Gift for a Nurse

  1. A nurse is leaving our unit for another within the hospital. We want to get her a going away gift for <$100.00. For some reason, I always end up coordinating things like this and I am completely blank of gift ideas. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   indeed
    We just had a similar situation. One of our secretaries made a quilt for her and we all signed it. I'm sure you'd be able to find a very nice quilt of some sort for less than 100 buckeroos. Just a thought.

  4. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    Any kind of nice evening out gift certificate: to a nice restaurant, massage, movie tickets, shopping gift certificates, theatre tickets. I hope this helps.
    When one of our favorites left us for something with a little less stress (read: needed to get away from our supervisor), we all pitched in and got her a gift certificate for a variety of services at a day spa. You can mix and match services to meet your budget, and it's absolute heaven for the recipient!

  6. by   BadBird
    I agree with the gift certificate approach and a fun card signed by all.
  7. by   labornurse
    When it was our unit manager's birthday, we all got together and made a quilted wall hanging. Each of us made our own square with something on it that was special about that person. Then 2 of our most avid quilters sewed them together and made a beautiful decorative wall hanging. Our manager loved it.