Go Australia!!!

  1. Well, you guys are a generous bunch I saw this on the news yesterday Apparently that works out to about 750 million US, so it makes Australia the single largest donor so far (Japan is second). I guess it makes sense since the disaster happened in your backyard.

    $1B in tsunami aid coming from Australia
    Last Updated Thu, 06 Jan 2005 06:07:19 EST
    CBC News

    JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Australia boosted its pledge for tsunami relief to almost $1 billion Cdn on Wednesday, committing itself to the largest contribution from any single country to date.

    Prime Minister John Howard's promise includes $936 million in short-term relief grants and longer-term loans for the 11 Asian and African countries affected by the Dec. 26 earthquake off Indonesia, which sent devastating waves racing across the Indian Ocean.

    At least 150,000 people died in countries, from Kenya in Africa to Indonesia in southeast Asia, and as many as 5 million have been left homeless.

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    Australia had previously said it would contribute $56 million in aid.

    The new pledge brings the total amount of aid promised by governments around the world to more than $3.7 billion Cdn.

    Howard announced the new aid package in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he is to attend an international summit on relief efforts.

    He called it "a historic step in Indonesian-Australian relations in the wake of this terrible natural disaster."

    A short time earlier, Germany used a pan-European day of mourning for tsunami victims to announce an increase in its pledge for tsunami relief, to a total of $826 million Cdn.

    Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's promise of aid, to be spent over the next five years, is 25 times more than the country's previous pledge of $33 million.

    Other big international givers are Japan, with a pledge of $613 million Cdn, and the United States, which has promised $429 million
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  3. by   Mkue
    I guess it makes sense since the disaster happened in your backyard.
    I agree, it does make sense.
  4. by   gwenith
    We are concentrating on Indonesia because they are our neighbours - it is the least we can do. The cynical will say that we are doing this to further our own objectives in the region such as decreasing the level of terrorism. That question has even bene put to Mr Downer who blatantly said he did not think we would stop terrorism in this way but that this WAS and IS the right thing to do.

    I am proud of my country even though I know not all of this "aid" is giften money in fee simple - some of it is in terms of loans which may not help the long term prospects of Indonesia but on the other side of the coin we are there NOW and we have the only water purifier in Banda Acheh giving out clean water to any who request. Another purifier is on the way so soon that problem will be lessened while we re-build more infrastructure to replace what is lost.
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    Here are some pictures of the relief effort. Click on the second picture from the top and remember that these are mostly muslim people.

  7. by   talaxandra
    I'm pleased about our government's response, but proud that Australian individuals and corporations have given so generously.
    Friday January 7, 03:28 PM
    Australian public raises 120 million dollars for tsunami victims
    SYDNEY (AFP) - Australians have raised almost 120 million dollars (92 million US) for relief efforts for the Asian tsunami disaster, aid groups said.
    The government has separately pledged one billion dollars to worst-hit Indonesia, half in grants over the next five years and half in long-term interest free loans.
    The public fund-raising effort will receive a major boost Saturday when three rival commercial television networks jointly broadcast a pop concert from the Sydney Opera House which aims to raise 20 million dollars for World Vision Australia.
    Of the major aid groups, the Red Cross has raised 56.1 million dollars, World Vision 28.2 million dollars, CARE Australia 16 million, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad 12.26 million and the Catholic aid group Caritas almost three million dollars, they said.
    Corporate Australia has been a major contributor with at least six companies - Qantas, Foster's Group, Visy Industries, Westfield Group, the Commonwealth Bank and media giant News Corp. - all donating one million dollars or more.
    Australia will also host a one-day cricket match between a Rest of the World XI and an Asian XI at the 80,000-capacity Melbourne Cricket Ground next Tuesday with all proceeds going to the disaster relief.
    The disaster has so far claimed almost 150,000 lives and left millions more homeless and hungry.
    Australia's death toll remained at 13 confirmed dead on Friday, with six unofficially identified as dead, while grave fears were held for the safety of 46 others, and 303 people were unaccounted for.
    Australians will observe a minute's silence just before noon on January 16, declared an official day of mourning for the disaster, Prime Minister John Howard said Thursday.
    "We'll be asking people to mark it in a way they think fit, many will do so by attending a church service. I will certainly do that," Howard said.
    Howard also paid tribute to ordinary Australians for their generosity. "The Australian people have responded magnificently and I'm just so proud of my fellow country men and women," he said.
    If you'd told me a month ago that I'd be in full support of our PM, especially over anything to do with Indonesia and other countries in the region, I'd have laughed at you...
    $AU120M equates to $6 per person, and I'm sure that it's not over yet.
    It's not in the article, but I love that The Wiggles have donated $30,000
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  8. by   gwenith
    And Good old Dick Smith plonked down $1 Million of his OWN money and challenged the businesses of Australia to match it because he said that while private donations were being generous business donations were lacking.
  9. by   Thunderwolf
    Gwenith, I'd like to see THAT in the USA...sort of like having a Corporate Asia Aid.
  10. by   fergus51
    Canadian companies have also been very generous in contributing. Many have matched their employees donations. It's nice to see.
  11. by   talaxandra
    In addition to the $AU120M donated to date from private citizens and corporations, another $AU20.5M was raised by the Aid Asia benefit concert last night - it was simulcast on the three commercial stations here. Good work