Funny Easter picture...

  1. easter-jpg
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen this one, I think I've seen it before over the years. I had a co-worker forward it to me today and wanted to share it. Enjoy!
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  4. by   sanakruz
    This is very silly.....

    I think my teeth marks may be a match
  5. by   Whisper
    thanks for the giggle
  6. by   maeyken
    Here's another one along the same lines....
  7. by   maeyken
    This one borders on gross.....

    chocolate eggs

  8. by   psychonurse
    The first two are cute and the last one was a little gross but being a nurse it doesn't bother me much anymore. I love chocalate easter bunnies myself.
  9. by   Shamrock
    :chuckle :chuckle