G'day! Sunday 27th November, 2005

  1. good morning all! wakey wakey, it's sunday!
    come on you mob "up/over", shake a leg, deep breath, get moving! :zzzzz
    another beautiful aussie spring morning here "down under". birds loud and eloquent outside hearalding the day. :melody: beautiful!

    we're off to spend the day with friend's by the river today. they own a holiday 'shack' and you walk from the 'shack' straight into the water! it's wonderful. so, no time to chat at length this morning, it's a two hour drive to get there!
    sending you all a warm aussie 'good morning'- g'day!- hello- hi! :kiss
    stay safe and well.....
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  3. by   jnette
    Sunday... HUH ???

    Oh, Grace...you are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.... bad BAD !!

    Sneaking in tomorrow's thread like that, just because technically, you CAN, over there down under. !!! :chuckle

    Enjoy your lovely sunny spring day at the river while we prepare for another bonechilling night.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Happy Sunday down undah......Grace!
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I thought I was seeing a thread started LAST Sunday.

    It's not even 4:30 PM on SATURDAY here. I hope you have a good Sunday Grace Oz.

    As for myself, I'll be back here tomorrow. lol
  6. by   Tweety
    Grace, you're pushing it a bit, especially for the west coasters where it's barely Saturday afternoon. LOL

    However, I hope you have a great Sunday!

    We're going out to eat with the parents tonight. I have to pick someplace decent. That's always a challenge, especially on a Saturday night.
  7. by   live4today
    Quote from grace oz
    good morning all! wakey wakey, it's sunday! come on you mob "up/over", shake a leg, deep breath, get moving! :zzzzz
    another beautiful aussie spring morning here "down under". birds loud and eloquent outside hearalding the day. :melody: beautiful!......sending you all a warm aussie 'good morning'- g'day!- hello- hi! :kiss
    stay safe and well.....
    alrighty you aussie lassie you! hello and good spring morning to all our aussie siblings "down under"! be sure and come to "the good morning "america" sunday thread" before you'ins go to bed tonight to say "good morning" and "happy winter" to your american siblings now!

    grace...have fun today! and um....try and behave yourself, okay.
  8. by   weetziebat
    good on you, grace - starting the morning thread when its barely after saturday noon here!! :d
    yes, i'm wide awake, but its no warm spring morning here. its a cool, overcast 'winters-on-its-way' day in oregon.
    dh got up this morning, made a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and tea, brought it into the bedroom, woke me up, and placed the plate on my lap. an hour later, when he came back in to check, it was still there, cause i'd fallen back to sleep. luckily i hadn't turned over during that time. later ate it cold, but was still good, 'cept i prefer hot tea.
    grace, enjoy your day by the river. sounds wonderful!
    jnette, deb, fun, tweets (hope you find a good place to eat), cheerful (yum! love the avitar) - good saturday afternoon to y'all. well, i'm off to try to start working on holiday cards. see y'all later :wink2:
  9. by   luvltc
    oh grace - you snuck in on us again. it's still only saturday here and freeeezing cold. send some nice weather this way will ya?!

    i had a peaceful saturday, slept most of the day. i have worked the last 3 nights, have tonight off and then back tomorrow

    well, need to get laundry out of the dryer and throw another load in. be back later.
  10. by   cariad
    and i thought that i was nearly the first to midnight here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well i am for the american side as we are an hour behind the mainland, so tomorrow is always an hour earlier for us,,,,,,,,,,,,,but gracey,,,,,,,,,you are not the only one with decent weather, 80 degrees day and night 52 weeks of the year!!!!!!!!!!
    good...afternoon, night morning to you all...speak again when it really is sunday.
  11. by   babynurselsa
    Grace, I have a hard enough time keeping track of what day it is without you moving me on to Aussie time.
    I can only attest to being A&O x2 at the rate you are confusing me. I waited until midnight just trying to keep it all straight.
    I am actually sitting here thinking about making a midnight run to Garden Ridge. They are having one of thir 87 hour round the clock sales. I was working on some hand impressions of the kiddos to send to the grandparents for Christamas.
    Stay warm jnette.
    Hey Deb, fun, cariad hope you guys have a great day.
    hmmmm Weezie, breakfast in bed huh??? sounds nice. Not as nice as sleeping in though.
    Well I think I am going shopping.
  12. by   bethin
    grace oz you are confusing me!! i didn't know whether to start a new thread for us who know what day it is or just stay on this one.

    i can't remember what day you posted this in but it sounds like you had a lovely day at the beach. i have a proposition for you (no, it's not an indecent proposal). how about we switch houses? you come live here in the lovely midwest during our winter and i'll live in your house during the summer. have you seen snow? if not, you'll love it! and just think, you could have a white christmas! and i could be on the beach sipping a margarita.

    called in again. thought i was feeling better and then i threw up again. i know it's not contagious, just my fun loving crohn's and ulcerative colitis flaring up again. no biggie. my mom and i watched my almost one twin nieces today and they are spending the night. they fought alot today and i'm sooo glad i'm not their parents. i love being able to spoil them and not have to deal with it. we got out all their b-day and christmas presents so they could play with them. i know i shouldn't have but those toys were so much fun that i wanted to play with them. we got them a weeble treehouse and i'm playing with it more than they are!

    in less than a month i'll be turning 26--i think. i honestly can't remember my age because i don't want to. sheesh, 26 and still living with my overbearing mother. omg, i'm turning into an old maid. my mom actually asked me the other day if i was a, ya know, a um, a not so straight girl. i was outraged. i love men it's just that the ones around here are either in and out of jail or jerks. my mom claims i'm not trying. i tried the internet thing and it's not for me. it's been years since i've been on a date but i'm not joking when i say every single one just wanted to get in my pants. nope, ain't gonna happen. also, i was badly, badly burned by my ex and still not over it.

    anyone have any single sons that are honest, nice and responsible? i'm a nice, honest and responsible gal myself. my age criteria is 25-32.

    sorry i'm rambling. hope everyone has a nice sunday and for grace, hope you have a nice monday.
  13. by   bethin
    cheerfuldoer, i think i read in a previous post that you were getting ready to go to texas. i was going to send you a christmas card. do you still want it sent to the address you gave? if not, pm me. i want to make sure you get it.

    have a great day!
  14. by   suebird3
    geez, guys...take it easy on me with the new date thread, will ya?