Friday January 25, 2013

  1. Good Morning one and all,

    Busy night on call and add that to a poor nights sleep the night before I am exhausted. Have to head out early to an MD appt then get 3 quick visits done before the nasty weather hits.

    Looks like we are in for snow, sleet then transitioning to the freezing rain stuff. I am relieved hubby will be at a meeting in the corporate office so he can come home from there.

    I will do my visits heading back home in the areas that my patients are will make it easier for me to see them and then be close to home when the weather starts.

    Had a great day yesterday although the meeting we had was long and at times very frustrating but that is what they are like at times. Was good to see colleagues I do not often get to see so that was nice.

    I cannot dilly dally today due to the early appt so I wish you all a very good day. Be safe and keep warm.

    Much love I send to each of you.
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  3. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    Be careful Sabby. We are supposed to get hit starting at rush hour tonight. I hope to be home and snuggled in by that time. Hope you make it the same way.

    Nothing much to report. Want to get the project done so I can go home in peace before the snow flies.

    Got to run. Be safe out there and TGIF.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning!

    I am posting from my workplace. I expect to get off sometime within the next hour. After the shift ends I plan to go to the health club for some exercise if I am not feeling too tired. Since I am scheduled to return to work tonight, I plan to sleep during the day.

    Have an amazing Saturday!
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby AKY Commuter

    steph I'm going to shift my position a bit, going to be working with a specific group of members (transplants) rather than a geographic area. Same work, but with different people

    Not as cold today, no much snow either.

    Yesterday went pretty well, no major crises, got everything done. I'm hoping today will go equally well or better. Hopefully things will also start improving soon.

    Going out for a drink after work with some people from the office. We have some people moving to different positions so this is kind of a going away party.

    Got the laundry and grocery shopping done last night so I'd have extra time available tonight. Nothing else going on tonight.
  6. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Please be careful, warm and dry you guys! unless you are too warm lol... love yas...
  7. by   GHGoonette
    Hi there from someone who will definitely be too warm tomorrow! Weather forecast promises degrees C and I'm wondering where I should go to get out of the heat. A nice riverside under shady trees would be nice but trying to shift hubs is a waste of time, especially on sports Saturday! Don't think DGS will go for it either - he wants to watch a movie.

    It's been a week from hell for me - my colleague didn't come to work and the drs seem to have eased back into their usual tempo. I find we've had a lot of c-sections since Christmas, kind of a mini baby boom. I worked till midnight on Tuesday thanks to two emergency caesars, and stayed late again on Wednesday for a twin birth. Thank goodness, my UM took mercy on me and gave me Thursday off. Friday being my normal day off, it's been a nice extra long weekend for me. Next week we should be back to full staff complement, barring further absences due to illness.

    DGS is back at school! I found a small private school, not too expensive, which specializes in rectifying gaps in education in children who are not doing well in the State schools. While DGS has not been failing, he certainly hasn't been attaining his full potential. This school encourages individuality and independent thought, and focuses solely on academic acheivement, unlike many of the State schools which are very sports oriented. I have great hopes that our boy will shine there.

    I spent today getting all DGS's stationery and text books. There are still a few outstanding, but I've had to order them, there are none in stock at the educational bookstores. I need to do a bit of snooping around on the web and see if any are available in ebook format. Would make sense, wouldn't it, but one learns not to expect sense in our educational department.... Last year there was a huge stink when it came to light that thousands of learners in certain grades had not been supplied with their text books. Suspiciously, a "Govt-friendly" company had been awarded a tender to supply the books, and the Dept changed the syllabus, resulting in vast quantities of books having to be ordered from this company. A major scandal erupted when it was discovered that huge numbers of brand new text books from the previous syllabus had been destroyed in order to "make space" for the new books. There were calls for the Minister's head on a charger, but of course it came to nothing, and she's still in her high-paying job. Sometimes I find this country terribly depressing. The sufferers are the poorest of the poor, and there's precious little we can do to stop the abuse of our tax money. People who complain are called, depending on their background, "racist", "coconuts" or "counter-revolutionaries".

    Ugh, I've whinged enough and I'm just making myself nauseous! Have a wonderful Friday!