Going to a ball tonight

  1. Hi girls,

    O my I am so excited! going to a ball tonight! bought myself a new dress, shoes, handbag, underwear (reaaaalllly nice!!) and went to the hairdresser. Got myself a new haircollor, kind of brown/red/ eggplant and now I am getting into the tub and soak for an hour!
    Then I hope my hubby gets out the champagne (the real thing frome France, got that for my 40th birthday) and we'll have a nice time before going to the ball

    Now this is a very special occasion, that's why I write about it here.
    It's the annual marineball (the 246th anniversary of the corps) and this year is very special. Since 11/9, there was talk of canceling of course, due to security etc, but thank God it is on!
    Everybody going there will be asked to give something for the kids of the NYFD and NYPD, so there is a very good goal going there too.

    I am really going to enjoy this evening with my Mike, first time we're able to go out just the two of us since ages!!
    (remember we had to cancel our New York trip, due to everything that happened!)

    Take care and think of me, I'll think of you all when the stars and stripes are being played,
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hope you have fun and dance the night away!
  4. by   pkmom
    I'm so jealous!!! Have a great time, I'm excited for you.
  5. by   cargal
    Well , how was it Cinderelley?
  6. by   semstr
    hi there,

    it was great!!!!!
    but I am very tired (came home at 430 am) and my feet are killing me! (was wearing those real high heels, with the long, small noses")

    Headache is gone now, drinking was plenty and high percentaged. (even more for husband, tequilla -shots etc., I dont't drink them, I prefer gin-tonics and of course white wine and champaigne)

    Didn't dance as much as I wanted, cause the music didn't play as much.
    A few members of the band were so very drunk at midnight, they couldn't play anymore!! (Thank God for CD'S and stuff)
    Yes, this was a skandal, since these guys are service too and were extra flown in from Italy! (the gunnery-sergeant freaked out, although he's a great guy and very understanding towards men who drink a bit too much, but not on duty)
    But what can you do, when they're drunk already and there is no other band available?
    Not very professianel, guess we nurses couldn't do a thing like that while being on duty.

    Anyway we had a great time, talked for hours to people I never met before and stood and stood and stood there in my high-heels!

    At about 330 I noticed my husband's talk getting a bit slurred and his eyes getting redder and smaller, so I said let's go!
    Well it took almost an hour to say goodbye to our old and new friends! Most of them were in the same state!!
    It got very emotional, because a lot of them are being send home before christmas and are going to other posts afterwards, so we'll probalbly never see them again.

    So that was that and now I need a caffee and something to eat, then I'll take another shower and go to bed! I have to work tomorrow! Hubby is off and will sleep trhough the day!

    Take care all of you and thanks for wishing me a nice evening and for asking me how it was,
  7. by   kaycee
    Sounds like you had a wonderful evening Renee.
    I have never been to a ball. Too bad you had to work the next day. It's always hard to work when you're a bit hung over. Glad you had a good time!