Friday November 22, 2013

  1. Good Morning to you all,

    Sleep was elusive for me tonight so frustrating I tossed from 1am on that I decided I may as well get up but I stretched the tossing until 3am. I am only working 1/2 a day today so I am sure I can get my 3 visits taken care of in a timely manner then have very little office time before I head off to get my groceries before heading home to play with the dogs.

    So looking forward to running them around so they get a little more exercise, hard of an evening now to do this as it is dark thirty when I get home. Planning on hiking to some different areas this weekend although Sunday will be frigid so we will be rugged up for that.

    Having such a great week out in the field visiting my patients and families, although many are declining they are still remaining strong and rely so much on visits to help them through some tough times.

    Missing my home land very much lately so I shall be picking up the phone over the weekend and chatting to my brother, Aunt and my BFF's to catch up and have a good natter.

    Hope you are all doing well this day.

    Looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving at home with hubby and the dogs, going to bake a very small turkey in an oven bag but shall make the stuffing and put that in the bird like we do in Australia. Will have some yummy veggies to go with the bird.

    Have an awesome day, I pray you are blessed beyond measure.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Good Morning to you all

    And a Good Morning to you too, Sabby.

    You know, to me, it's still Yesterday. It won't be Tommorrow, which is Today, until I wake up from my Sleep Session. And, since I'm off Tonight, which is Tommorrow, I might just sleep past Midnight and then Tomorrow will be The Next Day.

    Ya know?

    Quote from Sabby_NC

    Sleep was elusive for me tonight
    I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm Happy that we're both Barely Conscious at the Same Time.

    Often Times, the Patients I serve complain of Insomnia. I say Soothing Things to them, like, "What's the Problem? It's not like you're got a Big Business Meeting in the Morning!" Or, "I'm going to be awake All Night too, and you don't hear me Whining!"

    Such is Insomnia.

    A Good day to You All.

    Davey (Insomnia Sympathizer) Do
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning. . .

    It's 5:39 AM (EST) here.

    Drinking First Coffee after getting a full night's sleep. Sabby_NC, it's usually the opposite. You'd be sleeping while us night owls are awake early in the morning. 1/2 day off for you, Sabby_NC. Nice! Enjoy the hike and the romp with the canine family members.

    Good to see you, Davie Dew! (Hey! That rhymes!) Are you working tonight or off from work? Sometimes it's nice not knowing if it's yesterday, today or tomorrow. All that matters is the moment, that magic moment of the "here and now". That's all the philosophizing I'm going to do for today. Hope your day is full of nice "heres and nows".

    First Coffee is almost finished. Gonna get Second Coffee soon.

    Didn't get much done yesterday. Not as much as I hoped to get done. Silly me. I decided to update the maps on my aging GPS that we use for our trips. It was telling us that it was time to update its maps, so I blindly followed its suggestion. (I have absolutely no life whatsoever! LOL!) Between downloading the new maps and installing it, it took almost 8 HOURS of my computer time (and time on the internet). I guess these map files for these GPS things are HUGE in size. Mine was almost 4 GBs in size which isn't good because we have a relatively slow internet service. Once I started the process I couldn't stop it for fear of hurting the GPS thingy. So, no music writing and sequencing (recording) which I do on computer. (Silly, silly me!)

    Today? I'm gonna get ready for an ecumenical choir rehearsal for a Christmas Holiday production that's taking place in early December. I'm won't be playing or directing that choir during that show but I did commit myself to help out with the rehearsal process. I was really, really, really, really hoping the guy who will be playing for that event would take the ENTIRE responsibility of rehearsing the choir. For some reason he declined that responsibility, even though he will be there for the rehearsal tonight. UGH! (I could use tonight for more procrastination in getting other things not done which I hope to get done! LOL!) Oh well. It's fun. I just wish I didn't have the responsibility of rehearsing the choir for this particular event.

    Sabby_NC - how's that play writing going? Are you going to video tape it? It would be a pleasure to watch it should your record it and share it here with your Allnurses friends.

    Joe - Hope you had a WONDERFUL day for yourself yesterday as you celebrated your birthday.

    Steph - Someday you gotta take that MBP out of the box and have fun with it! (How's the "waiting" The "waiting" should be over by now. If so, Congratulations!!! )

    aknottedyarn - Just thinking of you.

    And to everyone else. . . Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!

  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Sabby glad you only have a half day

    Hi Davey hope you get some sleep

    Hi Ted yesterday went pretty well.

    I'm off all day today, will try to ride my bike today as it's going to get colder and windier this weekend. Not sure what else I'll do, but I'm going to try not to overschedule myself and have an exhausting day off.

    Yesterday was fairly busy, had a new employee with me and had a sore throat by the time I was done talking and explaining things. Had to leave a little late due to some last minute issues but I got them resolved. Would have liked my birthday to be a very easy day at work but this one wasn't so bad.

    Other than work did the grocery shopping. For lunch yesterday I made a reservation at the restaurant in our building, it was nice to take a full hour to enjoy a good restaurant. Got home and had a glass of wine or two and took it easy.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning - second cup of coffee at my right hand.

    Ted - my daughter-in-law sent me a text while I was at Barnes and Noble that she might have lost her mucous plug. No contractions. Her OB "stripped her membranes" on Wednesday. She isn't due until Dec 1. I'm hoping she waits to go into labor until after today at least but this weekend too as I'm on call. We are headed their way next Tuesday. I think it may have been part of the after effects of the stripping of her membranes and not the mucous plug.

    School district nurse today and then on call at 5 p.m. for hospice.

    Sabby - sorry about the insomnia . . . I fell asleep about midnight-thirty and woke at 0600. Not too bad.

    Joe - yesterday it was sooo windy . . . be careful on the bike.

    Gotta go get Spidey up . . hey, where did you see Davey Do?? He's rarely on this thread. You two keep knocking each other in the head over on that other thread.
  7. by   bushambo
    Good morning all. Ceinwen is out of hospital and all is well. She is home at her sisters. I am so relieved.
    Hafta go . Blood transfusion on one engine.