Friday September 15, 2006

  1. Good morning to you guys! :kiss

    I'm getting ready to go to sleep, as I must be in class later this morning. I have a test in Philosophy class later this morning and a Sociology test on Tuesday evening. Please wish me muck and/or send some prayers in my direction.

    I hope all of you have a wonderfully grand Friday. Take care...I will check back in much later.
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Please wish me muck ...

    Do you really want muck?? (jk) I will be more than happy to wish you Luck and here is a to get you motivated.
    It is a work day for me.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good muck Communter! Better yet.........good luck!
  5. by   Tweety

    Woke up to feed the dogs and decided to stay up and get started on my day. I've got a paper to write today that I haven't even started. I'm working this weekend, so I'd best get busy. I'm going to go to the gym and grocery store first.
  6. by   nursemary9

    Commuter, thanks for starting the thread!! Good Luck on your tests today and Tuesday!! You'll also be in my prayers!!:icon_hug:

    JMGRN65--Hope you have a good work day!!

    My nite is just about wrapping up--2 hrs left!! It can't go by quick enough for me!! I had an admit from a Nsg. Home.The lady & the admission process were not bad---HOWEVER, entering all the meds for that med reconciliation is just SO TIME CONSUMING!! There really should be a better way!!
    Oh well, better just shut up as I really can't foresee this changing!!

    Oh Beary, you and that Monkeydancing!!

    I think I way overdid it yesterday & am I EVER aching today!! umpiron: umpiron: umpiron: I really am trying to do all the exercising that I should, but boy, do I feel it!!:trout: Just the thought of doing it again today is getting me down!! But I know I must!!

    I have to work again tonite, but then i have the whole weekend off!! That's a really nice thought!!:wink2:

    Well, I also have to go grocery shopping after work. Oh Joy!!
    Do I sound negative today, or what!!!

    Well, better get back to work!!
    Most of my last minute stuff is done, all ready!! I like to start early---get those AM Blood Draws done & over with!!

    You all Have a WONDERFUL Day!!
    I wish you all Sunshine & Goodness Today!!

    Mary Ann
  7. by   nursemary9
    Hi Again

    Tweets!! You snuck in here while I wasn't looking!! Hope your paper goes well, and hope the weekend at work goes even BETTER!!

    Mary Ann
  8. by   suzy253
    Good morning all. just rolled out of bed and am having some coffee. Trying to get in the right mind set for working 3 evenings. week to work weekends. Oh well. BBL
  9. by   sirI

    it's ......

    teaching acls today/tomorrow. see all ya'll later. hope it's a great day for all.
  10. by   RGN1
    Hi all! I LOVE that picTweety!!

    My turn to work the weekend too Suzy - I'll be thinking of you. Hope it's a good one!

    Good muck Commuter! Oh boy - you're not gonna live that one down today

    I love your pics too Siri - they cheer up my day no end.

    Mary - enjoy your weekend off - we all know how precious time off is!

    To everyone else - have a good day & take care! xxxx
  11. by   suebird3
    Morning, all; after yesterday's call, I was told i can have today and tomorrow off. Was on standby 'just in case'. So far, so good. May give me some time to work on my inservice, in addition to other things needing doing.

    Will poke my beak in later....

  12. by   rninme
    Morning all !!

    Just dragging my carcass home from work...can't think, can't am beat....
    Tweety....Where did you get my picture??....LOL.....Looks just like me right about now !

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day...I'm hitting the sheets...nighty night
  13. by   suzy253
    RGN...thx...I'll be thinking of you too. Time off goes much to quickly!

    Taste test: Starbucks coffee. 1st cup was Breakfast blend...very good but a bit too mild; 2nd package of Costa Rican :wink2:

    G'nite RNINME. Have a good, restful sleep!
  14. by   suebird3
    Iffen we get Starbucks for home brewing, we mix with another coffee brand. Last thing I need is an over-hyper Moose.


    PS Obviously, I did NOT get a call in for the day. Yippee!