Good Friday Morning 6-18-04

  1. Good morning folks!!! I'm at work on my dinner break. It's been crazy here. But I insist on taking the time to get away from it all and eat. I made some baked salmon, with beans and asparagus and I don't believe in missing meals.

    The QOD day is who is going to come up with today's QOD?

    Make it a good one folks!
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  3. by   nekhismom
    Morning! I finally got in on one of these threads before the day ends! YAY!!

    Tweety, I know what you mean about hectic and NEEDING the break. I think it should be mandatory that while we are on lunch, we are REALLY on lunch. You know, we are relieved from our duties for our 30 mins. to eat. Wouldn't that be great.

    Ok, I guess I'll make that the QOD. How many of you get to take TRUE breaks, where you do not have to constantly worry about your pts. wellbeing, at work?? How often?? Is this your place of work's policy, or is it just something you do??

    I do take my break, but only because I am still an orientee. I'm never alone, anyway. But I still have to worry about what will happen if my pt. bradys and no one feels like getting off their rear to help the kid while I'm eating. Our policy technically says we are allowed to take a break ONLY if pt. load and time permits. So basically, yes, we want you to work, but we don't want to pay for it. If we miss our lunch, we have to submit a REQUEST to be paid for that half hour, and justify why we couldn't take a break. They never get approved.

    I'm going to the beach again today, but I don't think I'll be swimming in the ocean. One near-drowining is enough for me, thank you very much! I'm going to bask in the sun and enjoy the waterpark instead. Have a great day, all!
  4. by   leslie :-D
    good darn morning!!!

    being the eternal insomniac that i am, i'll take advantage of posting early. tweety, good for you about taking your break which leads to nekhi's qod:

    firstly, state law(s) mandate that you are entitled to a 15 min break q4h and also 30 minute lunch break. the employer does not have to pay for them but no one can stop you from taking what is yours.

    secondly, although i probably could have taken my breaks/lunch, i never ever did. call it my know, the plight of "i'm soooooo busy"...that was me. and i was busy. and i would look at some other nurses that in spite of a very hectic work environment, they would take their breaks. i admired that. so i never did and am sure, i never will. my adrenaline at work goes from the minute i enter til the minute i leave....and then if i didn't work the next day i would be a complete vegetable at home.

    my qod was going to be if you didn't become a nurse, what did you want to be when you grew up? now mind you, this is money barriers or any other type of obstacle. i've always envisioned myself to be an ethical, impassioned attorney and would be a professional ballerina on the side. so on those busy days where i had to dance right after court, i would plead my cases in a glittery pink tutu and a briefcase.

    i'll be back later (probably). peace everyone.

  5. by   suzanne4
    Good morning.
    A pink tutu? Wouldn't the other lawyers love that, and what about your clients? Perhaps even on toe?

    Is everyone else having difficulties since they moved the links to theleft side of the screen? It has been a real pain for me all morning, on both computers.
    Definitely not making it easy on us...............What do you think..............

    Tweety---don't work to hard.
    Nekhi's mom----remember the sun protection.....
  6. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from suzanne4
    Good morning.
    A pink tutu? Wouldn't the other lawyers love that, and what about your clients? Perhaps even on toe?

    Is everyone else having difficulties since they moved the links to theleft side of the screen? It has been a real pain for me all morning, on both computers.
    Definitely not making it easy on us...............What do you think..............

    Tweety---don't work to hard.
    Nekhi's mom----remember the sun protection.....
    yes suzanne, i do not like the new layout either. and as for the other lawyers, my strategy would be to drive them to distraction (only if i didn't get barred) :chuckle
  7. by   jnette
    Morning to work again... then tomorow and Sunday off !
    Finally. Better get going... TTYL!
  8. by   H ynnoD
    Good Morning Everyone.Thank God its payday.That was the longest two weeks ever.I always take my breaks and lunch when I'm suppose too.I always tell the customer its company policy,so sorry,will see you again in 1/2 an hour I'm a Diesal Mechanic because of circumstances.Now becoming a nurse is the only thing I want to really do right now.I would'nt mind working for the travel channel though.Travel to all those places and show people what its like to go there.That would be cool.Well now its bed time,so hope everyone has a great day
  9. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    hi all... i'm having a time getting used to the way all of you do 'chat' here but i am still trying to give it a whirl...

    tweety- glad one of us actually takes something to work that is good for them! i rarely ever manage that... wednesday night i took a box of twinkies to share!

    nehki's mom- your son is adorable, hope you have a blast!

    earle- insomniac is my middle name!... but the past two weeks i have been off my usual trend and can't stay awake past 10 unless i'm at work of course lol! and here i am up since 430!!! someone pinch me!!

    suzanne- i agree, the links on the left are already a pain... wonder if we can do anything about it?

    jnette- have a good day at the grind stone...(don't forget to take your lunch break! ) i admire daylight workers... give me the peacefulness of the HS!

    donny- payday--- ahhh yes to pay the bills :hatparty: .... and enjoy your meals while mechanicing those deisal engines b/c the patients won't always idle while you eat:chuckle ...

    qod- i try to take a break even if it is less time 15-20 min. but when i don't, i get payed.... i always put in the slip already signed by the supervisor that was there and knows why i didn't get to eat... at my place of work the supervisor must either make it possible for you to eat by taking your place or filling in on a busy assignment or they sign the paper. but so many nurses at my work don't bother putting in for the time... i worked it, i can't stand to be docked for a lunch i never got to take.

    have a good one!
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    [font=Arial Narrow]Good Morning everyone! The first thing I was going to say is how much I dislike the new layout. STAFF...ARE YOU LISTENING? LOL! It makes everything crazy on my computer and FORCES me to look at the links of which I do not care about. I don't like advertising anyways (but know we need it to keep the site going).

    [font=Arial Narrow]Fairy......good to see you here. I know what you mean about getting things done when you aren't here. Once my morning stint is over the only time I allow myself to come on here is if I am having lunch or everything is done that I can do at that time. Otherwise, I won't sit here all day anymore. The hardest thing for me is when I have computer work to do, like saving pics, etc. not coming here to chat instead of doing my work.

    [font=Arial Narrow]Leslie......a ballerina? Hmmmmmmm......I'm not sure what I would be....probably an actor AND a singer. I used to pretend to be both when I was younger. I had a sort of karaoke machine in my stereo and I used to belt out the tunes like you wouldn't believe. I wasn't much good but I had fun! I also used to pretend, pretend, pretend to be an actress and I was married to whoever happened to be my current crush on TV and we worked together and had babies....LOL!

    [font=Arial Narrow]Nekhismom.......Your QOD doesn't apply to me since I am a student but I hardly ever take breaks at home and at previous jobs, unless I had to punch out, I never took breaks.

    [font=Arial Narrow]Donny......good to see you.

    [font=Arial Narrow]Suzanne......are you going on a picture taking trek for me? Huh? are ya? are ya? LOL!

    [font=Arial Narrow]Tweety......oh that I know your real name, I could never use it. I just don't picture you as anything besides Tweety.

    [font=Arial Narrow]Netters.....hope you are having a good day today.

    [font=Arial Narrow] are you feeling today?

    [font=Arial Narrow]Kate....are you lost in your books?

    [font=Arial Narrow]Mickie.......did you go to the game last night or not? Did Dylan find his own uniform or did you give in?

    [font=Arial Narrow]Man, you guys, I just realized how much I really look forward to chatting with you all every day. I feel like I am getting to know you and you all have become a part of my family. I tell Bry about many of you on here and how you have influenced me and things you have shared to help me with school and nursing. When I can actually start remembering names and ages of everyone's kids...well then I am doing well at letting you all into my life and really becoming friends. Or when I can remember something someone told me weeks ago........

    [font=Arial Narrow]Trey seems to be doing much better this morning. I gave him a second shower last night and his main complaint is arm pain and feeling kinda yucky from his immunizations. Poor kid had to have both in the same day, right?

    [font=Arial Narrow]I'm stressing about the bunnies and their cage now. They need more room and I do let them run in the kitchen but I feel like they need a better all-the-time cage. So, I think we are going to build them a bunny condo this weekend. Can you imagine?

    [font=Arial Narrow]I have ironing to do, my bedroom to clean and paperwork and computer work out the ying yang. I had a to do list for the summer of things I wanted done by the time I started school. Well, now that I am starting in a couple weeks, I am going to have to boogie just to get some of it done. I am starting with the kids websites this weekend when I can be online and know that no one will call. Today is all prep work so that I can sit down and just get them done quickly.

    [font=Arial Narrow]Nothing much exciting happening otherwise. Today is actually a pretty calm week, there is craziness again! LOL!

    [font=Arial Narrow]I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful day!

    [font=Arial Narrow]Hugs all around.......
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  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    2nd generation....good morning!!! You were posting while I was!
  12. by   suzanne4
    Check your e-mails. I sent a ton of things your way plus more to come,
    now that I am back at home on my other computer.

    I am left-handed, and my contacts are set for near and far, having the ads on the left side and with the crazy colors is just bothering my eyes. Even if they could put them on the right, but not so that you have to scroll extra through each screen to be able to read it, and I mean scrolling from side to side and not just down........

    Can't decide what to make for dinner. Any suggestions?
    Actually rained on and off today, and temp has dropped, which means it should be a nice day tomorrow, so yes, Kim, pictures will be coming your way. Marie is coming in next weekend, so we will have pictures from the river as well as th eelephants and temples..
    She also loves to take pictures.
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Suzanne.....I am getting them. Thank you! I'm gonna print it all up! I really appreciate it! there anything you DON'T eat? I can't wait to see the pics!!!! I just love learning about Thailand!
  14. by   suzanne4
    A few things that I won't touch over here, such as chicken feet, pig intestine, nothing gets wasted around here!!!!!

    Just trying to figure out what to make for dinner.................I have a pckage of scallops in the freezer, they have this great company here that flash freezes seafood and it is always wonderful, plus a bag of "fish balls" made from squid. You can put them in soup or just nuke in the microwave and eat as is. It is one of those silly nights, can't think of anything to make....the kids always have their stash of chicken in the frig...and a ton of chicken soup in the freezer. Took some out to defrost.

    Did you get a chance to look at any of the articles? I have a bunch more that I will be sending later tonight, not sure who received what, so I am just going thru and sending out most of my files again. They should prove to be quite helpful and they are geared towards the types of things that you will see on your NCLEX exam.