Fun places in Seattle/San Francisco?

  1. hey everyone,

    i will be in both seattle and san francisco in may for weddings and wondered if any of you knew of fun things to do and great places to eat at in either city. we'll also be in the sonoma/napa and monterey areas in california. although it will be a lot of driving, it should be a fun trip, and i thank you for any ideas!
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  3. by   shudokan-RN
    I hope this link works
    PM me and I can give you tons of places to see and eat
    I live in Olympia 60 miles from seattle. You can also do a search for another city
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  4. by   Rustyhammer

    Pioneer Square for good music and drinks.
    Carkeek park for a relaxing afternoon.
    Countless great seafood restaurants.
    Claming on the Puget sound.
    Pt Defiance Zoo. (It's a bit south)
    Cruising to the San Juans on the ferry.
    Much more...
  5. by   smk1
    pikes street market down by the waterfront. Wonderful food sights shopping flea markets and sometimes live music. A must see in seattle (the aquarium is also on the waterfront and is a good one too!)

    San Francisco- china town is a must see and a great dinner stop also Fisthermans Wharf. There are also alcatraz tours ( you know the famous old prison) and Ripleys believe it or not down in that area.
  6. by   lucianne
    In San Francisco you must go to Dottie's True Blue cafe for breakfast, but be prepared to wait in line. Great breakfast food, funky atmosphere. It's within a few blocks of Union Square. If I can find my guide, I'll get you the address.
  7. by   manna
    I don't have much worthwhile to add, but I will say I absolutely LOVED San Francisco! I can't wait to go back...

    You could always tour Alcatraz, drive north and tour some wineries or even more north to the Muir forest, ride the cable cars, drive down that curvy street (what's it called?), go to Fisherman's wharf and see the sealions and have some yummy sourdough...

    Maybe someone who lives near the area will have some better, less-touristy advice than me.
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  8. by   crankyasanoldma
    Someone else asked about visiting Seattle fairly recently- here is the link to that thread:

    Enjoy your trip!
  9. by   Nur_1996
    We went to SanFransico last March and had a great time lots to see and do, if you go purchase a "City Pass" cost about 35.00 a person but gives you free transportation for 5 days on all transportation, cable cars, buses etc. and also gives you passes for musuems and boat tour, very good value. Can be purchased on line, or in SF by the cable cars depot. We took our boys ages 9 and 12 they enjoyed the trip also "City Pass" for kids was about 25.00. Good deal! Would love to fgo to Seattle, I will have to check out the info. I love to travel! :hatparty:
  10. by   Stephanie in FL
    In San Francisco, a good place to eat is The Cliff House. It overlooks the Pacific-great view. Another neat place is the Cable Car Museum. A tour of the city by Gray Line Bus Tours was also fun.

  11. by   hopefully
    I live 30 minutes away from San Francisco. I live across the bay. For tourist, you should go to Fisherman's Wharf. They have a lot of seafood restraunts and shops. Also, if you want to go shopping, you should go to Union Square. They have a lot of clothing shops there such as Macys, Nordstroms. But the thing is that I do not know what you are into. If you tell me what you are into, then I will know what are some good spots.
  12. by   dianah
    When dh and I were dating, we used to like to buy a loaf of the "San Francisco Sourdough" bread, some cheeses and something to drink, and sit on the little grassy area near where the trolleys turn around. We watched the people, the trolleys, the street performers, the bay, the birds, the boats, . . . And we used to like to eat at a little Hungarian restaurant, Paprikas Fono, in Ghirardelli Square. It's on the top floor, and some of the tables have a wonderful view of the bay. They serve a crusty bread and fresh garlic cloves, and you're to rub the garlic on the bread and eat it. MMM, I loved their mushroom paprikash! Muir Woods is very nice and a surprising pocket of special redwood greenery, with nice walking paths.
    'Course, if you like wineries you're headed for the best, going to the Napa Valley. We used to live just above St. Helena, went to college in Angwin. The drive up the Silverado Trail is very nice. During Sept, I believe, -- harvest time -- the air in the valley is HEAVY with the smell of the grapes. It feels like one can get inebriated just inhaling that air! Lots of shops in the little towns up and down Silverado Trail. Calistoga is famous for its mud baths. Past Calistoga is a geyser (I never went there, only saw the signs) -- hmm, is it on the highway that goes west into Santa Rosa??? Anyway, lots of Oak trees . . . bicyclists . . . lots of the wineries offer box lunches for purchase, so you can picnic . . . I'm no golfer but I think there are some coveted courses in or near Napa.
    I'm just going on memory here; if you're interested in anything I've brought up you'll probably have to consult AAA or a travel book or go online for details. It is all beautiful country. Oh, Golden Gate Park is a week's entertainment in itself! And, as others have mentioned, Alcatraz is a moving tour; you can get a tour of the bay on the little Red and White Fleet, I believe. Yes, Fisherman's Wharf -- soup or clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl! And you can always smell the shellfish cooking!! Grab a guide book and let your interests guide you. You'll have a great time, I'm sure! -- D
  13. by   kellilou3
    Thanks, everyone, for all your input! I've gotten a ton of great ideas here.

    For clarification, San Francisco we are looking for nice, fairly inexpensive, non-touristy restaurants. I think our route will be planned out like this: attend wedding in Healdsburg (at the Madrona House), drive over to Napa, drive down to San Francisco, drive down to Big Sur, drive back up to SF, and fly out. This will all be in 3 or 4 day's time.

    We will be in Seattle 3 days, but a lot of that time will be taken up with the rehearsal and wedding.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the ideas. I really appreciate it!
  14. by   dianah
    I went to school in Healdsburg!! Senior year, at a boarding academy surrounded on three sides by the Russian River. Got a good case of poison oak once during the year. Worked part-time at Harris Pine Mills, on the "stain line;" can still smell that pine stain! We cut and stained the lumber for picnic tables at the Mill; later I learned how to sew the outdoor umbrellas on industrial sewing machines. Wow, I haven't thought about all that in a long time! Oh, and on senior ditch day we all floated down the river in canoes. It was lots of fun!
    Back to your trip: when will you be going? The spring is BEAUTIFUL in Healdsburg -- very green. Summers tend to be foggy and cool in SF, although some sunshine peeps thru (according to relatives who live there).
    Inexpensive trip thru Napa Valley? It's possible. You can park in St. Helena or Yountville, and just stroll the streets to window-shop. One of the wineries between St. Helena and Calistoga has a little tram that takes you up to it. It's hard to miss, -- well it used to be, as it was painted very white and stood out in the landscape.
    Around Yountville (south of St. Helena) is a monastery that is famous for its -- hmm, I THINK its wine, but it may be famous for something else too, that the people who live there make. Man, my memory is failing!! Actually, I've never been to the monastery, just always seen it from the road - it's tucked back aways from the road, nestled against the hills. Kinda looks like a monastery too .
    Well, I'll end this tortured trip down partial-memory lane . Looking forward to hearing more about your plans! -- D