G'day! Sunday 11th December, 2005

  1. come on you mob! wakey wakey! it's sunday!
    come on, out of those beds and shake those bones and muscles! it's early evening here in oz, so my sunday is drawing to a close.
    it's hot hot hot here.
    real bushfire danger weather. :uhoh21:
    could do with some of that snow you folks "up/over" are having :snow:
    well, this is "it" from me for now.
    have a good a day everyone!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    No snow here, but a bit chilly. Closed up the windows and turned on the heat for a while to take the chill out.

    I'm off to work for more abuse.
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Lotsa snow 'ere. Mostly gettin' cleared out tho

    I'm off to bed. Had a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong phone conversation with Mother. Heck I even spoke to brother - haven't spoken to him in months.

    Y'all have a good day, I'm off to bed . And here's hoping Siri's family and Leslie's family have a much better week....
  5. by   Katnip
    Good morning, everyone.

    Snow is done here, but there's still some on the ground. A couple of inches, I guess. It's kind of frozen and crusty now.

    I wonder how cold it has to be for Tweety to close up the house. 65? 70? :roll

    Nothing much here. I'm unemployed now. Got to get the laundry room ready for delivery of the new washer and dryer tomorrow. I'm debating whether to pain or not. It still has builder pain. On the other hand I have only one day.

  6. by   jnette
    morning !

    grace.. i guess you' re off to bed by now? wakey wakey !!!

    hi tweeters. hope your day isn't too bad. don't let them abuse you.. time to get out the brass polish.

    hi kat! you only have one day for what? enjoy the new washer/dryer.

    well, stayed up late last night watching tv with dh.. a rarity for me. now i'm having a hard time getting it together. i like getting up early, or it throws my whole day off. i feel all out of whack when i get up late.

    guess a good hot shower might help get my day started.

    need to wrap some other gifts today.. might get a few flakes here to add to the "atmosphere". i'd love it.

    ok.. outta here for awhile.

    siri... ((((((((hugs)))))))))) let us know what's up, ok?
    what a horrible thing to have happen, anytime.. but especially so close to christmas. your poor little grandbabies must feel so confused by now with all of this. keeping them all in my prayers.
  7. by   donsterRN
    Good morning everyone!

    Like Roy, we have lots of snow too, but we're sort of neighbors so it makes sense! It's gray here, cold, and we're supposed to get another inch or two of the stuff before dark. I love this weather! Last night, our local PBS station was running a special about the old Andy Williams Christmas Specials so we watched and enjoyed that. They had Donny Osmond as one of the guests; I hadn't realized that he and his brothers got their start because of Andy Williams. They were so young on those shows, but he (Donny) and I are the same age. Of course, I'm much better looking...!

    Going to Mom's house today just to visit. She's making a huge breakfast for the siblings; it'll be nice to get together and chill. No other plans for the day, yay for me!

    For Siri and Leslie: I read the rest of yesterday's thread this morning and I'm so sorry for what you and your families are going through. I wish I knew the words that would help or make sense of it all, but I don't. You're both in my thoughts and prayers, and please keep in touch whenever you can. :icon_hug:

    Those of you here and those of you yet to come; enjoy this day. Be well, and be safe.


  8. by   suebird3
    good morning....i think. back to work i go, in this lousy snow.
    grace? thanks for being a "bit" late w/ the thread. you know i have to hassle someone once in a while.
    kat? it snowed more last night, then got warmer. dang, that stuff is now heavy!
    hey, jnette.....
    i see roy was here late....or is that early for him? someone keep an eye on him, ok? i don't wanna have to "code yellow" him when i get back. and roy? be glad you have siblings.

    hey, don and tweety. hope yer day goes well. anyone up to helping with the shoveling over here?????

    more later.

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  9. by   sirI
    Good Morning, All

    I talked with my dd late last night. They are staying with his mom for now. Dd teaches there and they will need to stay there.

    Damage: Total loss of great room, dining room, den, kitchen.

    Smoke/water damage: All bedrooms.

    They can clean the bedroom furniture. Their clothes are saved, but, of course will need washing/cleaning.

    Their church has rallied around them. I know that God will provide. I am just so heartbroken right now.

    And, the toys. 1/2 are melted. I know they are replaceable, but, tell that to a 6 year old. Bless his heart, he was so shocked to see his house burning before his eyes. That is the one image that breaks my heart.

    Anyway, I hope ya'll are doing o.k. I will check on you. I'm not feeling too well today. Coughed ALLLL night long. No fever, but, chest kinda hurts. I will just lie low....
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  10. by   mercyteapot
    Hrmmmphfff... allrighty already, I'm up! And none too happy about it, I might add. Whyohwhy won't vacation hurry up and arrive (we close for two weeks, starting at noon this coming Friday. Woot!) I have to make 12 dozen cookies for an exchange and finish decorating the house, but first it's off to the market to pick up the milk I forgot to buy yesterday.
  11. by   skislalom
    [FONT="Tahoma"] Good morning peoples, long time no post...I'm trying to catch up on the goings on...Leslie and Siri, lots of hugs coming your way. Leslie...I ended up losing 25 lbs that I've been unable to gain back, no matter what I eat. I think the stress just kicked my metabolism into overdrive and it hasn't normalized yet (then again, neither has home life) Good thing is, now I can wear my 13yr old daughters clothes

    I just finished my first term of nursing...wow what was I thinking?!?! ( I love it ) Managed to keep my 4.0 even though I had 13 credits (not to mention 4 kids and still the "home life" stuff going on that I posted about a while back)

    I'll try to keep up with ya'll during this break...then it's back to the books and land of lurkdom until spring break. For now I think I'll work on getting over this nasty cold I came down with the first day of break. The kids are getting over it quickly...I however, am not.

    dh decided taking a business trip the week of finals was good timing...I disagreed but managed. Hard to leave for clinicals at 5am when 4 kids are still sleeping, I love my babysitter.

    Anywhoo, many hungry mouths to feed here...take care everyone.

  12. by   DutchgirlRN
    I have not been able to read or post in 5 days. I have been having withdrawals.

    Although my new grandson is wonderful I am reminded why it is that God created both Mothers and Grandmothers. As a grandmother you can send them home. I never had a problem being tied up with my babies, dealing with crying, packing a suitcase when leaving the house, etc.....as a grandmother it sure wears me out. G'day to everyone!
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Good morning!

    I have a headache....these dang allergies are getting on my nerves. Other than that, things are ok around here. DH made breakfast again, and I got woken up when it was ready AGAIN.....I'm spoiled!!!

    Siri, I hope you get to feeling better. I'm glad all was not lost in the fire, and I'm happy to know the church is doing their part in helping. I hope it continues for a lil' while.

    Your story about your grandson broke my heart. I couldn't imagine having to go through something like that.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
  14. by   suebird3
    hey, all. glad to know many more are posting today.

    siri....if there is anything i can do....count me in; hear that?