Good Friday Morning 5/7/04

  1. morning everyone! how are you doing today? what's on the agenda? today's question, before i forget it, is: what is a good "day trip" from your home? if there's more than one, share 'em all! i want to go on a virtual vacation today since i am not likely to have a real one for at least two years! lol!

    i finally recovered from yesterday. i thought i was going to lose it by the end of the day. i didn't yell though, and trey knows what he did was wrong. so, all in all, it wasn't such a bad day! i did have my appointment yesterday and the ct scan was all completely normal. now, she has put me on zoloft for pain in case it is ibs. she said that zoloft and others like it, have been shown to help reduce the pain of ibs. she also prescribed me a muscle relaxant and gave me more celebrex samples. she is out of tests to do so she is calling my ob (she couldn't even pronounce his name! lol!) and they are going to discuss my case. i go back to see her in a month and my ob is 6 weeks. until then, i'm pretty much on my own with a bunch of drugs that i don't want.

    i called about all my vaccinations, etc. that i need and found out that so far, things are only going to cost me $50 and then the hep. b series in the fall will cost another $75. i can get my tetanus and mmr for free at the health department. so, when i have my physical at the school on the 17th, i'll get my chicken pox titer and get tested for tb and then i'll be all set. now, the cpr classes are at the end of june and are another $52! oiy! good thing i have all summer to get my stethoscope, etc. uniforms are $60 at our all-day orientation in august.

    i just met a neighbor yesterday that is starting the program in the fall and she seems very nice, but i think she might drive me bananas in class. unfortunately, she is in my clinicals and labs which is the longest of any class situation. maybe i'll change my mind...i don't know. she has three small children as well and i am afraid i am being judgemental because she wants to be a midwife (though i'm not sure i do anymore) and i didn't want to have to feel like i was "competing" with anyone else in class. kwim? i know i'm being silly, but it's how i think and i'm being honest here.

    so, now i am considering or but it worries me about standing in one spot for very long. i am just going to go with the flow and see where it all leads me. i have two years to figure out what i want to do...there are so many options. my concern with midwifery is all the malpractice problems, ob's not really supporting cnm's, hospitals not allowing them to practice, the fact that it requires a lot more schooling, midwifery doesn't pay that well for all the added responsibility, etc.....i'm just going to pray that things change for midwives by the time i get to where i need to make a decision of whether to go on with school or not.

    okay, long enough today.....have a great day guys! i'll be popping around, as usual.

    smilie for ya:

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  3. by   HannasMom
    Good Morning...soon it will be my bedtime. I have tonight and tomorrow off. Since I work the nightshift, I stay up during the night and sleep during the day. My husband took me out to dinner last evening. We had a great time together. I had the most wonderful crepes. Love them!

    I just bought some art supplies online. I love to paint. Just finished a seascape about an hour ago. My husband is finishing the basement so I can have a studio to do my art. Can't wait. It will be so nice to have a place for my art supplies, canvas and paintings in progress. I now have a long table to paint floorcloths.

    I think I'll go watch some News for awhile before I go day sleep. Maybe put some frozen cinnamon rolls in the oven and surprise my husband, before I hit the bed. Have a great day!
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Wow! There are a lot of painters or would be painters on the boards. I wish I was artistically inclined in any way, but I'm not!
  5. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Woot!

    Had a nurse tell me all about how tired she was because in between working two 12 hour shifts she went as a parent chaparone to her childs field trip. Then around 12:30 am she gets a call and has to leave, her child is sick. Hmmmm.....coincidence or just a stupid liar. Who had to take her assignment? Me, the charge nurse who had a vented patient already. But my coworkers helped out alot, it was kind of a team approach to the assignment so it wasn't too bad.

    Note to people. If you're going to have sick children, don't tell me all about the lovely field trip you went on all day and how tired you are. I'm jaded and suspicious.
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Tweety...That was so dumb ARE people, anyways? OIY! Good morning to you though! LOL!
  7. by   nurseunderwater
    i know of what you speak!

    hannahsmom- sounds awesome....i love to paint as well, albiet a little less traditional, i find it a refuge

    kim - sorry i keep calling tyler trip? galveston island, austin, enchanted rock, the schliterbaan...water park....the beach is free...gas only....

    off to study more pharm and math....again...would love to go to the beach but man did i get a burn the other day...stoooopid me.

    xxoo K
  8. by   Energizer Bunny're still not getting his's Trey! LOL!
  9. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]good morning once again! sunny and nice here.

    [font=franklin gothic medium]day trips? hmm....well, from my home, i can go to many nice places, nyc...can't really beat that! try to get in a taping of a talk show or go to a broadway show, empire state bldg., etc., etc.....ct to mystic or the casinos nearby (just about any town in ct is a day trip)...or massachusetts.....many quaint towns to window shop.

    [font=franklin gothic medium]zoloft may just help you, kim! i hope so!
    [font=franklin gothic medium]as for not wanting to get into the class because of the neighbor, to be honest, there are plenty others like her out there! you might just find she'd be great to study with because she is nextdoor. i never liked the competition either, but it helped keep me on my toes! you do have plenty of time to make up your mind! maybe being a rn in a favorite area to work ight be where you end up?

    [font=franklin gothic medium]work around the house today and maybe a movie later. want to try to see van helsing! i like the scary ones! lol

    [font=franklin gothic medium]tweety...i's tough hearing the flimsy excuses for a day off when you are the one taking up the slack!

    [font=franklin gothic medium]study hard nurseunderwater.... when are your classes done?

    [font=franklin gothic medium]have a good one!
  10. by   ARmickie
    Morning all... It's been a long night here.. Dylan woke me up at one AM with stomach cramps. We stayed up for several hours, and finally he just got into bed with me. Of course, as I drifted off to sleep, I stopped rubbing circles on his tummy and he'd be sure to wake me up so I could continue.. :uhoh21: He did decide to go on to school this morning though.. I'm just waiting for the school to call and tell me to come get him, now.

    I'm getting really aggrivated at my bank! I went to change my name on my account (MY account, not the joint one) last week. Everything was fine. I was told that since I'd already changed my drivers license, not to write anymore checks on that account, as the names wouldn't match. We live in a very small town (think, population 200), and everybody knows everybody. It's no big deal for me to write a check at the store, and nobody ever checks my ID.. they know my name when I walk in the door. I opened the mail this morning to find a letter from my bank saying a check had been returned.. WTH?? That's mighty odd, I'm thinking as I call the bank.. They CLOSED my original account ("we thought that's what you wanted"). I was so mad, saying "Why would I want you to close the account? I deposited money into that account the very same day... I ordered new checks with the new name on them, but they weren't even here yet.. How was I going to access that money???" All I got in return from them was a "sorry, it was a misunderstanding".:angryfire They asked if the new checks had came in, "yes.. what difference does that make?" I was told that I could just write them (the store) a check on the new account and it would all be taken care of. Uhhh.. hello?? What about service charges, both at the store and the bank???? Grrrrrrrrrrr... I'm dealing with morons, I'm telling you, morons...
    Well, now that my rant is out of the way I can tell you about day trips. Most often we take day trips to Eureka Springs or if we leave early enough, Branson, Mo. My kids' favorite is Eureka Springs by far. We can also go to the little tiny town of Altus and go thru the winery.
    Well.. I suppose it's time for me to get busy today.. finally have the house to myself again today and there is a ton of work to do here! Have a good one everybody... I'm off to the store to try to get this straightened out...
  11. by   manna
    I'm having another one of those falling-asleep-at-my-desk kinda days. Hubby was in from out of town last night so we stayed up a bit too late. I'd have taken off today if I had any vacation left, or if I hadn't taken off three half-days this week already for my physical and shots (Hep B, tetanus and TB test).

    I can't think of any really nice day trips from here.. I live in the middle of nowhere. Although if you're into casinos there's quite a few nice ones, including a large waterpark and a Hard Rock Beach Club about 30 miles from here. If you wanna drive about 5 hours, you can get to one of several gulf coast beaches or better yet - New Orleans!
  12. by   nurseunderwater
    hey nursesrmorefun....i am refreshing my lpn after almost 8 years of not working (outside the home)....i have to take a pharm test before i can do my clinical experience........oiy! i love math...i love math...LOL

    have a great day all....Kate
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from nurseunderwater
    hey nursesrmorefun....i am refreshing my lpn after almost 8 years of not working (outside the home)....i have to take a pharm test before i can do my clinical experience........oiy! i love math...i love math...LOL

    have a great day all....Kate
    Just curious...How long does it take to refresh? (I thought you were fresh enough! Kidding! LOL) Is this a instituional/facility program you are going through?
  14. by   nurseunderwater
    it's a bunch of computer generated so and so come in w/ such an such and you follow them through to d/c..quizes, and blood gases, a pharm test and then I went through orientation with the new hires for 2 weeks. Now i have 80 hours of precepted clinical to do...impatiently waiting for the BON in Austin to get all my info...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. so I can get a temp license and go on the floor. :angryfire: sending loving vibes to the FL BON :chuckle:

    god if anything else gets delayed i may go mad!

    all's about 200 hours class and clinical. I am doing this at a major hospital and hoping that since they have had a chance to see how wonderful I am they will hire me right away....

    It's been a good experience. Made me remember how much I LOVE NURSING!!