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  1. I saw this type of thread on a tech related forum and thought I'd try it here.

    The rules... simple, answer the question asked by the person before you, and ask one question yourself.

    I'll Start....

    Paper or Plastic?
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  3. by   betts

    Push or Shove?
  4. by   nightingale

    Love or Hate... and of what?

  5. by   bhart
    Hate - long lines. Left or right?
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  6. by   darn1219
    some days I'd surely like to shove....

    hot or cold?
  7. by   capgirl
    Love - new car smell

    dogs or cats.....?
  8. by   fergus51
    Dogs denifintely.

    Old or Young ?
  9. by   jimminy
    depends....old dogs, young children, i'm young to me, old to my kids.

    round or square?
  10. by   Furball
    square...don't drink don't smoke

    quiet or loud?

    oops...sorry nurseatlarge you beat me to it!:imbar
  11. by   jimminy
    nurseatlarge - snowwhite, west,

    furball - QUIET

    day or night
  12. by   nightingale
    Snow White -- because she is not looking for a prince

    West - because it is so WILD and cause I live in it

    Push - to get out the doors to get home after a full day

    Hot - cause it is winter and it makes me think of hot chocolate

    Square - cause I hafta admit I am a bit square

    Quiet - cause it "feels better" when you are quiet

    Cats - deffinitely.. cause they are so independent and opinionated and you earn each others loyalty..

    Day.. cause I can see better..... and at night I fall asleep!

    Are we caught up yet? lol

    War or Peace?
  13. by   duckie
    LOVE the or out?
  14. by   jimminy

    baked or fried?