Going Out With the Girls!!

  1. It's Girls' Night Out!! My sisters-in-law (3 of them--2 of which are also nurses), some other friends and myself going out on the town! Woot! Been a long time...maybe I'll try that new drink with the vanilla vodka and gingerale!

    Hubby is going to take the kids to see Spiderman tonight too.

    Fun times for all!
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    Have a great time! Drink one for me! :spin:

  4. by   CEN35
    geeeze zee i'm only 2 1/2 hours away? what about me? :chuckle just kidding! have fun!

  5. by   Fgr8Out
    I'm going "out with the girls" tonight too!!!

    Of course, "the girls" are my 14 year old daughter and her 14 year old girlfriend... we're going to see Spiderman too!!

    Everyone have a fine Saturday night
  6. by   proud2bme
    Hey! Hope you have a great time!

    I saw Spiderman last week and thought it was great! I didn't think I'd like it, but who wouldn't like a man in a skin tight red and blue outfit? LOL
  7. by   Fgr8Out


    Oh yeah... Toby M in blue n red tights....

    ::slapping myself:: damn kid's my SONS age...::heavy sigh::

    "and heres to you, Mrs. Robinson..."

  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Awwww Zee, Have a great time, and don't forget the beer chasers. You need beer for protein.

    [humor : I'm glad your having a good time but don't make it a habit. Make sure you check with your husband before you go out, so as not to potentially disturb a relationship. ]

  9. by   Zee_RN
    Went out, had fun! Went to this hugely crowded restaurant/brewery. Waited two hours for a table (they give you this neat flashy thing that lights up when you're name is being called) but we never made it to the table...we just ordered these huge appetizers and drinks at the little round tables in the bar holding area. Then we went to the adjacent club called "Sing Sing"...a place with dueling pianos! It was really cool. These two guys just carried on and played songs and humiliated individuals from the audience. The staff all wore T-shirts that read "SHUT UP AND SING" which was kinda cute. There were two sets of piano players and I really liked one set more than the other...One set of piano players was were more interested in being as raunchy as possible and the other set would delve into that too but it was not their entire concentration...they'd play songs and just whip up the audience so you're just wailing away with them. It was fun!

    Mario: my husband *insisted* I go out That way he feels more justified in going out himself. (I go out maybe twice a year; he goes out and plays guitars at least twice a month. And there's the Karate classes and tournaments...and so on.)
    Glad you had a good time Zee!

    And you remember it all too.... good girl

  11. by   mario_ragucci
    Yes Zee, it sounds like an exciting time. You have a rich, full life and I am happy. Did you really see two pianos? Was this place in a large, medium or small town/city?

    Could you have a plutonic relationship with a guy friend?

    I hope I didn't come off as tainted to single thinking. Sometimes, in my classes, when one woman starts going on and on about something, all start in, from a married perspective only. I'm sorry :-(
  12. by   oramar
    What are you planning this weekend Zee?
  13. by   Zee_RN
    Mother-Daughter Banquet at my mom's church (she's the pastor). A bit of a different environment from last week It'll be fun though. There will still be piano music; just of a different ilk.