess. and frankly, i won't have a break to do this kind of cleaning again for two years! lol!

    gonna go catch up.......have a good one everyone!
  7. by   suzanne4
    Actually a good day over here, Fridays are my day for getting caught up on things around the office. Spent the afternoon with a group of military men teaching them English. It actually turned out to be quite fun...............

    Marie arrives tomorrow night, excited to see her, and all of my goodies that she is bringing from my storage area....especially my super size George Forman grill. And we can't forget about more Splenda. How I love that stuff.

    Actually going to spend a quiet night away from the computer for once....I know that this is quite rare for me. Have to start a big project on Monday, so I will be glued to it for awhile.

    Have a great day everyone.............
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    Good luck with your project Suzanne! And have a great time with Marie!
  9. by   ARmickie
    Good moring everyone. I finally managed to find a few minutes to pop on here and say hello.. well, I'm supposed to be paying bills, but surely a few minutes can't hurt!
    My first class for today was cancelled. It seems my instructors girlfriend is competing in the Miss Arkansas pagent this week, and he went to Hot Springs to watch her. She's a very pretty lady, but, unfortunately, there are alot of pretty women in that pagent this year! Besides, if she did win, she'd be gone away from him for the biggest part of a year, so I think he's silently hoping she doesn't!!!
    Both classes are still going well. I've still got A's in both of them (or I did until I took a test in Western Civ yesterday!). It's hard to believe that I only have three more days of class this term. Then, I'll have a week off, and I'll be back in school the same time as you, Kim! Lucky me, next summer term consists of comp I and Criminal Justice. One class, I'm totally not worried about, and the other, well... I'm not sure about.:chuckle We'll see.
    The kiddos are doing great here. They've actually been spending time with friends most of this week, and I encourage them to do so. I know when I was small, I wasn't ever allowed to stay the night with friends, or even have friends over at their age. But, it helps alot that not only do I like the kids, I have become really close with the parents (added benefit, mom makes friends along the way).
    I'm so sorry I'm not caught up on what all is going on with you guys. I know Bryan had a nasty fall with Bryce, and somebody got a new laundry appliance, and someone else is remodeling a kitchen!!! That's about all I can tell you.. now, ask me something about Alexander the Great, or Ptolemy, and I've got you covered!
    Looks like I need to stop writing and start reading... and eventually start paying some bills before I head to class!
    Have a good day all...
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    MIckie......You crack me up! LOL! Soooooooooo good to see you. I've been wondering about you. I should get your email addy from you so we can keep in touch that way even if you don't make it on here very often. I think we'll be just mising each other on here in a couple weeks LOL!

    Sooooo super PROUD of YOU for your A's! Awesome! That's what I asprire to do as well..i want to be on the part time dean's list again, because I doubt I'll see it once the nursing classes start! LOL!

    You go girl!
  11. by   NursesRmofun
    Morning, morning, morning....

    Even though I am starting a new agency job Monday, I am intervieiwing to check out another job today. LOL. Always keeping my options open.

    Kim, sounds like Bry and Bryce had a nasty fall! I hope they are okay.

    It will be a busy weekend here with my sister visiting and us going to see my daughter try on her gown tomorrow, etc. <sigh> Lots of sentimental thoughts lately. But these are the good times.

    Have a good day....
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  12. by   Energizer Bunny's always a good idea to keep your options open. I can't believe you are old enough to have a daughter getting married.....I just don't picture you that way!
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from CNM2B's always a good idea to keep your options open. I can't believe you are old enough to have a daughter getting married.....I just don't picture you that way!
    How sweet of you! LOL I really don't look a day over 65. <argh> LOL. I am 45. Thanks.
  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    After Piper went to sleep last night, we hung some balloons and streamers and we'll get a small cake for tonight when Bry comes home. The party will be combined with Trey's next Saturday but today we just do a little special stuff with her and let her do almost anything she wants. LOL! The same thing will happen on Trey's birthday. She's sooooooo funny that she is singing Happy Birthday to herself and everyone is making a big deal so she keeps telling everyone "thank you, thank you". Cutie pie........ I love my kiddos!