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  1. Hi all!

    I have a question... Does anyone have a favorite video game?

    I just got my first ever gameboy with the new Kirby tilt and tumble, and I am addicted... any other good games anyone?
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  3. by   night owl
    I used to be addicted to Dr.Mario on the old nes. I'm not sure if they make it for gameboy. If you like strategy games, Tetris was always a biggie with me. I couldn't wait until the kids and the hubby went to bed b/c I'd sit until 3am and play & play & play. My daughter had two gameboys. The first one someone stole it and the second one she dropped and broke it. After that there was no more!!! At $69.00 a pop, it was getting expensive.
  4. by   CEN35
    Games that are on the computer, like football, baseball, and flight simulators of the Harrier, and F-18's ect.

    OH MY GOSH, Night Owl! I absolutely refuse to give up the super nintendo because of Dr. Mario and Tetris! My husband & son have moved on to bigger and better things (Playstation, Nintendo64, PC games, etc) but I refuse to let them get rid of the old NES! They do make it for Gameboy, by the way!

    I'm also partial to the Pokemon Pinball for Gameboy!
  6. by   st4304
    I become obsesseed with the Zelda games on NES and gameboy until I get to the end.

    I am also addicted to Freecell on my computer!