From Fran, A Mel Gibson Fan


    I read of a man who stood to speak
    At the funeral of a friend
    He referred to the dates on her tombstone
    From the the end.

    He noted that first came her date of birth
    And spoke the following date with tears,
    But he said what mattered most of all
    Was the dash between those years.
    (1934 - 1998)

    For that dash represents all the time
    That she spent alive on earth...
    And now only those who loved her
    Know what that little line is worth.

    For it matters not, how much we own;
    The cars...the house...the cash,
    What matters is how we live and love
    And how we spend our dash.

    So think about this long and hard...
    Are there things you'd like to change?
    For you never know how much time is left,
    That can still be rearranged.

    If we could just slow down enough
    To consider what's true and real,
    And always try to understand
    The way other people feel.

    And be less quick to anger,
    And show appreciation more
    And love the people in our lives
    Like we've never loved before.

    If we treat each other with respect,
    And more often wear a smile..
    Remembering that this special dash
    Might only last a little while.

    So, when your eulogy's being read
    With your life's actions to rehash...
    Would you be proud of the things they say
    About how you spent your dash?

    I'm glad you're in my dash.
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  3. by   proud2basn

    You almost made me cry! This is a beautiful poem. (I love Mel Gibson too)
  4. by   live4today
    Heyyyyyyyy...Fran sent that poem to me, too! I love it.......and Mel Gibson has always been a hotty in my book! :kiss
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I mentioned this in another thread but my son recently saw Mel Gibson speak.

    He was previewing his movie "The Passion Of Christ" at Azusa Pacific University, which my son attends. Mel mentioned at the beginning of his interview that he didn't do well in front of crowds. My son said Mel was surprisingly nervous and at times tongue-tied. But very nice.

    Funny that an actor would be nervous in front of crowds. Yes, he is attractive in alot of ways. His devotion to his family is #1.

  6. by   CarolineRn
    beautiful poem. But I have to ask-- what does being a Mel Gibson fan have to do with it? is it the actual title? Sorry, I'm not up on all the Hollywood current events.
  7. by   nekhismom
    oh, Fran, how nice!!
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    The reason I mentioned Mel Gibson is because he said in his interview about the Passon with Jane Pauley that he has done it all and has had success, wealth, and all that goes with it. Then when he got there, he didn't feel fulfilled. He also said that it was then he realized what was satisfying. It was the simple life. He also said he would be content to live a simple life with the love of his life, his wife, and his children, and money and things do not matter anymore. What matters to him is getting the real message of Jesus Christ out so people can see why Jesus took all of our sins upon Himself and became our Savior. And I absolutely love his eyes and the love they reveal. He's top notch in my book, and I think his film is going to have a huge impact on this nation.
  9. by   ChicagolandRN scared me! I though Mel had died!!! I rarely watch TV, so current events tend to be not so current for me!
  10. by   Roland
    That WAS a nice poem. Although, I have instructed my wife that when I die (hopefully not for awhile) that I don't even want a funeral! Neither do I want a cremation. Better to let the state keep my body, save the money and let "it" be interred in some potter's field. Thus, I don't worry much about a eulogy that I don't wish to ever be read!

    That said, I do sometimes contemplate an audience before the Almighty where I will have to explain what I have made of his "investment" in my life. Unfortunately, these periods of "faith" are equally interspaced with periods of "agnosticism" where I wonder if maybe all of my science professors were not correct in their pronouncements that there is "no God". Like Job, I find that I lament a world that often doesn't seem to make sense even when we allow for the necessity of Evil in making possible free will.

    I am really looking forward to seeing The Passion. I think that the forces of Evil have conspired to prevent this film from being made, and now successfully released. Consider, that even Mel's father seems to be the instrument of the Dark One in his recent interview where he makes remarks that could only distract from the movie. What a statement it would make if this film enjoyed commerical successa despite the hatred of the world. You can rest assured that unlike the blasphamous Last Temptation of Christ, that The Passion will NOT receive accolades from Hollywood.
  11. by   Grace Oz
    Mel's wife, Robyn, comes from here in my hometown! Robyn was a nurse before marrying Mel. She met him here when he was on holiday all those years ago. Unbeknown to the public, they still come home for holidays. :-) Robyn still catches up with old friend's from "way back". He's really just a very ordinary, Aussie raised, bloke.
    He comes from a large, catholic family. Don't be surprised if they move home, to Australia, permanently!
  12. by   wrightgd
    Fran -- thanks for the poem, it says alot.

    As far as Gibson... what I am totally in awe about is his faith in God, and his boldness to move forward with The Passion. Like Roland mentions, I feel that this film will have a tremendous impact on America. Even Christians will realize more vividly the extreme sacrifice that our Lord went through for all of us. Those who don't know Christ will be introduced with such impact that they will never forget. Also like Roland mentions, I believe that Satan is working against this film... and that's a good sign. We know that Satan doesn't have to attack those who are passive in thier faith, but this is a threat to Satan's plan, and therefore there will be more controversy. I realize that many non-believers think we are crazy to talk in these terms, but I have seen God's work in my life and my family's life. I am so excited about the impact this film will have on so many people. Christ died for ALL of us, even the one's who don't believe.

    And, as far as the critics and Hollywood liberals, and all who oppose this film I pray for their enlightenment. But in the end it's OK... I've read THE Book (Bible), and I know who wins!!!

    George D. Wright -- card carrying Christian since 1975!!!
    Saved by grace, through faith, not of works, but a gift of Almighty God!
  13. by   nurseygrrl

    I love the poem. I never thought of the 'dash' that way.
  14. by   barefootlady
    Thank you for the touching poem Fran. I needed it today.

    I am a Mel fan too. I find him to be very brave to admit he is prone to excess and that only the love and understanding of his wife and a loving, forgiving God has shown him what is important in life. I am anxious to see the film and I know it will be important to every eye that sees it, every ear that hears the words, and every heart that is touched. I do not think Hollywood will be a negative regarding this movie as we expect it to be. I think this film will prove to be a line between what we will come to expect from our older, more respected actors and those who are less than say a Mel Gibson type. LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for the little bit of cheer today and for shining your light for those who need a beacon. May His hand protect you in all that comes your way today.

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