Going Camping!!!

  1. I'm about to get a couple of weeks off work so I am going camping again!!!

    Whoo Hoooo!!!!!

    Just bought a brand new tent - 5 man - 6 if you are REAL close freinds!!!

    Bought a new "camp bed" - though that is stretching it - it is a queensized pull out base with an airbed that fits into an attached cover - comfeeee!

    Being given a new stove - dual high pressure gas.

    Splashed out and bought myself a "gel pack" - it is a portable 12 volt battery that you can plug your lights and other things into including the fridge/cooler.

    I am travelling with 7 elephants this time!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I prefer air-conditioning and a Jacuzzi for my vacations, when possible, IF the gorgeous beach is not close by!

    When do you leave?
  4. by   nurseygrrl
    Have a great time! I've never been camping, but always wanted to try it. Now I know who to go to for camping advice. You sound like you have it all under control! Have a blast!!
  5. by   Ted


    To me, camping is Motel 6 or less!

    Got to have my bed turned down at 5:30 PM with a chocolate on the pillow!

    Have fun and watch out for those nasty Australian spiders I hear about on t.v., Gwenith!


  6. by   nurseunderwater
    OOOHHH the thrill of new gear!

    I love to camp....especially with all the creature comforts

    Gwenith....where do you go...inland or the coast?

    PS: don't let the dingos get ya... :chuckle
  7. by   dianah
    I like camping too, gwenith! Although it was a lot more fun when I was a kid and didn't have to organize and tote and set up and cook and take down everything!!

    Went camping with the 7th grade class last Oct. Started out at a lake in the mountains, for one VERRRRYYYY COLD nite, then had to pack up and drive about 45 min down the mtn due to approaching fires, so we set up at a desert lake this time. The kids helped a lot. The fire situation was SO sad, though. We were very concerned, of course, the whole time out; waffled between cancelling the trip and continuing on; ended up staying, just because we were there and all set up. Kept frequent tabs on situation though, as several of the parents lived near fire areas.

    I remember fun camping as a child AND an adult; if I were more organized I'd like to try some backpacking, too.

    Send us some pictures please!! Thanks for reviving good memories!
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    We LOVE to go camping.
    We pack it all with us. We are very organized since we do it so much. Totanka loaded in half an hour, stop to buy ice for the beer and cokes and we are there in 45 minutes (we live in the mts remember?).
    We always catch a mess of fish and spend lots of family time together.
    I'm looking for a tipi to replace our modern tent. Anyone have one that can recomend a good deal?
  9. by   EarthChild1130
    Cool!! Our camping season starts this Memorial Day with our annual camping/boating trip...we pack our tent, grill, stove, all camping gear, our boat, and our dog, and head for the hills! LOL

    I'd rather camp than just about anything on earth...I love it!!

    Have loads of fun!
  10. by   nekhismom
    Have a good time.

    I'm WAY too, um, girlie I guess, to camp. I got MORE than my share of that in the Army. LOL.
  11. by   gwenith
    I am going in the next couple of weeks but I am soooo excited that I can hardly wait. Going to do Northern New South Wales somewhere near here

    and near here

    I might even spend some time up at O'Reilley's and where the wreck of "The Simpson" still lies

  12. by   cnyrn
    Looking forward to my week in a cabin on the St. Lawrence. I'm too old and achy for tents.
  13. by   emmy
    Have a great time Gwenith, it looks gorgeous!
  14. by   Tweety
    Have a great time!