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  1. tis the season for ghost stories. was wondering if anyone wanted to share their favorites...nonfiction or fiction. hopefully, letting us know if it is real or not. i don't have any really good ones but i found this neat website... there is even a link to look for haunted places in your area.
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    Okay this was when I was about 17... so many years ago!
    I attended a catholic cathedral at the time, (irish/italian what can I say) in my hometown.... There was this old woman who would attend only about twice a year. Her name was Mrs. Haversham. She was in a wheelchair and had a driver who would push her in and to the same spot each time. Mrs. Haversham wore only two different outfits to church... a big black hat and a black dress and black shaw around her shoulders and she carried a knarled walking stick but not a short one like a cane but one of those long things! The other outfit was similiar but in white...
    You just couldn't help but stare at her... I always thought she should come at halloween they way she presented herself! She didn't talk to any of the others in the congregation and if approached, would give a simple but stern reply to ward off any prospective conversationalist.
    On one of the times that she attended, I happened to be going through the front doors at the same time... she had dropped her walking stick, (she used it to aid her in transfering from w/c to pew) and I reached down to get it for her... As I handed it back to her she just looked at me like she was sizing me up, then gave me a knod of her head as if to say thank you... I just sort of knodded back and then went to my seat, I was somewhat intimidated by her and picking up her stick was more of a reflex than anything...I probably would have gone more out of my way to avoid her if I noticed it was her!
    Well there I am at my pew and who comes and sits next to me... You guessed it! Mrs. Haversham! I didn't know whether to feel honored or afraid? Afterwards I helped her into her wheelchair and her driver came and wheeled her off. About a year later she attended again... I saw her as she was being wheeled in and I noticed her pointing in my direction and she whispered something to her driver... I figured she was saying something like, "look at that rude little punk staring at me" but she came and again sat next to me... I left the service before it was over as I was feeling sort of uncomfortable with the whole thing... I was walking down fifth street as a car pulled up and I hear this man's voice... "Mrs. Haversham would like to offer you a ride..." "No thanks, I like to walk!" then again this man calls out, "Mrs. Haversham is offering you a ride!" This time a bit more assertively... Then this guy walks around and opens the passenger side back door and motions for me to get in... Well I had to think about it for a second and didnt' want to accept but... I didn't want to seem rude, and when you are only 17 you don't really have that broad of a knowledge base to get out of uncomfortable situations... you know?
    Okay so I get in and there's this old woman... I sit next to her and she asks, "why did you leave the service so early?" "I don't know?" She knods her head and says "I see... Were you uncomfortable with something..." (I look at her) "with me?" (I turn away just as fast as I looked at her) "Ahhh So you were!" "No, no, I just felt like walking..." "It's okay, I am use to it... the other old women at the cathedral have always been uncomfortable with me... Do you know why I only attend the cathedral twice a year?" "No, no ma'am I don't?" "Well I'll tell you... Today is my wedding anniversary... 62 years ago I was married right there and 65 years ago today I met my husband there. You see this stick that I carry, it belonged to my mother and one day she dropped it as we walked into the cathedral and the man that I would wed picked it up for her, just as you did for me last year... The only other time I attend is on the anniversary of my beloved's death..."
    All of a sudden we are pulling up to this old house in an old part of the city and before I know it I am helping Mrs. Haversham outta the car and into her house... We have coffee and sandwiches and she shows me around... She not real trusting of others but she tells me she has some work she needs done and wants to hire me to do it. Well, Mrs. Haversham and I develope a sort of friendship... She got sick and weak and asked if I would start staying over... She made what was the side parlor into her bedroom and I slept on a couch in the back parlor just one door away... When she would need me to help her she would use that stick to rap on the floor and I would come in and give her a drink so she could take her pill. In the morning I would help her get out of bed and into her w/c and she would get my pay and set it in a dish on a table in hall... She didn't want to just hand me the money... she would say, "You may go now Giuseppe and there is something for you on the hall table... I'll see you tonight Giuseppe..." So I would go collect my pay exit the front door and walk down the sidewalk through the iron gate... This was our routine for over 9 months... It was about this time of year when I worked my last night for Mrs. Haversham... We had an uneventful evening... we shared a meal that she had prepared during the day, sat in the front parlor quietly while the fire in the fireplace crackled and popped and then at 9pm I assisted her into her bed... At about midnight I awoke suddenly! There had been no rapping on the floor? I looked around and heard a noise in the hall and saw a strange sort of light beaming into my room from there, almost like a bright full moon light coming into the window... I walked out of my room and saw two figures illuminated by the light... it was a young beautiful woman so beautiful that she glowed and a man standing by the table in the hall... They were setting something on that table... They looked over to me and the woman smiled and said something in a low hardly audible tone... "You may go now Giuseppe and here's something for you on the table..."
    The front door opened as the two figures walked towards it arm in arm and down the sidewalk throught the opened gate as they disappeared from my view...
    I knew that Mrs. Havershams body would be dead but her spirit was now alive...
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  4. by   NurseDennie
    Wow - Giuseppe, is that true?

    What a beautiful story.


  5. by   Mattigan
    Guiseppe, you made that up - didn't you?:
    It was a great story. Really sweet.
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    Great story.
    Made me smile.
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  8. by   LasVegasRN
    Beautiful story, Giuseppe.

    I'm a wuss, scary stuff freaks me out. :uhoh21:
  9. by   shygirl
    Ooooo Giuseppe, What a sweet story! I loved it. I had little goose bumps all over towards the end!

  10. by   Robin61970
    Neat Link.....I went to the Arkansas link.....I live not too far from Judge Parkers Courthouse...maybe I should visit,lol.......

    Here's the direct link to the state by state index.....
  11. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Beautiful story, Giuseppe.

    I'm a wuss, scary stuff freaks me out.
    Giuseppe's halloween pic scares me I just watched Rosemary's Baby a couple nights ago and the new additions look like the "devil" guy in the movie:chuckle

    I've heard of most the places in my area on Shannon's link, been to see "the light", visited the graveyard with the disappearing grave-a friend actually has pictures of the trip-some weird stuff showed up when they were developed, will probably go the Haunted Jail next weekend, usually visit at Halloween but I didn't know it was really haunted! That makes it even better Can you tell I like scary things?!

    When I was younger my mom told me a ghost story about "Devil's Hollow" which was a couple miles from's already freaky enough to drive around there at night, anyway, I really believed the story from her day of the 2 kids parking, boy gets out to check on a noise, girl hears scratching or dripping from boy hanging above car bla bla bla...:chuckle needless to say I was really mad when I found out it was just an urban legend I was hoping to have a cool scary story to tell

    Although she did grow up with kids who's family house was an old plantation house that had been used in the underground railroad and the basement where one of the sealed up tunnels came into was haunted. Voices, blood stains reappearing as soon as they were cleared away...there was something else about the tunnels too, I'll have to ask her about that it's been awhile. The house has been for sale for years, wonder why no one wants to buy it
  12. by   nursenoelle
    OMG almost forgot about the Gurdon Light- Robin you have to go check that out. There is this lantern glow up and down the railroad tracks.I have never went , too chicken but just about everyone I know has seen it. I remember it being on unsolved mysteries.
  13. by   Robin61970
    First I have to figure out where the heck Gurdon is, lol.....then see if the hubby is up to it......
  14. by   nursenoelle
    Gurdon is near Lake DeGray up around Arkadelphia . Don't know how to get there from where u are we are in SW AR.