1. "Where does wondering about complete and total enlightenment come from? And from where does wanting it arise? And the frustration about not getting it? Doesn't it all come out of our deep inner discontent with ourselves, with others, and with the world? Sometimes we can't even say what it is that causes it, we just feel painfully out of sync. There is an inner meaninglessness, a feeling of hollow emptiness. Not the emptiness of vast open space, but a feeling of nothing of value inside, feeling lonely, cut off from happiness and alienated from people. There may be the fear of abandonment, or feeling unloved. All of these are going on in human beings."
    excerpt from Open Presence
    From The Wonder of Presence
    by Toni Packer

    just where i have been reading lately.........
    to me very intriguing thoughts........
    the nature of the human animal and being.....
    sentience, sentient

    any thoughts or am i way out there???

    :spin: :spin: :spin:
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    a just a nurse contemplating the nature of my career.....


  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Nope, you are not way out. I've been struggling with this very thing lately. I've been wondering - am I going through a "mid-life crisis"? PMS? Biological clock ticking so loudly I can't hear? Am I in need of Paxil or Valium? :stone
  4. by   micro
    no, you don't need paxil or valium.....
    although there is nothing wrong with medications if needed

    life is just a journey a highway a path.....
    a search for what???

    a good book a long walk

    time to feel the frustration.........
    and the peace

    to find peace in the middle of the storm.....

    ramblin on

    later lasvegas
  5. by   oramar
    personally I think as long as a person is asking themselves these questions they are doing all right, the dangerous people are the ones that do not recognize life as a journey to knowledge, the ones that think they have all the answers have the problem as far as I am concerned
  6. by   suzannasue
    Have been feeling very out of sync with the universe lately...this journey is getting bumpy and although I am gaining great knowledge, I am getting tired...tears fall easily and joy has ceased to find me...fall asleep during meditation...I need to get to the woods...too much time in'd I put that tent?????? Isolating...pushing away those who have been "taught" to say '" i care"...understanding that the thorns are an important to the rose...waiting for something to validate my existence...wondering if death is all that bad...wanting to move on...feeling stagnant and used...the powers of the universe must be laughing..."heh heh...look at her,oopps...doing way too well...let's REALLY give her another obstacle...look...she can't figure it out...heh heh heh"
    Waiting...trying to make a path...don't follow this alone...
    out there...out there...out there...out there...out there...out there...out there...outh there...:stone
  7. by   thisnurse
    micro my dear
    please stop putting plastic bags over your head

  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Just returned from Three day Wildwood, NJ vacation....great way to clear cobwebs, commune with sun and sand, laze with kids and realize more to life than nursing.

    Even conquered urge to visit computer cafe to check in here...trotted to needlepoint store instead.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    P. S.: yes its the perimenopause too. Similar thoughts zipping thru my East Coast head.
    Have found Womans Vitamin with E and St John's Wort helping with the flashes and moodiness along with Ginko for afternoon alertness.
  10. by   micro
    hey, this nurse......
    you caught me k' the plastic bag is outta here.....hehehehehe

    suzannasue---that is very beautiful what you wrote....
    you are indeed beautiful also...

    hey all, thanks for sharing the frustration...

    out of sync......been there done that.....
    in sync...........done that and like the band too

    i just wanna zen away on my motorcycle.........

    love to all
  11. by   micro
    "If we become increasingly transparent to these movements of thought and feeling, we will realize that inner pain is not dissolved by conventional ways of dealing with it, materially or spiritually. Money, position, acquisitions or relationships have not brought lasting contentment. Religions beliefs may provide illusions of security and support, but for many of us they simply have not worked. We have wandered from one belief system to another attracted by promises of salvation, liberation or enlightenment, but real hunger for truth and clarity can be stilled only with genuine food."
    excepted from Open Presence
    from The Wonder of Presence
    by Toni Packer.

    micro is off and reading again.....

    and my question tonight is what am i searching for here......
    and does it matter.....

    oh, well cool reading...........gotta go.........

    micro opens a book.......
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by micro
    ...but real hunger for truth and clarity can be stilled only with genuine food."
    Now see, when I first read this, I instantly thought of barbeque, baked beans and potato salad.

    I may need to buy this book and PAY ATTENTION!

    Suzannasue - I feel your pain, girl. You are not alone!
  13. by   micro
    none of us are alone.....

    gotta go walk a backache away
  14. by   mario_ragucci
    No Micro :-) Your not way out there. Your still in the heliosphere. To be way out there you have to learn to travel through the size and energy of visual light. You have to get really small, basically, and convert speed and velocity. Your thoughts have to be alighned in order to travel outside the heliosphere, and you usually lose track of time, and you get stuck in a black hole. There is also the begining and the end of time. Try to hang out at all the places in between, and avoid the black holes, if you want to see the world. :-)