Friday - November 8th 2013 - Good Morning

  1. Good Morning -

    It's 2:01 AM (EST) here.

    I'm off from work but still in night-shift mode. It's just me and the small, brown dog, Chelsea, who's always by my side. Don't know what breed of dog she is but Chelsea is an affectionate canine family member. Always loves to get lots of love and attention.

    Yesterday was a day of rest after a previous night of semi-craziness at work. The car is still in the shop so I have no wheels, man. No wheels. LOL! It just only makes for a nice cozy stay at home. The car repair shop is waiting for the new winter snow tires that I'm purchasing for the vehicle. The tires were supposed to have been delivered yesterday. It didn't happen. Hopefully the new tires will be delivered today.

    Now. . . I should be writing music or something. I still haven't cleaned up the studio room which has been in disarray for about five months now. When I choose to procrastinate on a project, I do it well! LOL!

    Nothing much planned for today. I COULD straighten up the music studio but I've been saying that for months now. Maybe I'll finally get it done today.


    Oh my! THAT was funny! LOL!

    I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, but, who knows, it could happen.

    There are lots of other things that I could do today that could help me avoid straightening up the studio. I could mow the lawn, go for a stroll if the weather outside is nice, play with the dogs, surf the internet, pay the bills, watch television, read the newspaper. LOL!

    Anyway. . . I finally feel some "ZZZZZs" coming. Just might take advantage of it and get a little shut-eye.

    I hope all is well with everyone. AKY, been thinking of you. Hope you get the internet thing fixed. It would be just one more thing to not worry about. Hope your job plans are going your way. (((Hugs))) Sabby_NC - Hope the time with this gentleman is productive one way or another. Hopefully he gets his act together.

    Warmest regards to all. . .

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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    Ted the procrastinator- LOL- Now get that studio fixed and cleaned up, you CAN do this, hahhahahahaha Now I am a very good motivator so I could always land on your doorstep and get ya moving towards that studio!! Hope you get the car with new shoes this day.

    I am still struggling with S and I have to say this week has been very L O N G for me! I faced him about his constant yawning, he wears a CPAP but has not been tested in 3-5 years. I told him to get retested as he constantly yawns and it is rather embarrassing when he cannot hide it in patients homes. He stated he did not realize it was that bad, I said 'come on now you have to see this, you are always hiding yawns during the day'.

    Still unsure if this job is for S, I do not see great things, not much interaction, and so ruddy indecisive on everything. I have been asked to retrain him for two weeks and I will do this but I am not certain how my final report will read. Breaks my heart as I hate seeing anyone struggle and lose their jobs but goodness me he needs to have a spark plug placed some where the sun 'don't' shine and move it.

    Next week I am going to get him to do everything and I will ride his tail, watch his interaction with my patient's, make decisions but I am pleased I will be there for my patients should he make a decision which is ridiculous. Yesterday I had a patient in a pain crisis, typical visceral pain involving liver. S documents it down as musculoskeletal pain. I mean really!!

    My husband has a lot to answer for in asking the powers to be for me to retrain this person. LOL I am shocked how this person has got through in hospice for so long like this and YES he was trained but not by me!

    Yesterday I so wanted to beat the snot out of S because he kept asking the same question so many times I was ready to scream and make him walk back to the office so I could have a break. hahahahahahaha I can do this, I can do this, I will do this, then I am going to take a day off I SO need it. LMBO

    My patients make my day and make me feel so blessed to be able to do the best I can for them. Love what I do that is for sure.

    Hope you all have a most magical Friday.
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hope next week goes well for you Sabby

    Morning Ted

    Up a bit early, think a migraine's trying to start. Had one trying to start yesterday too. I've had my "migraine cocktail": ginger, caffeine, and ibuprofen, washed down with coffee. That should stop it. I think it's trying to decide leave my job that's triggering the increased migraines. I'm pretty much decided upon leaving, so hopefully the migraines will settle down now.

    Yesterday went fine at work, got everything done. Also got the grocery shopping done and my hair cut at work, and even had time for the exercise bike.

    Think I'm going to decide not to go to Madison right now, and wait until the spring. Been spending a lot of money lately. I'd be going at the end of November when it's quite cold. And I was just there in August, and I've gone every year for the last 7 years. So I figure it's better to wait a bit.

    Nothing else planned for today, except come home and relax. I'm pleased with myself: Last week I went out for lunch every day. This week I haven't gone out at all. Eating out a lot is one thing that is proving not only costly but making my diet much more difficult
  5. by   cardiacfreak
    Good morning all,

    Efiebke, I have to put my car in the shop today, I hope I don't have to wait like you have. Hope you sleep well.

    Sabby, I do not envy you, I have also had to "re-train" employees and it is never a good sign. Mine drove to work on his second night of retraining (He lived an hour away) and just quit. He said, "I don't think this job is for me and I am quitting." I now get teasingly harassed at work for running the new people off.

    Joe, Sorry to hear about your migraine, I hope you feel better soon.

    I finally have a day off and I don't have to babysit any of my grandkids (I have 6). So after taking the car to the shop I have lots of free time until Hubby comes home. I think I am going to lose myself in a great novel.

    I hope every one who visits here today has a most glorious day.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.

    Ted, I do understand all those things that could be done instead of cleaning. Tough about being without wheels.

    I finally got the second application in except I still have to do some kind of test on line. I was in no shape to do that last night so put it off for today. Today I also have to write a note for a friend and then notarize it. It should not take a long time and he is a good friend.

    Sabby, it must be so hard to stand back and watch S deal with your patients when you know them so well. If things don't improve perhaps he would leave voluntarily if he were offered unemployment. In some areas you can be fired and collect, especially if it is just not a good fit. It just does not sound like he wants to do the job, or his skill level is so low that he is struggling with what he knows how to do, like vitals. Pain management can be a difficult concept to understand if you lack some basic knowledge about pain. I just wonder if he is out of his depth as well as not a real calling to hospice. I think of hospice as a calling not a job.

    Joe, I hear you about not going where you know it will be colder. Spring is a great time to travel but winter really is frustrating. Hope you cocktail works.

    I went to doc yesterday. Added another B/P med. I am not surprised that my pressure is up. I think I have had a bit of stress that is more than my feeble coping abilities have been able to settle. He is a wonderful doctor and human being. He thought I was doing very well. I did tell him I am a great actor so most people do not know how much is going on inside.

    I have cleaned out almost all of SO's clothes. Most will be going to a center where they will be available for interviews, etc. I did find many things I think might fit one of our friends. I know he would approve of these choices. I have other things to do to make sure his kids get all the pictures and art he had. I suspect that raised my B/P

    Best get going. My cable is up and running correctly and I really need to check out SO's computers to see if I can get rid of one. Right now I feel over run with computers and wires.

    Have a great day and if you pray, pray for those in The Philippines. I have friends and extended family there and anxiously wait news.
  7. by   EMSnut45
    Good morning!

    I took my little dog to the vet Wednesday. She has lost two pounds over the last 6 months and is now a skinny 6 pounds. They drew some blood work and the results should be in today. Yesterday she got her nails trimmed. She may be small, but boy can she fight! I've started taking her to a local kennel that offers cheap mail trimmings on Thursdays. She has decided I'm not her friend since I keep taking her to "not nice places!"

    I picked up some OT today. Tomorrow I'm walking with a friend in a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. It should be a beautiful day!

    I hope everyone has a productive Friday (hint hint, Ted!!)!

  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning everyone.

    Sabby - hmmmm . . . for you to lose patience is a bad sign. Hope your day goes a bit better but still, this may not be his niche.

    I'm on call this weekend and we've got one teetering near "going home". It's quite a lengthy trip to get to where he lives and entails rugged narrow uphill roads. We shall see.

    Not much else to report - gotta get Spidey off to school.


    Enjoy your Friday and Ted, I'm a procrastinator as well so I'm not gonna JUDGE you like these other folks.
  9. by   dianah
    Greetings to all.
    I read all the posts.

    Just got home, after working thru lunch and 2.75hr OT.
    Needless to say, it was a busy day.
    Cases added, cases cancelled..
    Did a good PCI today (put stents in coronaries), hope he does well.
    Most of our pts are so very nice, I hope they ALL do well.
    Time and genes sometimes are not nice to THEM.

    Eating leftover soup, having cheese and crackers.

    Not much planned for the weekend, hope your Saturday is good!