Gona haft ta write a letter about a cop.

  1. Guess what, this is a GGOOODD thread. Just got home from Bloomfield. Had dinner with bunch of friends and when we came out one couples car was gone. Would you believe they were extremely reluctant to call 911 to report it. Very nice people my friends, they did not think grand theft auto qualified them to use 911. However, they did on my insistance. The dispatcher who answered the 911 call was very professional. I thought we would be in for long wait. After all it is Friday night and between the bar room brawls and drive by shootings it probably would take forever for squad car to respond to car theft. However, after a less than 10 minute wait the nicest, most helpful young man, cop or no, showed up and wrote everything up neat as could be. In no time at all we had our friends home. They were upset but I think the smoothness of the reporting help calm them down a lot. Gona write a letter to city of Pittsburgh and thank them. I am sure they here complaints all the time, it is nice to hear when something goes well, don't we all know that.
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    I thought 911 was for emergencies only. That was probably the cause of the hesitation.
    What kind of a car was it?
  4. by   oramar
    Absolutely nothing fancy about this car, little 7 year old saturn. I am hoping it was just a kid taking it for joy ride. There was a 39 thousand dollar SUV parked right along side it. If it was professional car thief you know what would be gone. Rusty, we were in dark parking lot which had just been visited by thieves, no one else around. If you think we were going to fumble around for an hour trying to figure out who to call you better think again. The guy could have been back at any minute and robbed us. Cops did not mind at all.
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    We just got 911 here last fall. However many streets aren't named yet and we don't have a cop yet.
    We have a vol. fire dept but no house here has ever been saved.
    When the tanker runs out of water they have to drive back to the river to refill and thats usually enough time to burn the house to the ground.
  6. by   oramar
    Don't mean to laugh Rusty but there is something funny about having 911 and no cops.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    I hear if 911 is called they notify the cops in Santa Fe which is 30 miles from here and they in turn notify the State Police who will send a unit.
    I heard of one person who actually dialed 911 and they had a State cop call them 3 hours after the incident and never DID show up!
  8. by   gwenith
    Holy Patooties Rusty and I thought some of our small towns classified under "remote area". Is it anything like our small mining towns where if you want to clear the pub and work out how many people were in it you walk in and yell "COP!" count the number of feet disapearing through the windows and divide by two.
  9. by   P_RN
    We have had 911 for about 6 years now. So far I have called for an ambulance that we had to go track down and lead to my MILs house, BIG white house, right on highway, flashing blue front light. The FD even sold us the blue light flasher!

    But at least our fire department (volunteer) can save the chimney! One of the firemen (an ex-in- law unfortunately) served time for arson of a farm building so he could look like a hero for being first on the scene. Niece isn't married to him any more thank goodness.

    Oramar, along with your letter to the city perhaps one to the policeman personally and perhaps one to the newspaper.
  10. by   oramar
    City of Pittsburgh has one of the finest EMS systems in the world. It handles all medical, fire department and police calls. It was the first system in the world as well as I can remember. City also has first class world class medical care and it is still readily avaliable to everyone in area. Our fire department rivals any big city like NY, it probably is better than a lot of them. Dito to the police department. There are clouds on the horizon however. This areas has one of the oldest populations in the country. Some claim it has the highest average age in the country. The elderly people use these systems heavily and don't pay wage taxes to float them. The people that do work are being taxed to death and leaving the city. It is a vicious cycle, with less and less people carrying a heavier tax load. It is driving the city broke. Now the elderly carry a terrific burden of property taxes. However, those pay for school mostly and that is another story all together.
  11. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Hmmmmm, and I thought we were isolated Rusty.....but I see I have just been beat. We are smallish but distributed over a wide area in therural areas...., houses numbered and streets named....911 just officially in use about 6 months or so ago.....no hydrants out where we are b ut a brook on our road and a pond 1/2 mile up the road to refill the tankers off of. Hmmmmmm.....:chuckle yup, definitely humorous in a warped way to have 911 and no one to respond to it's call.

    oramar.....you bet your sweet patootie I would have called 911 in that same situation.......I would not screw around trying to decide whom to call when I could be mugged or worse.....where 911 is in effect......they are usually quite good about the calls that come through, unless it's a kid dialing for s***s and giggles
  12. by   nursenoelle
    I think your letter will be much appreciated oramar. Everyone needs to be told there are doing a good job from time to time.

    My DH is from just outside of Pittsburgh, and judging from the way he and his brothers behave during football season, I imagine they have their hands full on a Friday night. Here's to thankless professions!

    Rusty- NO COP ? I thought we were rural. J/K. It must be nice not to have to have them.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    There are lots of nice cops . . . just like any profession, good and bad.

    Last night my 18 year old son (and friends) climbed the water tower at his high school and painted "2003" on the side. Cops showed up as they were getting down. Shined lights so the kids could get down safely. Sent them on home with an admonition about how stupid a stunt that was. My son told me this morning what happened. sigh .. . .I guess as you climbed higher the ladder bent more backwards (!) . . . I think he is afraid of heights after this little escapade. This happens every year for the last 60 years. If I get out of my son's teenage years sane, I'll be lucky.

    Rusty . . .when we call 911 it goes to a central dispatch 80 miles away . . . try telling someone from out of the area "there is a man beating up his wife in front of the theatre" and having dispatch ask you for a street address! It is the only theatre in town!! The cops know where it is. I have no idea what the street address is. I've told my kids to call the hospital directly for an ambulance and NOT 911 . .. . the EMT's know where I live. Even showed up on my doorstep to ask if I'd come in for a OB delivery. Small towns . . .gotta love em.
  14. by   BadBird
    I think it is a great idea to write a letter of praise, so many people complain but so few take the time to write when someone is nice.