Ghost Stories

  1. Nearly every hospital had one. I met the story in at least five different hospitals in different states. She was the "Blue lady" a nurse in an out of date uniform who somehow managed to help. She turned off dirps that had run through, she called staff to codes and even assisted at an operation!!

    Reputed to have been a student nurse who tragically committed suicide she still works in the hospital giving assistance.

    Please - If I come back after death I want someone to do an exorcism - please!! I am NOT that fond of unpaid overtime. Still it's Friday the 13th (Well it is here now) and I thought a thread on ghost stories would nicely compliment SmilingBluEyes thread on superstitions.
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  3. by   lisamct
    Ive heard lots of strange stories in different hospitals as well. Where I work now used to be the towns 'maternity home' (I was born there in fact!) and theres lots of staff who have heard crying babies and mothers. Our gardeners store room is the old chapel room and he says lots of stuff moves about in there all the time. Havent seen/heard anything myself and I hope it stays that way
  4. by   Shamrock
    One evening, not so different than any other, a rather obese man in a private room on the unit on which I work passed away quietly. After transporting his body to the morgue we had his room cleaned and prepped for another patient.

    Later that evening another gentleman was admitted to that same private room from the Emergency Room. A few hours after he arrived the patient rang his call light. Upon entering his room he asked, "Who is that big guy standing next to you?". I had entered alone. To please the man I looked around the room and then told him that no one was there. "Sure there is" he rebutted as he waved at the aparation and called out "Hi there!".

    Throughout the night the "Big Guy" was visable to the patient only when I was in his private room. At one point in the night he also said he saw a bright light over my head, although the room was darkened.

    The night passed and the "Big Guy" was never seen again, but will surely not be forgotten.

    Cherie Hill, LPN - New York

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  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    There is a room where the call light goes off all the time without anyone in it........and when my coworkers and i step in it just give us "creeps"'s all i can say to describe it. I believe in the "Other Side" and believe they surround us, haunting places they knew in Earthly life. Even hospital rooms.
  6. by   tattooednursie
    Once, in an empty room there was a call light on. Yes, it was actually pushed in! I went in there and turned it off, and the patient that used to be in that bed passed away a few weeks before. He was a real jokester! I left the room after I tuned off the call light. i observed that a pillow was on the bed with no pillowcase. I came back in there 15 mintes later to see if it looked the same in there, and I wanted to see the ghost because I had never seen one before. Well, I never saw the ghost, but the pillow was IN a pillowcase thrown across the room near the door. It was FREAKY!
  7. by   rebel_red
    Our current in house ghost is a child. A little girl somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10. Considering it is an LTC facility this is interesting.

    Several residents (independently, remember all of them have degrees of dementia) have commented upon her. One night a lady we will call Mary....was up in her room getting dressed. It was about 1am. She usually sleeps soundly throughout the entire night. I saw her light on and went in to see what was afoot. She was standing at her closet with her green checked blouse and green pants. When I asked her if I could help and made mention of the time, she said "That cute little girl wants me to play with her and she said green is her favorite color." This resident is blind, and extremely HOH, only ambulates with assist, made it from her bed to the closet...

    Another night I went in to check on one of our residents who is a fall risk, her bed alarm had started beeping. Go in the room and she is halfway to the bathroom, so I go to assist, and she asks me "Is that pretty girl your daughter?"

    Another night I am leaving a resident's room who is sound asleep, and I hear "Tres come and play." I think it is the resident because she keeps doll babies in her room and on nights she is restless she likes to play with them and sometimes we the staff join in and keep her company till she falls asleep. First I am shocked she would remember my name, so I turn around to go keep her company and she is asleep. Two more times in succession this happens. I am getting a tad freaked, so I figure it must be my coworker Mike having me on. Go looking for him, he is at the farthest end of the other hallway up to his elbows in a code brown. (A c-diff code brown at that!)

    There are a ton of other stories from other aides. Our floor tends to be spooky at night. We have all heard people laughing when everyone was asleep, no tv's or anything on. We have heard resident's cry out "help me" who passed away....Nothing negative mind you, maybe just some "left over" energies?

    Though there are some aides who swear they feel a malevolent presence downstairs by the laundry room. They get very scared and report feeling like they need to run away immediately. This isn't on noc's mind you it happens on 7-3 and most frequently on 3-11.....

    Theres tons of more stories floating about, but that is the only stuff I have experienced first hand.

    Make of it what you will!
  8. by   suehp
    A few year ago I was working on a Stroke Rehab Ward. I was nights with 2 NCA's - one male and one female.

    Early hours of the morning i thought I heard a noise coming from the female part of the ward, so armed with my pen torch I went to investigate! I walked through the ward while the female NCA watched fron the nurse station (the male NCA was off the ward on his break).

    I returned to the nurses station and the female NCA had a funny look on her face but she never said anything and i reported that EVERYONE was asleep.

    Later on, about an hour before the end of the shift I was writing the report, the male NCA had gone to the toilet down the other end of the ward and the female NCA was helping a pt onto the toilet. Out of the corner of my eye i saw someone in white walk past me!! I ran in the direction they went but no-one to be seen. It wasnt the female NCA as her unifrom was bottle green and as I said the male NCA was on the toilet!!!!!!

    I was a bit freaked out, but by the time the shift finished no more was said about it!

    A couple of weeks later I was chatting with the female NCA about Ghosts etc, and she reminded me of that night. She said as I walked back through the ward there was someone in a white dress following behind me!!!!!!!!!!! She didnt say anything at the the time as she didnt want to freak me out.

    It doesnt frighten me really as I believe there is an after life!!!

  9. by   gwenith
    I have had the pleasure to have the opposite of the freaky ghost story. I was camping at a new national park - not well frequented at this stage and I went for a walk. I came across an area of the creek where I felt what can only be described as the spirit of the place. It was like a shot of overwhelming love not directed soley at me but endemic in the area. It was as if all the stories about tree spirits were true and I was meeting a something which cared very much for that place. I was benign and friendly and I knew that it meant no harm but I also knew I was to do no harm to the area. The feeling was like meeting a long lost friend. Beautiful. Sadly I went back there after the park became more popular and the feeling was gone.

    I have felt it a couple of times since but not as strongly. If I told this story to an Australian Aborigine they would not scoff but agree as there is a strong belief in thier culture about places having a spirit.
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  10. by   Mkue
    Great stories !
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    I used to work in a nursing home that USED to be a hospital.
    On the third floor at night we could hear babies cry from what used to be the nursury.
    and yes I've seen the call lights go on when nobody was in the room too.
  12. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    We have a room that used to a private room but is now a storage room. The light above the door will come on occasionally but there is no call button in the room. It was taken out when the room ws turned into storage space. The last resident who lived in that room had been with us for many years. He had no family and loved to talk with us. We were all saddened by his death. One night, after the main lights were turned out, this light just keep going off and on. As a joke to one of the aides who gets freaked out easily, I opened the door and said,"Now 'George', it is late, you need to get some sleep and we have work to do." I was laughing but as I turned to shut the door, the light went off and stayed off the rest of the shift.

    I must admit, I was a bit freaked out after that.
  13. by   H ynnoD
    Now I feel all creepy.My wifes Grandfather killed himself in our bedroom.Sometimes it sounds like someones walking through the house even when your home all alone.One night when I was home alone I could of sworn I seen someone walk from the front room into our bedroom.Thought someone had broken in.Grabbed the baseball bat and went after them,but when I went in our room no one was there.Gives Me the creeps just thinking about it.I don't believe in Ghosts,but my Step Dad who use to be a preacher,said even the Bible mentions spirits,so I should'nt be to sure about that.We blame all the strange noises on Grandpa!