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  1. good wednesday, almost! may is slipping away, sigh... now we are going into june, july, august - summer - which will flyyyyy! i hate that part ...

    welcome premium members, feel free to post, and for those who are just reading, think about becoming a premium member! there is something to be said for the cameraderie, and the break from our all-too-serious conversations about our work. there is no one but another nurse who can understand the day-to-day stressors and joys, imho ... so please join in!

    here are a few quotes from tuesday's thread that i wanted to respond to:

    Quote from nurseybaby'05
    they say that ibs and also some auto-immune disorders calm down during pregnancy. i think it's because your hormones stabilize rather than fluctuate and drop every month. my period used to always trigger a flare-up. i just have to be more careful with my diet and keep my dicyclomine handy. when it gets really bad and starts to cause major interference with things, i get a prescription for a ssri and it helps keep things on an even keel.

    so do bcp's help with that, maybe? altho you would still have a week "off" - so you would still have the hormone fluctuation...

    as for the schedule, my beef isn't working sunday nights, per se. my beef is they can have adequate staffing on sunday nights without me. they are splitting other peoples regularly scheduled weekends to give them sat or sun off and scheduling me the one shift that i told them i would have trouble with. :angryfire: there's no reason for that except to keep the schedule "fair"; as is everyone getting screwed.

    yep, i am phamiliar with that phenomenon ... i think it is universal. but - why??

    can you find a coworker who would "buddy up" with you? work the sunday while you take another of her days? most people would rather have a fri or sat off.

    is your ds in fort benning? my oldest nephew thinks he will wind up there as a drill instructor when he's done in anchorage, ak. it will be nice to have him "close" again. anywhere is closer than alaska. he goes back to iraq in the spring of 2008. it will be his fourth tour in the middle east. he said it wouldn't be so bad if he had been in the army for twenty years and was deployed four times. but it will have been only over an eight year span. that's what he gets for signing up for special forces. he really loves being in the army though. they fit together like hand and glove. do you think your ds will like it or is it too soon to tell? i'll tell you one thing though, he will definitely have a new appreciation and repsect for his mama.

    he's at ft knox for basic, and i don't know which one he will go to for i.t.; it's in ga as far as he knows. gee wouldn't it be funny if my son got your nephew for a drill sargeant! i'm so glad he enjoys the army! sounds like he has quite the career going!

    my son? well he is about as undisciplined and disrespectful as they come - i am very skeptical about his liking it - but, ya never know, it may be just what he needs. i think that i really short-changed him by not making him toe the line more when he was younger.

    i'm really off to bed this time. dinner is done and my gut is cooperating so far. nighty-nite!

    feel better, nursebaby!

    i had mentioned to nursebaby that maybe she should get pregnant again right away to "treat" her ibs, lol...

    she responded:

    "um . . . . .no! the boy hasn't even started teething yet. dh has mentioned it, but he pretty much got the same response that i typed two sentences ago. my body still isn't up to snuff. my muscles are still weak and i'm way too tired. no irish twins for this girl!"

    funny you mention irish twins, nursebaby, this is only the second time i've heard the expression (and i'm irish) and the first time was only a few weeks ago!

    Quote from bethin
    i love oreos but they make my crohn's or uc (dr's cannot decide which) flare up badly. severe severe abd pain. started out with ibs and it is very painful no matter that some docs think it's all in your head. i wish drug companies would spend more time on making meds for intestinal disorders instead of erectile dysfunction meds. i think ibs, crohn's and uc is more painful than not being able to get it up.

    you know, you have a point!!! and there sure are a lot of people suffering from those intestinal problems!

    had a wonderful day. went to border's downtown (indy) then walked to the circle to eat at a chocolate place. had a turtle the size of my hand for $4 but it was worth it. got some iced tea, sat on the circle steps and read my book. promptly (and i mean promptly) left when i saw two men, one wearing blue rag on his head and the other red rag on head speaking of how they need to get a woman and looking at me when they said it. i hightailed it home. not really worried as there were alot of people around but best to leave before fight breaks out. it was so nice to be outside. warm, but i love being in the city and watching people. i'm not an outdoorsy person but i love being downtown listening to the traffic as it goes by and watching the people. if any of you are ever in indy you must go to the south bend chocolate place. you'll be like a kid in a candy store.

    no, my mother still hasn't called and i'm not calling her. someone hurts my feelings that badly i'm going to hold a grudge for awhile.

    sounds like it was a wonderful day, up until the two creeps (yuck!!) and having to think about your mom... as i said elsewhere/another time ago, it's time to look at ways to disengage, it sounds like... so the hurt doesn't go in, and so you're not invested in keeping your family happy ... you've put off your own happiness for long enough and unfortunately that is probably why your ibs or whatever it is flares up. i know your relationship isn't about alcohol but i bet some alanon reading wouldn't hurt re detachment - same with your sil! people can be so "funny" (but who's laughing..)
    well, everyone, hope you enjoy your day - it's 12:12 am est - and i am e - so i'd better get to bed god bless!
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  3. by   bethin
    Zoe, thanks for starting the thread. Must be a night owl like me.

    Good point about al anon. Would they even let me attend even though I'm not an alcoholic and no one in my family is? And there's no way I would lie and say I was just to get into a meeting. I still love my parents but I need to stay away from them for awhile. Their disappointment hurts much worse than if they were just angry with me. I think I need to stay away from db also. He's on my parents side. I think they are embarrassed by me and just won't say it. I'm 27, no education and living paycheck to paycheck. My db graduated with honors, went to college on full scholarship and graduated with masters in 5 years (with high honors).

    I really wish I could talk to my friend in Iraq. He's so understanding of my feelings. I miss him so much. I tried talking to my friend but she knows my mom very well so that's not really an option. I guess you guys are going to be hearing the whining, the ranting and the raving about this. Sorry.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    When I was a student I was assigned to attend an AA and an Al Anon meeting and write a paper. I told them why I was there and was welcomed.
    AA was upbeat with sober people proud of their hard work of sobriety. Otherwise they were much like me. It as a womens group, a room full of working women, singles, mothers, and wives with similar stressors to mine.

    Al Anon was difficult because they were dealing with a tough problem. I would imagine there would be similarities between living with an alcoholic and other family situations.

    Although not a dream job you are contributing valuable skills and caring to your patients, their families, and colleagues.

    My Mom wanted a neat, clean houskeeper. Dad wanted a musician who would practice enough to be really good.
    I have books and papers piled on every flat surface in one room and only play Chrismas carols one season of the year.
    They loved me anyway.

    If YOU want to I'm sure you will be welcome at AA. Maybe they can recommend a self help group more specific to your challenges.
  5. by   dianah
    Good morning everyone!

    Zoe, thanks for starting the thread!

    Hi to bethin and space (excellent suggestions, as always)! Now, that's MY idea of some good time spent, bethin: reading at Borders! Glad MOST of the time was enjoyable.

    I'm actually winding down Tuesday here . . . made salad for dinner and am finishing folding the wash and getting myself prepared (mentally) for work tomorrow (I've been off six days).

    Dh and I are discussing getting a travel trailer of some sort, for when we want to go to the bluegrass festivals in the area. A tent is OK, but we realize we're not spring chickens anymore (and aren't getting any younger), and are leaning towards a modest trailer, for efficiency AND comfort. We'll see . . . the money tree has no blooms nor bills on it right now, so unless the seller takes air as payment, we may not have one any time soon. We'd sure like one before the Huck Finn Jubilee (, on Father's Day weekend. . . . ahhhhhhh, dream on!

    Gotta go finish folding clothes . . y'all have a good day!
  6. by   dianah
    Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Can't sleep . . . must sleep . . . go in and try again . . . (sigh)
  7. by   walkingrock
    sorry you can't sleep, di...hope you are sawing logs now! i'm gonna go try that myself in a few minutes!
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  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning from California. :spin:

    Off to work . . :trout:

  9. by   NurseyPoo
    Good early morning everyone. It is 0500 and I am awake. I am off for the week but could not sleep past 0415. Anyway, I have had some computer trouble and have not been around for a few weeks. I hope everyone is good! I am going to go to the grocery store this morning, do some laundry and attack my vegetable garden today! I have tomato, cucumber, pepper, squash, zucchini, and herbs to plant today. The lettuce garden is coming in nicely so I am hoping we can enjoy a nice salad with it very soon.

    Have a great day all.
  10. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!!!
  11. by   clemmm78
    good morning all.
    Bethin, sounds like you have a lot on your plate. There's a point you have to sit back and ask yourself whose life it is your living and it sounds like you've gotten there.

    Nothing to be ashamed of if you haven't gotten to where you're going yet. It takes some people longer than others. I'm only doing what I really want to do now and I just turned 46 last week.

    Looks like we're in for some "unstable" weather starting this afternooon. At least our unstable isn't like some other places, so I'm not complaining.

    Lots of work to do so I might as well get started.
    Have a great day everyone.
  12. by   Cherish
    Good morning everyone...
    Have a Endocrine lab test tomorrow for physiology so I'm going over my information. I feel confident I will get an A.

    Bethin I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. If you are religious could you speak to your spiritual advisor? Sometimes ministers and reverends (if your christian) know people that provide free counseling or they themselves can counsel you. Or you can contact your local hospital and see if they have any stress management classes that are free. Hope everything turns out well...if you don't meditate you can start I know that helps me when I'm stressed.

    Hope everyone has a great day
  13. by   sirI
    good morning!



    extreme research today!!

    hope to bbl. ya'll have a
  14. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Happy Wednesday Everyone!

    Off to bed again. Dh's alarm ringing every five minutes woke up ds. :angryfire (Not ds waking up. He had to eat anyway. The icon is for still being able to hear dh's alarm ring in my head after hearing it over and over and over.) I also had to take ASA and eat pretzels so it doesn't ball up my stomach. I think ds and I are laying low today. I want to keep an eye on him re: yesterday's vaccinations and the house looks like a bomb was dropped in it. I may head over to bf's house for a little while, but that's about it. I haven't seen her girls for awhile and it's refrshing to have a kid answer back to me.

    Zoe-The way you describe your son sounds exactly like my nephew. The man that came back is not the teenager that left for sure. He didn't have a lot of direction, was a smartass his whole life (didn't have a prayer coming from this family The trouble was that he didn't know when to use it appropriately. That part seemed to skip right past him.), and in minor trouble here and there. Thinking back on that child miraculously making it to his nineteenth birthday . . . . . . . priceless. There's hope for your son yet.

    bethin-There's no shame in taking the time to decide what you really want. Families are tough. It took me awhile to get where I'm going. I know they were disappointed and none to kind when I didn't finish college the first time around. The hs I graduated didn't help either. They shoved elite colleges down your throat the minute you walked in the door and the fact that 100% of the last five graduating classes went on to college. Had I not listened to all of their bs and that of my family, I would have taken a year off after hs and gotten where I'm at now about five years sooner. Start spending more time @ your apartment, but not out of spite. Do it to enjoy your own space and life. It will help you put some emotional distance between you and the fam. It's tough, but after you do it, it will be easier for them to wake up and smell the coffee regarding you living your life. The other thing was nice was being twenty-nine and thirty. I just didn't care anymore. I love being this age. I don't feel like I have anything to prove anymore. There's still a lot I haven't accomplished that most people expect, but it just doens't affect me anymore. We're still renting. I haven't finished my BSN, let alone a Master's. Dh hasn't advanced in his job to quickly. My thought is that we'll get there eventually. Things work out when they're suppossed to. I look at how long it took us to have ds after we were married. It will be seven years in September. We hadn't used any birth control for years. We weren't actively trying to have a baby for a lot of them, but we weren't trying NOT to either. (Sorry for the TMI . . . . . but you get the point I'm trying to make.) Nursing school is stressful enough when you want to be there. There's no sense in adding to those levels by not being sure. Your family will get over it. They probably will never understand, but that's okay.

    Boy am I a blabbermouth today! Sorry, I'll get off the soapbox and hightail my butt to bed!
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