FRUSTRATION - like the game , only real life!

  1. remember that game frustration ? oh wait maybe it was perfection, anyway it was the game where you had to get all the pieces in the correct spots before the timer went off and blew up all the pieces onto the floor/table etc and that meant you lost the game?
    well this is how I feel today.....
    personal life in disarray, relationship strained,and although not more important but certainly more pressing at the moment, my attempt at furthering my education. Its like roadblock after roadblock to continue my education and explore the potential I feel. First it was work/scheduling conflicts, those seem to be solved for now, so now I applied for a short term bank loan, despite the fact I can pay my own way i just wanted a safety net type thing because I do have a lot of bills and a previous student loan that I am paying off. Anyway detailed information and interview with loan officer yesterday ended in the comment "you are ineligible at this time because you (and I quote directly) OWE MORE THAN YOU ARE WORTH" I know that is financial yattering and that its not personal ,but really , do people who are worth more than they owe need bank loans? I have seen bank loans given for frivilous things like cars and cottages and whatever and all I wanted was the minimal amount loan which I would repay within the year to further my education!!!
    so now I am , well scrambling is a good way to put it to "put all my ducks in a row" and get organized . I can do it but its gonna be a lot more of a struggle, anyway I felt so discouraged after a crazy hectic 12 hour night, followed by that horrible conversation with the bank that I just sat and cried. I am an emotional person but I think things just got to me.....
    I will do this despite all the obstacles but really I wish it wasnt so hard in this world for people to better themseleves ,or improve their careers or enhance their knowledge or whatever it is a person gains from going back to school.
    I was thinking how someday one of these loan officers will need a nurse, and in my twisted revenge fantasy I get to utter the words "well I'm sorry you just are not eligible at this time because you OWE MORE THAN YOU ARE WORTH"
    sick and twisted , perhaps.....
    human - definitely
    sorry for making this such a long and run on post but when your heart starts typing, it just doesnt stop!
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Sheeeshe ((((((((Wendy))))))))))

    that wasn't very well put, was it, owe more than you're worth. *sigh*. Well at least he didn't look at you and decide you're wort more dead than alive.

    That's just bankers for you. I don't know about there, but I think that they have to put your other student loan on hold when you are in school. Right?

    Anyway, good luck. This is just the muttering and shuffling of the universe getting all adjusted to the changes you're making. It'll work out okay and you'll look back on his and ... no, not laugh. probably gritch your teeth.

    I'm glad there's not a game called "frustration." That doesn't sound like much fun, actually.


  4. by   micro


    Hey, my friend.........too many irons in the fire.....
    one step at a time........
    and sleep.....
    like the game but it is life.........
    s....... sometimes....but there is always tomorrow.....
    and you take care of you.....
    do you hear me......
    take care of #1.........
    one class at a time.....
    one day at a time.....
    keep on keepin on.........
    remember the "innits"
    is an "innit"
    and today your patient #1 is banker Fred.......oh, the thoughts we weave..........hehehehehehehe
    humour is always good.....
    Love you
  5. by   Kayzee
    NurseDennie, MY GOD>>> whats with the cat?

  7. by   nursegoodguy
    Poor Wendy! Sounds like it's time for a NIGHT OUT!!!! Dancing, dancing, and more dancing! Wear something sexy so you get hit on at least every 10 minutes, (it's just good ego food) personally I like to wear clothes that look like someone tried to rip them off me already! I guarantee you by the end of the night you will know, You are Worth Way More Than You are Owe!
    Heather are you in? Who else wants to go? Sunnygirl, LasVegas, Cheerfuldoer... Wouldn't we have a Blast! Let's Do It!
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    Man I need to start re-reading my posts before I submit them! "Way more than you (are) owe" Sombodi Kik me! Oh well, I can't talk but we'll still have a great time!
  9. by   aimeee
    Wendy, you are a priceless gem and don't ever forget that! First off, get some rest. All obstacles seem twice as high when you are tired. And then, as the others said, take it easy, one thing at a time. Life is often two steps forward, one step back. But you WILL achieve your goals. ((((WENDY))))
  10. by   oramar
    Where are all the people who think all nurses should be BSNs. How about putting your money where you mouth is and pitching in so Wendee can go to school. If I had a job I would donate myself. She can have 100% of what I make, oh wait 100% of nuttin is nuttin.
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    Scholarships? grants? Here's a start:
  12. by   l.rae
    Well y'all....l'm not much of a idea of living on the wild side is drinking a wine cooler....Can l be the designated driver???????..................... Wendy, try the scholarships etc...i'm with Sleepyeyes.....I think that's the way to go for now.LR