Friday, May 22nd, 2009 Just another day on 5the "wrong side " of the bed??

  1. Well, good morning everyone that has already beaten me up and out out of bed this day. I live in Louisiana,. north Louisiana to be exact, and right now, the weather is just, well - FUNKY, like it can be so many times a week here in West Monroe. It's relatively cool feeling at the moment, partlt because it's rainy, and still early, here it's 0403. I know it's funky and rainy and 0403 because the nurse tech just came in and dragged me kicking and screaming (in my own little warped mind, of course!!!) drawing my AM labs to be sent off. AGAIN.

    I wasn't sure if there had been a "daily thread" started yet this am,so I figured I would unload a wee little bit on some of my cyber friends and family since everyone else is still having their routine siesta, or at least still sleeping their little toushies off at the moment.

    Some of you know that I've been in limbo waiting for a cardiologist down in New Orleans, La. to call and either schedule me for another cardiac cath procedure to repair my atrial septal defect or give me the bad news that the "big bad cut" would be needed. Of course, we haven't heard anything positive yet from the heart guy down there, in fact, they are saying my films and CD still haven't shown up, even though "someone" in the office did get them and actually signed fior them and that "...maybe I just need to undergo another cardiac cath/EP study to reproduce the "MIA" films ... " My response was a rather long stering of obsenities that noteven eddie Murphy or the likes of which wouldn't even think about saying either. Mama taught me better, so they didn't actually come out of the mouth of this babe, but they sure did want to!

    Long story short, sort of, this is day 3 in the hospital for me on telemetry at the same hospital where my dh supervises on days. I had been cleaning the house this evening, Monday evening, I guess, just the usual as far as that goes, sweeping, mopping, vaccuum, dusting, et all. The past 3 days prior to this evening, I had gotten some kind of GI virus or just a big fat case of crazy tail nerves or something like that, so my lytes were out of kilter. I remember coming into the kichen after completing my cleaning and picked up two coffee cups by the handle in my right hand to put these up - they were the last of the dishes I had washed and wanted to finish up all that fun stuff. I remember feeling just weird all of a sudden like just a little flash of it, and I dropped both cups and made a HUGE noise. They didn't break, they just sounded so loud. I had a strange sensation in my chest, kind of midsternal, and it went straight through and kind of exited out just under my left shoulderblade. (Not a whole lot of med terminology used there, but I am still prying my eyeballs off each other). Anyway, apparently, I fell face first into the kitchen tle floor and hit with a loud thud, also reported to me by my dear dear well meaning dh. He said he called my name a few times when he heard the noise my head made on the floor (OUCH!!!) He jumped up and got down there by me, and I still had a pulse and respiratory efort, although the resp effort wasn't very good, he didn't think it was going to lkast long. He grabbed the cordless and called 911 o get the rescue units rolling in our direction, and then prceeded to try to keep me from being "mauled" by my 3 year old "babydolgggie", Sissie, my little mini daschund, dapple colored. That's my baby, and she is always one step behind me, and even wants to sit on Mama's lap when Mama has to go potty too, which is kind of silly. I've always had dogs, but never one who liked to do that.

    So, I get in the ambulance, the second time in about 5 weeks that AMR has been called to the house to come help get my big rear end get up. We get there and go through all the usual ER /unknowninjury /trauma panel stuff, and of course a foleyh catheter. This was the first time for me to have an indwelling cath, and with my seizure the last of March of this year, I got to experience my first in and out. Neither were very pleasant, by the way. The foley just kept giving me the sensation that I needed to pee, and I knew that was normal, so no biggie.

    But, most MDs and nurses are pretty bad patients, and, well ... I just didn't like that foley too much. Even though I had a positive LOC for almost 15 minutes, the ER doc didn't scan my head. They got me a room assigned, thank goodness it didn't take TOO long. I think we only had tpo wait about 5 hours or so to get a tele bed assigned and me in it. Well, the little ER tech that drew my ER trauma panel labs mistakenly nleft some of her supplies nat my bedside, and one nthing did catch my eye. A 10 cc syringe, still sterile, in the packaging and all still in the packaging. So, I just grabbed it and stuck it in the bed with me, to have upstairs.

    I get into the room, and meet my RN, my LPN, and a very sweet nurse tech. They get they get on the stick with their nstat stuff, then I don't see them for quite a while, which is understandable, because this unit stays busy. I asked one of the nurses to check on the foley coming out and she checked and said the ER staff didn't ever write the order for it to go in in the first place. Then she gets called away again and I'm just kind of on autopilot. So, I get to thinking, oh, they wonj't even notice if the foley is gone, it wasn't ordered anyway, so I get up to the bathroom with mycontraband (my sterile dry syringe, nothing good) and deflate the balloon. Next, the cath tip just slips out, which is exactly what I had planned on telling them if they even noticed that it was initilly there, and not there oon subsuquent assessments. (They didn't, by the way.)

    So, since the night I got brought in by ambulance, I haven't done anything except experience some of that wonderful north Louisiana cuisine. Last night for supper, for instance, they sent me a big sweet potato that had to be the size of a monkey's boody, cut into two pieces for a "main course", I guess it was their idea of kind of sort of being meat for some reason. Then, they gave me about a third of a cup of stewed okra and tomatoes, which I ate a few bitesd of that cause I was starving like Marvin by this point, and a really small roll, the kind they used to give us when I attended elementary school to go with spaghetti mor something like that. The other meals that I have gotten before this one were about then same, just kind of enough of a vile smell when you pull off the tray dome and you get the distinct impression that someone in front of you on a road just hit a big fat skunk or something just as yucky.

    The cardiologist that did my EP study in the cath lab when NO staff say they have lost the films and we have to repeat it is the one who admitted me, called down there and "blessed out " the staff member that was brave enough to admit that yes, she was the one to "misplace" the films, ect.

    The financial situation, or just the facility not giving a crap won't provide for the little sleeve type of apparatus that encloses your tele pack and has the little thin straps so you can actually put the straps over your shoulder or around your neck so you don't have to just hold it all the time like you do now, and try really hard when your diuretics kick in and you run for the potty that the tele pack has the potential to slip off your lap and land floating with the tidy bowl man when you pee. A pleasant experience, as you can imagine, if you're trying to get it back out without causing further harm to it.

    So, I'm hoping that the cardiologist will still be pleased enough with my tele strips and my BP reads that he will cut me lose. After all, I can do most of this at home and be with my dh and my 11 yr. old son.

    Keep fingers crossed and maybe I'll get out and not have to see any more sweet potatoes dressed up as main courses. I guess I just never outgrew the "stink face" my mom said she used to see me make when I saw them on the dinner tabkle. I was always so very picky when it came to veggies and all that, I still can't eat mushroom slices on my pizzas because they look to me like (PLEASE EXCUSE THE RATHER VIVID COMPARISON!) what I used to think the cross section of a penis would look like. I know, it sounds just really nasty, and would just ruin the taste of them even if I had never made the connection like that.

    Still trying to get out into the yard in the early AMs before it gets too blasted hot out there. This is my second season of working with the rose bushes and my thumb is getting a good bit greener, thank goodness!! I have one single blueberry plant and a tomato plant and some cucumbers that are all starting to do a little something. The tomato plant only has one little pitiful green halfway decent sized tomato on the vine so far, so I'm trying to talks sweet to it, if it makes any sense. Years ago when I was still working in an ICU unit, we all used to fight over the minute amount of TPN left in the bottom of the IV bag. It took me a while to figure out what they were using it for and how great it was on the flower beds, roses, veggies, indoor things, outdoor, anything. Man, do I miss that, seeing the dramatic increase of everything just shooting up and up.

    Anne, RNC
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  3. by   cursedandblessed
    good morning. i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    seriously, sweet potato, okra and a roll??? byuckky!!
  4. by   WalkieTalkie
    Wow, good luck with everything! Funny about the Foley!!!
  5. by   CseMgr1
    Sounds like typical "hospital" fare.

    Update on BIL: He has not been doing well of late. Several days ago he began running intermittent, low-grade temps. I thought it might be due to a developing infection from his Penrose drain. My sister took him to the ER yesterday. A wound care nurse was called in. Turns out that his surgical incision (which was masked and covered with steri-strips), had become infected and dehisced. He was also dehydrated. An I&D was done, the wound packed with Iodoform gauze, and he was given IV fluids and Levaquin and sent home.

    I know he's sick (and probably depressed, too), but he has been a PITA since being discharged home from the hospital nearly two weeks ago. He's demanding, refusing to eat, drink or walk. All he wants to do is sit in his recliner and stare at the T.V. After a particulary nasty scene the other day in which my sister finally threw up her hands, proclaiming: "I can't
    do this anymore", I got onto him: "Give her a break", I scolded. "You are a survivor and not a victim", I went on, "And the cancer that caused all this mess has been burned to a crisp in the hospital's incinerator. "You can get better". He just nodded and answered absently: "OK".

    I wouldn't wish what he's been through during the past year on my worst enemy. To make matters worse, none of his five kids give a damn about him. I just wish I knew there was something else I could say or do, to help him.
  6. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from cursedandblessed
    good morning. i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    seriously, sweet potato, okra and a roll??? byuckky!!
    see, i know! and to me, a "main course" isn't just double the size of a veggie that i `consider nasty in the first place. yuck!!! it doesn't have to "moo" to be a main course, but still, ......

    anne, rnc
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Wow, unless my eyes deceive me (and if so a mod will merge) there is no thread yet and it is almost 8 a.m. on the West Coast.

    Good morning from sunny and warm Northern Ca.

    Join me for coffee or tea :hotchocolate: and some breakfast and conversation.

    Don't leave me . . . all alone. :aln:

  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Me again - interesting little tiny story about my hospice patient who died last night of pancreatic cancer.

    She comes from a Hispanic/Native American family - the matriarch actually - with 10 kids. Very loving and emotional family with the usual tensions and joy.

    We've been trying for days to get a priest for this woman and her family. Our local priest is out of the area. We finally contacted him and he was going to see her on Sat.

    Yesterday a daughter called and said she had one Ativan left and needed a new bottle. I decided to take them yesterday even though she said she wouldn't need it until today. When I got there, the patient had taken a turn for the worse since Monday and my impression was she would die that day. I contacted the social worker who tracked down a priest down the mountain, over 70 miles away. He came up with no problem and made it to the house before she died. She was still awake and the family were very grateful and said he was very nice and woudn't take a donation.

    After all the trouble trying to get a priest there - to have one come up that fast was kind of amazing. Seems simple - but if I hadn't visited yesterday, I wouldn't have seen the deterioration, wouldn't have called the sw, the sw wouldn't have found a priest (it was her first call from the Yellow Pages too btw) and my patient would have died w/o getting to see the priest for Extreme Unction.

    I spoke with our chaplain and he said the Holy Spirit works hard to see that the needs of believers are met.

  9. by   Spidey's mom
    As I'm looking around this morning, there aren't many threads recently posted upon . . . . maybe the site was down for awhile?

    You hooooo . . .where are you?

    Talking to myself here . . . . feeling a little odd.:hngon:

  10. by   BEDPAN76
    Hi Steph and all who follow, Good Morning! I am enjoying day 2 of my mini-vacation. So far being lazy....Plan to go later to Trader Joe's which just opened down the street. I've heard great things about it and will probably spend more than I should!$$$$$ Be back later.....:smilecoffeecup:
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Ah, someone showed up.

    I like Trader Joes - their organic stuff is actually cheaper than the other grocery stores. But they don't have everything I need so I still have to go to Winco or another grocery store.

    We got a new one in the town down the mountain where I go to school. I usually stop by the one in Sacramento when I visit a friend there.

    I'm working in cardiac rehab this morning for a friend who is on vacation so I'd better get up from here. My daughter is home for the weekend and my son has a tummy ache so he is not going to school. And I have a babysitter! (my daughter)

  12. by   compassion1
    Good morning Steph and Bedpan. I'm here. And a good morning to all who follow.

    Steph, you're right. God did send you to your patient just when you were needed most. Makes you feel good when you know that, huh? I hope your son gets to feeling better real soon. Not fun feeling icky. Have a good day at work. (((((((hugs)))))))

    Good to see you again, Bedpan. Enjoy what's left of your mini vacation. Sounds nice. I wish there were a Trader Joes in my neck of the woods. I've heard a lot of praise about them here on AN. Maybe someday.

    Wishing you all a wonderful God blessed day.
  13. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi Steph Bedpan Marilyn!

    A bit busy today...have to do laundry, shopping, write a short essay, and design a poster for research day. But at least I could sleep in.

    Gotta get the cat into the groomer's too, her coat looks terrible and is worsening her constipation. Though you have to make appointments two weeks in advance and costs three times what my haircuts cost. It'd be quicker and cheaper to take her to Mario Tricocci.

    Tomorrow's going to be very busy, class in the morning, work in the afternoon (and then clincials in the AM on Sunday).
  14. by   Jailhouse nurse
    sissiesmama, thank you for your humourous and and insightful post!

    your description of appropriating and putting to good use the 10 cc syringe gave me a hearty chuckle-smart lady, thinking on your feet (so to speak ).

    will keep you and yours in my prayers.