Fruitcake anyone?

  1. I would like to know how many people Really like fruitcake? I don't know anyone who does. Yet people get it and give it for presents. I say they ought to ban fruitcake from Christmas. What's your opinion?
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  3. by   boggle
    :d oh night owl!! there's only one fruit cake i've ever yearned for.......made each october bya bud of my mom's. she poured lots of brandy over each cake, sealed them up, and let them "ripen" till christmas. now that's fruitcake!!!

    have a fun holiday, with or without the fruitcake!
  4. by   pkmom
    I have never had fruitcake. I'm really curious as to what all the fuss is about. Maybe I should just go buy one.
  5. by   kaycee
    Tasted it, hated it!!!
  6. by   wildtime88
    My mom used to make great fruit cakes. They were very tasty and moist. They were so good that people would start calling her around the end of October to put in their requests for one.

    There were weekends that I swore the house suddenly became a fruit cake factory.
  7. by   CashewLPN
    honestly... I hate fruit cake... I think it is the scum of the earth...(or at least is like my moms bathtub floor... and I have 2 bros, and a dad at home...)

    on the other hand, a bud of mine from Jamiaca makes Rum cake... oooohhh delectable.... kinda looks the same though... tastes so different...

  8. by   night owl

    Now rum cake is gooooood! Fruitcake? No.....I think that if real fruit was used instead of those plastic thingys that I've tasted, it might be pretty good. What are those things that they call fruit anyway?


    GOOD LUCK! Let us know what you think about this thing they call a fruit cake.
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  9. by   aimeee
    I do! I do! I like good fruitcake. There is a lot of bad fruitcake out there too though and you just don't know until you sample it. Lots of rum does help though.
  10. by   Cali
    Ya know, I have never actually tasted a fruitcake. I just assume that I don't like it because it just doesn't look appetizing. It has too much "stuff" in it. My grandmother always made them around Christmas time and I wouldn't touch the stuff.
  11. by   mopsi
    Another fruitcake lover here......If anyone doesn't want their's I'll take it...Happy holidays to all......
  12. by   Dplear
    as my hero Homer Simpson says....."UUUMMMMMMMM FRUIT CAKE"

    I LOVE fruit cake, and I can honsetly say even the cheap brands taste good to if you do not want 'em send 'em to me...just email me for the address...LOL

  13. by   NICU_Nurse
    My grandmother used to make the MOST DELICIOUS Franklin Nut Cake. I would die to get that recipe now!!! It's just like fruitcake but...well, better!!! Yummy. (sound of tummy growling)

  14. by   Cubby
    I guess those of us who really like Fruitcake are in a minority. But I honestly look forward to Christmas because of Fruitcake. It's all a matter of taste, I suppose! Actually it is one of a few things I do like about Christmas. Much easier to tolerate than shopping!!!