Friday, December 16, 2005

  1. Hello everyone!

    Where's Grace when you need her to start the day's thread?

    My paper's almost done, just tweaking a few things before turning it in. I did it over stem cell research and let me tell ya, it's not an easy subject to wrap your head around. It's pretty deep.

    I still haven't decided what to cook for Christmas dinner. My dad of course, wants meat. Well, what man doesn't? I wish I had one of those Gooseberry Cookbooks. They have such good ideas.

    I'm watching a show on TLC about the boy whose skin fell off. I've been crying since it started. Can't you tell I'm just in a wonderful, cheery mood?

    I hate hate hate snow and now we've got three inches of the white crap! :angryfire

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  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    hello bethin!

    That is an excellent documentary and it also had me bellowing like a baby the entire a sucker I was just hoping he really wouldn't die but at the same time I wanted to see his misery come to an end.

    I am thoroughly abusing my membership....I have been off and on all day. Watching tv and posting taking a much needed break from school.

    Can't wait to see hubby (4 mo' days left) and celebrate Christmas.

  4. by   bethin
    Only four more days?? Probably seems like an eternity to you! If you don't post when he gets home we all know what you'll be doing.

    I'm going to start a new thread but I thought I'd mention it here first:

    Would you please take a look at It's filled with thousands of soldiers who need things or just want letters from home. Just pick a name on the left of the screen and read what they have written. It's the least we can do.

    My best friend's hubby made it to Kuwait. Now, I'm confused. :uhoh21: They are convoying 30 hours into Iraq. Roadside bombs anyone?? Why can't they fly? My friend is doing ok under the circumstances. She came into work on Sun but I was working so I didn't get a chance to really talk to her. I thought I'd give her a week or 2 to get adjusted and then take her out for the day. We both love to shop but we don't buy a whole lot. We just like to browse, I guess. We can spend 14 hours shopping and eating. She told me she has to stay busy or she'll cry. Maybe I'll talk her into going skydiving with me. She'll be so busy peeing her pants she'll forget about hubby.
  5. by   suebird3
    bethin....thank heavens grace didn't start the thread. we would be eating lunch by now.

    wife....good luck!!

    i just got home; talk more later....

  6. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Bethin, don't encourage Grace, she doesn't know what day it is. hehehe

    Off to work soon. I got a good nights sleep. Poor spouse got delayed due to snow up north and had to take a shuttle home and got to bed by 4AM. But he's off for the next week, and has a "office week", which is interesting since his office is here at home.
  7. by   Fonenurse
    Good morning all! I feel a fraud writing that as there are only 23 minutes of morning left! I can't believe that I have slept till now - still, my body obviously needs it - where is everyone today? Hope everyone is ok. It's cold but sunny here in the north of England and I am going to arrange to get my hair cut to cheer me up - I have a Christmas lunch to go to next week and want to impress - no-one has seen me whilst I have been off sick, and I have lost a whole load of weight!!

    My heart goes out to all of those whose partner / hubby / spouse is o/s at war - I can't begin to imagine what they must be feeling or going through. I will surely visit that website... :typing
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    good day all

    Can't say morning as it has just gone into the afternoon here in the UK
    Busy day at work as I am the only nurse working today at the doctors surgery. Keeps me out of mischief

    Hope everyone has a good day and will pop back later
  9. by   Katnip
    Good morning, everyone.

    A very cold day this morning. Roads are solid ice, and much to my shame so is my sidewalk. Guess I should get out there and chip away at it. Or wait until one of the kids gets up to do it. But by that time it will have melted.

    I have to take some time out for some soul-searching. After the new year I feel like I need to start working. I could do agency, but I feel like since I've only had just over a year of experience in ER that I don't have the confidence to go waltzing in to new environments. Even though I came from the second busiest ER in the state. The managers there even said they'd take me back as agency in a few months and believe me they have plenty of slots open for agency nurses, since 75% of staff is agency.

    Then again I could look for a nice boring office job. Or a doctor's office. Our pediatrcian is hiring part-time. I like kids.

    I don't know. I need to get my head together.

    I'm worried about my kids. DS is all but failing school and this is his senior year. He was never a stellar student before, but now he says he just doesn't care. I need to get him in to counseling, but have no idea who's good with kids. And DH is afraid counseling will make him worse. DH unfortunately is an engineer with an engineer's mind and wants solid solutions, not the "mushiness" of psychology since he can't seem to get his mind around it.

    Oh, I should have just stayed in bed instead of coming here and whining. Sorry about that.

    I hope all of you have a good day.

  10. by   luvltc
    Good morning all.

    It's snowing and cold here. I've missed everybody. I been laid up sick with a rotten cold for the last week and haven't even felt like turning on the computer. Hope everyone is well. Just a quick note then I need to get to bed.

    Rotten start to work last night. I overslept. Was supposed to be to work at 7pm and woke up at 7:20 pm. First time I have ever done that. Guess my old body still needed some rest.

    Everyone stay safe. Will check in later, hopefully.
  11. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Hi and good day to everyone!

    My Algebra class starts today! Then at 1:30, my lil' dd's party at school starts.

    I'll check back in later when I take a break!
  12. by   CardioTrans
    Good morning everyone! Not much going on here today, its 28 degrees with ice all over the place, and Im in the south!

    Im off til next Wed, so it will be nice to be able to do not much of anything. Gonna finish up some last minute Christmas shopping and catch up on my reading "for fun". I just bought James Pattersons new book, so I can get lost in it for awhile.

    Hope everyone has a good day!!
  13. by   mercyteapot
    I can still say good morning, it's only 5:53 here. Been up since 3 with a sick child. Today is the last day of school before break, but he's going to have to miss it. I have the day off, anyway, so no childcare worries. I am missing a Christmas breakfast with one of my work teams, though.
  14. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I can't sign in to the interactive classroom yet! GRRRRR!

    That's like ready to take off to start a race, but the gun won't shoot. :chuckle

    Sorry to all not feeling well, or with sick kiddos.