Golf lessons

  1. My son started golf lessons today. He was so excited! He's 6, and he got a kid's set of golf clubs. He worked on his grip, how to stand, and how to swing today. The instructor video taped him swinging, and showed my son how he looked .... how he was improving, and asked him questions about what he saw.

    Now I'm thinking about taking golf up (I had one class in college).
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    Well in april I will have complete 1 yr of playing golf, at first I thought it was the most rediculous game on the face of the earth, and I reeked of inability and lacked all skills possible to push that stupid ball down the fairway. Well now I have a handicap of 30 and I shoot a usual in the 90's on a normal game. I picked it up here in Egypt there is nothing else to do. I take my clubs with me now when I take assignments in the states and now instead of assignments next to good places to party I go where the great golf courses are. I meet others on my assignment that play golf and we go hit the course and learn more about each other and life. Its a great ice breaker, and I have relaxed more then I ever thought I would.
    Im addicted.
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    A man and a woman meet at a single's resort and become infatuated with one another.
    The man decides that he doesn't want to foil this relationship, so he will be honest
    with the lady. "I have to tell you the truth, I have a problem."

    "What is it?" the woman asks.

    "I'm obsessed with golf. I have to play at least twice a week or I am not happy."

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    He then said, "Have you thought about changing your grip?"