Gifts under $20

  1. Christmas is coming and I am broke as a joke! I am a horrible gift giver and have many people to buy for this year. Any ideas on neat/creative/inexpensive gifts?
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  3. by   dianah
    Gift cards to Barnes and Noble or the local movie theater or some other fun thing/nice store.

    As nephew and nieces have grown (now mostly all teens) I just send them each a $20 bill. It's always the "right" size and they love the color.

    Sometimes I've given nice mittens/gloves - I think it's a thoughtful AND practical gift, although not really a "WOW!!" gift.

    My friend gave plants one year, wrapped in a bow. I've given teachers a nice poinsettia plant -- or something else that ppl just might not buy for themselves . . . Oh, how about a gift cert. for See's Candy (or whatever confectionary is popular in your area)?

    Good luck! I'm curious to see what others suggest ! !
  4. by   Chaya
    A good generic gift with a coffee theme: a pound of coffee, a mug and a couple of coupons for your local donut/coffee shop chain (if available).

    Same can be done with tea/ hot chocolate.
  5. by   Super_RN
    One year I had mason jars and filled them with dry ingredients for cookies (flour, sugar,etc.). I then cut a square of fabric and screwed it under the lid for some "cheer". I bought sticky labels and wrote the rest of the ingredients (eggs, vanilla, etc.) and baking directions. Simple, cheap, and yummy!
  6. by   mercyteapot
    If you've got photos of the two of you together, or pics of a favorite person/place/etc., how about framing it in one of the many inexpensive frames you can buy most anywhere?
  7. by   weetziebat
    i love the yankee candles. they make the whole house smell so yummy. you can get a box of 6 tea candles for ~$12.
    or a gift certificate to a local coffee/tea house, a nice calendar, a gift certificate to borders for books/cd's, some bath products in a basket, or something i'm thinking of doing this year - i have a book on spices/herbs for beauty/health. there are recipes and you can gather the ingredients in a bottle with instructions.
    for example: skin cleanser - 1/2 cup buttermilk and 1 tablespoon fennel seeds. put the buttermilk and fennel seeds into a double boiler and heat them gently for 30 minutes. cool and leave to stand for 2 hours. strain. pour the buttermilk into a clean, sterilized jar. store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
    this is an excellent cleanser for oily skin. fennel is a strong astringent and should not be used for normal or dry skin.
  8. by   DDRN4me
    not sure where you live, but i buy polar fleece and make blankets....2 yds for adult and 1-11/2 for kids.
    When Joan fabrics has it on sale you can get it for $ 5 or 6 / dont have to sew. you can just fringe the edges if you want. i then buy some inexpensive ribbon and tie them like a package, so you dont even have to use wrapping paper!
  9. by   Jessy_RN
    I agree with the gift cards, they are the most generic. I also look for the buy one get one free sales and kill 2 birds with one stone. Hey, you gotta stretch that dollar until brighter days come
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Holiday tin filled with home made chocolate chip cookies easy tasteful gift!
  11. by   BBFRN
    I'm making scented bath salts this year. It's fairly easy, inexpensive to do, and pretty fun to make.
  12. by   nurse4theplanet
    these are all really fantastic gifts! keep the ideas coming!
  13. by   arciedee
    Trying to think of what I've done over the years...

    If you're creative and like to cross-stitch Dimensions has/had some kits that came with everything you needed to finish them (glass, mats, stands... depending on the kit). I think they were in the $6-$13 dollar range each and they were small enough projects that I could get through them fairly quickly (some I completed in just one night) and everyone seemed to like the fact that it was something I made but it was nice enough that they'd actually display them.

    Other years I've gone to specialty food places/gift shops and picked up those fancy cheese ball mixes then gone to the grocery store and picked up appropriate crackers or cookies to go with them. I've also got an outlet mall near me with a Harry & David, so I've picked up soup or bread mixes and given them wrapped in a dish towel (clean and new, of course!) with maybe a little mixing spoon or other cheap kitchen trinket tied to it. I know most of my family wouldn't spend $6-$7 on a mix for themselves, so it's something they wouldn't normally buy but isn't too hard on my wallet, either.

    This year I'm thinking of making those fuzzy scarves that have been popular for some of my girlfriends. I think you just need some large knitting needles and the eyelash yarn (the yarn can be expensive, but I don't think you need much to make a scarf) and then just garter stitch away... mindless and quick and way way cheaper than you can buy them in the stores.

    I'll post more if I think of them. This is a great thread, thanks for starting it!
  14. by   Areinn
    I like to give Christmas ornaments, especially ones with the years on them. Most of the time you can find some very nice specialty type christmas ornaments at the major department stores for 10-15 dollars. Also, some maile order catalogs have beautiful ones. I ordered some from Creative Irish Gifts last year and my do that again this year.. I also like to get the Christmas ornament craft kits. I will buy one kit so I have the instructions then I can just buy bulk beads or other needed supplies. That way I can make lots really cheap and can customize them too.