G'day! Thursday 24th November, 2005

  1. ok ok ... couldn't help myself !!!

    but if i wait until you mob "up/over" start the thursday thread, it'll be friday here for us aussies!!!! :uhoh21:
    and, since it's now 17:30 -thursday- here in oz, i want to get in on the fun!!! :hatparty:

    feeling even better today. beginning to really recover now. wonderful!
    even managed to go out and do some shopping. spend some $$$........
    bought two pair of 'd' cups, girls!!!! omg! ...prednisolone really does puff you up, doesn't it??!!!!! :roll heehee
    have a wonderful day everyone!
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  3. by   suebird3
    grace, you are tooooo much; just dragged me tired arse in a few minutes ago. thankfully i am off for one whole day. may or may not have 3 nurses on friday,so don't know if i am "pushing papers" or not. i will see.

    missy has simmered down enough to tell me what went down this weekend; she still is not a happy camper. :angryfire we may or may not get a raise. i am not in this profession for the money; in it for the people.

    well.....hope to catch up with the rest of you-all later. have a good one!

  4. by   cariad
    good afternoon grace and good morning to the rest of us over here.
    its 0315 here at the the moment and we have been busy all night so far. 4 admissions, one car accident who is flying off island tomorrow for treatment......multiple fractures and 3 gunshot wounds and one more to come. so its going to be a busy thanksgiving day for the or team and the day shift. I am just going to crash out in bed for the day and then come back to work. its absolutely roasting here just now, I think that the air conditioning has been turned down, because its about 80 degrees outside at the moment.
    well hope you all have a good one!!!
  5. by   RainDreamer
    Hi everyone!

    I was going to respond on yesterday's thread, but figured I'd just post on this one, since it is today!

    Marla - I hope you're feeling better!

    Siri - you, your mom and your family are in my thoughts and prayers ((((hugs))))

    Thank you for all the well wishes. I was feeling better this morning when I woke up. Had a nice breakfast with the family. Then later on in the morning I noticed I have a rash on my hands and arms. That's weird. Went in to take a shower and I see that the rash is all over my back, on my neck and chest. YIKES! Apparently I'm allergic to that Biaxin the doctor prescribed for me yesterday. So I had to call the doc and he called in for a different antibiotic. Hopefully this one won't make me break out and I'll get to feeling better REAL soon. I'm so sick of being sick. Then the allergic reaction ..... seems like it's always something.

    Besides all that, I'm really enjoying the time with my sister while she's here ...... it's just so nice having her home.

    I can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    I was running a fever again earlier tonight (I seem to only run fevers at night, weird). It's down to normal though now, so I'm going to take advantage of that and get some sleep. Nitey nite!!
  6. by   bethin
    Dang it Grace Oz!! Can't you keep you bum off this board for one day??? I'm only joking with you, don't want to get kicked off this site or anything. If you knew me well you'd know not to take anything I say seriously.

    Well, it's finally Turkey Day. Actually, I hate turkey. Mom's fixing chicken instead and homemade deep dish apple pie. Yum! Hope I don't have to hit the bottle to make it through this Thanksgiving.

    Hope everyone is feeling better. Marla, hope you kid is doing better. This is no way to spend Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the U.S. And to everyone that isn't: have a good day anyway and know that those of us who are working are getting holiday pay.
  7. by   madwife2002
    happy thankgiving to all our us friends. morning to grace, sue, rain dreamer, christine and bethin.

    not posted on here for a week or so and those of you who are familiar with my life at the moment will know that it is a bit hectic here. so much to do so little time to do it.

    hello to all who come later xxxxxxxx
  8. by   nursemary9
    :biere: happy thanksgiving!
    good morning, friends,

    i'm at work now, but there's only about 4 1/2 hrs left. so far nite has not been too bad! busy, but just enough. we've only had 1 admit so far. i'm up for third admit.
    when i get home, i will nap a bit; then need to start cooking. mom is coming for dinner--just the 3 of us.she will stay until sunday. this should be kind of fun!!
    the fun part is that i will be off until monday nite.

    so, to all my friends here, i hope you have a wonderful, healthy, and safe holiday!!

    mary ann
  9. by   weetziebat
    Oh dear, miss a couple of days around here and ya don't know whats going on! Would love to spend the rest of the night going through previous morning threads etc. but unfortunately I don't have time - so will just have to continue in this state of ignorance. Sorry!

    #1: A very Happy Thanksgiving to all us Americans.

    #2: A very happy Thursday to everyone else.

    #3: Sincerely hope that everyone who is not feeling up to par gets better quickly. And that everyone who is unhappy/ having problems sees them solved equally fast.

    #4: BTW, Grace - my dd and her bf are absolutely in love with Oz! They are amazed at how many birds there are, and how lovely their song is. They've had a couple of cruises in Sydney harbour, enjoyed a wonderful wedding reception at the Opera House, are still on the lookout for kangaroos and koalas - sheesh! they're not on every street corner! and had a fantastic time scuba diving up in Cairns. Sent me some photos, which of course I don't know how to post here, but were dumbfounded at how clear the water is and how many gorgeous fish they've seen - including a shark that I swear appears to be smiling with big, buck teeth.

    Well, off to sleep so I can get up fairly early - have to watch the Macy's day parade ya know. See y'all later.
  10. by   Jessy_RN
    Happy thanksgiving:hatparty:

    I just woke up to a wonderful white blanket of snow. Couple inches already and it looks beautiful.

    It arrived just in time for the holiday!

    Have a wonderful day everyone
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    And hello from work. 4 patients, 2 RN's and one CNA and me, the nursing sup and ER nurse. Only one patient in the ER when I got to work - migraine. Gone home now.

    My 4 year old slept well - had a fever of 100.9 even after Tylenol. No further vomiting though. He managed to keep down some cantelope. So far so good with the my dd and I . . .

    I did wake up to one son on the couch - he got in from So. Cal at 1:30 a.m. Said he was not expecting all the traffic - he left at 2:30 p.m. Took forever to get over the Grapevine.

    Hope everyone's day goes well.

  12. by   live4today
    happy thursday to all who do not celebrate thanksgiving!

    happy thanksgiving to all who do celebrate thanksgiving! :hatparty:

    i'm alone with the cat, the dog, and the quiet!!! i'm just loving it all, too! :d i've got two days to do whatever i want, so i'm going to see the movie "rent" today. i hear it's a great movie, and i'm planning to check it out. of course, i could change my mind since i am the "ceo in this house" today, tomorrow, and maybe saturday before the kiddies return to their nest they let me have all to myself this thanksgiving weekend. :spin: god bless 'em!

    i got up around six this morning to let the dog out to potty, clean the cat litter box so the cat would go potty, fed both pets, petted the dog who refuses to leave me alone until i pet him a dozen times at least, then turned on the puter to talk to all of you. now, i'm going to sign off momentarily so i can enjoy a hot....or maybe i should make it a "cold"......shower before fixing me some breakfast. think i'll have some bacon and eggs, sliced orange, and a nice cold bottle of water. ahhhhhhhh.....i'm just enjoying life right now alllllllllllllllllllllllll to myself in a quiet....did i say quiet again............house. be back later sibs! :icon_hug:
  13. by   Tweety
    G'Day Grace! According to your time it was indeed Thursday here on the east coast (which traditionally has been the standard of when to start the thread, but you start it whenever you want to!).

    Going to put the bird in about 9AM, then have to make stuffing and mashed potatoes. I need to go to my next door neighbors because they said "African American St. Pete locals don't eat mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, we have mac and cheese". Two things the local black people make here to die for: mac & cheese and collard greens. There's no duplicating it, you have to have been raised here. Wonder if they'll notice if I sneak in and join them? I'm craving mac and cheese for some reason.

    To the Americans I hope you have a great day and thanks to all the nurses out there working so I can have time off with my parents.
  14. by   Tweety
    Renee, the local critic here gave "Rent" an A, which he rarely does, and when he does it's usually a movie I like. Next to "Les Miserables", Rent is my favorite show. I have the soundtrack and am very familiar with the awesome music. We're definately planning on going to the movie. If you go, let me know how it is. It's not a very uplifting story in parts, but the human spirit shines through.

    Enjoy your day.