Furnace only 1 year old and not working!

  1. Had to pull 10 hour shift tonight, came home and the furnace says 56 degrees. My Husky mix is okay but poor Jack Russell is now dressed in 2 little kids shirts to keep her from becoming a popcicle. PIZZED, you better believe it, this also happened last year when the furnace was only a few months old. Called Mr. furnace man and told him his butt better be here pronto, we could always all go stay with him. I'm bundled up in my coat, would wear gloves but don't own them and my poor furbaby is freezing. Thank God this didn't happen last night when the actual temp was -5 here. At least we have a heat wave of 23 tonight, man I'm mad!!!!!!!! State is in the building, I'll be up all *&^% night getting this furnace fixed, if he can do it and if not, then either hubby or me will have to miss work tomorrow to get the thing fixed! It's too cold to even get steam to come out of my ears!!!!

    UPDATE: Duckie is warmer and less grumpy now, Furnace man fixed it and even smiled while he did it. Jack Russell still in kiddie clothes, guess she likes the new fashions. Turns out it is not the furnace but the thermostat, new one in in AM, before I go in to face state again! Sorry for the cranky post, which I admit I revised after I "warmed up" a bit. Duckie has to watch her temper! :imbar
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Poor cold Duckie and doggies and Hubby! Cuddle up close and warm tonight--- and don't foget to let a faucet drip slowly inside somewhere! My neighbors' pipes froze last week! (That cost $300.00 to repair!) But it could have been his whole basement flooded and not just the couple of gallons I helped him clean up when the one pipe burst.
  4. by   renerian
    Hope your furnace gets fixed soon! I had the plumber here last week our water heater sprung a leak. 400 to get a new one.

  5. by   night owl
    I have the plumber coming this morning for mine too! Up stairs is roasty toasty, but downstairs is freezing!!!!! I'm ready for bed, but now I've gotta wait up for him...He better get here soon because I get real cranky when I'm tired!!!!! :stone :stone :zzzzz