G'day!... It's Saturday!

  1. g'day from "down under". thought i'd get the saturday thread started, even though it's still friday "up/over!"

    while you mob have been sleeping, or in some cases, working, i've already had breakfast, tackled the hoards at the local shopping centre. why oh why did i even attempt to shop on a saturday when there are kids everywhere??!!!

    bought "hot cross buns" at bakers delight (do you have those bakeries there?)
    came home and dh and i indulged in devouring said buns, one of which was laced with chocolate! washed down with a cup of piping hot tea! yum! i normally refuse to buy hot cross buns before easter, but today....
    i just couldn't resist those delicious looking, screaming my name, buns!

    actually, i'm a tad p'd off today. :angryfire our state government has given preferance contracts to nursing agencies from other???!! states, to recruit staff for hospitals here. i mean we have our own agencies here, operated and owned by locals, who do a damn fine job of supplying staff for the hospitals. why on earth would our state government permit interstate agencies to encroach on and deprive, our own local businesses???!!! it just doesn't make sense to me. but then, i'm not a businesswoman, am i?! :uhoh21: do states in the us permit interstate agencies to operate in and recruit staff in states which are not their own? i'd be interested to know.

    anyhow....... nuff said, this was meant to be a happy saturday to all!

    cheers from "down under"
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  3. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    i just got home from work. i need to finsih my last report should only take about 10 min. and submit it.

    i checked my grades in my power point class this week i couldn't believe it:stone i rec'd a, a+ and a+. i almost fell out of my chair. which gives me a 98% average. if i was only doing that well in my other class. the grades for this week are not in yet but as of right now i have an 83% average. hopefully the grades this week will be good and bring it up some.

    well have to take our big lab to get his shots in the morning. i have taken 2 dogs in the past two days. and we will finish up with the 4th on monday. we need to do grocery shopping and deliver girl scout cookies. they all have to be delivered by march 1. not much time left.

    well before i head to bed i will leave some breakfast.

    coffee, tea, soda, oj, fruit juices, milk, cereal, pancakes, waffles, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, ham, bagels, cream cheese, maypo (just for leslie), donuts, sweet rolls, hash browns, fresh fruit,

    ok enough if you want anything else sorry buy you are going to have to fix it. my bed is calling my name.

    see you later on today after i have had some sleep.

  4. by   dianah
    Yeah, I need to head off to bed too.
    Angie, WOOT! for the grades! Good going!!
    Nice to see you Grace! Too bad about the contracts etc. Why is the simplest, most logical answer often not the one chosen? ($$$$$$$???) (politics?????) Hope it's not "a done deal," as "they" say (who IS "they????").

    Had a nice chat with meownsmile and Marymoomoo, thanks guys (don't know if they're premies or not . . .).

    Next week "The Pacifier" comes to theaters, with Vin Diesel. My kids want to see it, so I'm thinking we'll plan to meet with some of their friends at the theater, first show on Sunday. Theater is clean, not crowded and we get it overwith early. It actually sounds like a funny movie.

    Have a good night everyone!
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    G'day Grace! Good ta see y'round mate

    Angie! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to GO with them grades!

    Dianah :: Can't believe you'd let the kids con you into a Vin Diesel movie! Or is it a guilty pleasure?
  6. by   dianah
    Oh, this is NOT the "usual" Vin movie!! He's apparently a bodyguard for three kids -- diaper changes and all!! Vin?? No! Say it ain't so!!

    I've actually never seen one of his movies . . .
  7. by   weetziebat
    good morning guys

    grace, i was at the shopping mall tonight. a friday evening. so crowded with teenagers. then discovered the shop i was looking for had moved. of course, had to spend some time looking in the pet shop window, at all the adorable kitties and puppies. awww............
    i don't know much about the nursing agencies in the u.s. - think the agencies i've seen advertised are country wide agencies, rather than local. gee, you mean the u.s. is not the only place that has crazy policies??

    angie, :hatparty: congratulations ! :hatparty: on the grades. way to go!!!
    and, thanks for breakfast. i just finished a cup of hot chocolate and a huge chocolate covered, cream-filled donut. so full think i'll have to wait to eat any more.

    dianah, will have to check out "the pacifier" - i go to the movies perhaps once or twice a year, but dh could spend every evening there. he doesn't even care what the movie is about. a true fanatic.

    roy, hi

    well, yesterday was my last day at work. actually i'm on call this weekend, so the other nurse has a weekend to prepare for the onslaught of taking on two houses. last official day is monday, but that is just picking up paycheck etc. feels sooooooooo good to be unemployed. especially knowing it is only for ~ three weeks.

    see ya later -
  8. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Not doing much here, just studying chemistry, housework and surfing the net. I took a nap from midnight to 3AM. I'm all messed up. I've got the windows open and a cool breeze is coming in. It's been very muggy the last couple of days.

    Angie way to go on the grades!!!!

    Grace, you or someone else reading this is going to have to tell me what "hot cross buns" are. Fortunately you clarified that they are a baked good, otherwise the imagination could run wild.

    Weetzie, who is this Orlando guy?

    Dianah I had Panang Curry, which I love. It was pan-Asian so I had Vietmanese iced coffee and fresh (not cooked) spring rolls.
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  9. by   weetziebat
    Quote from 3rdshiftguy
    weetzie, who is this orlando guy?
    no fear, tweety - i'll never tell.
  10. by   suzanne4
    In the US, agencies can either be local or they can be in any state that they want. Depending on where they want to set up shop and advertise, etc.

    This can both be good and bad. For those us who are currently travelers, it is nice when they have contracts all over the US and you do not have to switch agencies. But then the local companies may have a better selection in that particular area. Depends alot on where you actually wish to work.

    Off today for a second day, spent most of yesterday in my room just napping.
    It was quite wonderful, haven't been able to do that in a very long time, and be healthy at the same time. Did get quite a bit of cooking done, steaks for the kids and me, and a huge pot of homemade chicken soup. The house smelled so good all day...............just let it simmer for hours...........brought back all types of memories.

    Not sure what to have for breakfast today, any suggestions?
  11. by   jnette
    Morning ! Been up for a good while already, but had trouble getting on.. my ISP is slow this morning. But I think I'm finally in business.

    DH has already left for his day of golf with his buddies, and I get to tackle bills, clean house, do laundry. Is something wrong with that picture?

    Actually, it suits me fine. I get so much more done when he's out from underfoot.

    Nice to see you starting the thread, Grace !

    Hope everyone has a lovely day.. I'll be abck when I take myself a break.. if I don't get started now, I'll never budge from here and won't get &*^% done ! :chuckle
  12. by   jnette
    yeh, weetz... about tweety and that orlando guy.. heard he has some hot buns, too !!!

    tweety.. i can't believe you don't know what hot cross buns are... sheesh.

    "one-a- penny, two-a-penny hotcross buns".. you don't remember that? lots of nursery rhymes with hot-cross buns in them.
  13. by   FranEMTnurse
    good morning, all. yeah, i'm still tired. look at the talk about embarassing thread i started. that explains it. i really am tooo tired to post a very long message, but wanted to say before i go back to bed, and to give you a group :icon_hug:and tell you before i go back to
  14. by   jnette
    Miss you, too, Franners.. but rest assured out of sight is NOT out of mind. (((HUGS)))

    We'll still be here for when you're feeling more rested and ready to jump back in here again!