Friday December 08

  1. good morning, night to all
    my din din went well but too many hours of guy talk
    i wanted to be knitting, or watching ER, or taking a bubble bath
    oh what we won't do for love
    but big daddy had a great time, i'm glad
    so it's Friday,,,
    i have 2 12's sat and sun
    groceries to do tomorrow
    and some more relaxing


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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Hello, all! Thank you, Muffie, for starting this thread. :kiss

    I have a busy day planned tomorrow: chiropractic appointment, school, and an overtime shift at work. I wish I could have more leisure time on occasion.
  4. by   bethin
    Hi muffie!

    I have 2 12's this weekend too. I think I'll go to Borders and pick up a book I requested "What Was Asked of Us". Story of a marine whose job it was to pick up dead bodies in Iraq. Sounds interesting.

    Wait, I only have to do one 12. I work Sat but I'm off Sunday to take my brother to the Bengals game. Now I'm excited! The weather's going to be ok. I think around 45. But I'll be outside for hours so I'll be freezing by the end of the game.

    Have a wonderful Friday!
  5. by   muffie
    that sounds like a very busy day indeed
  6. by   muffie
    bethin you will need some hot choccy for that game to keep warm
  7. by   TheCommuter
    In addition, I have two 16 hour shifts this weekend, as has been the case every weekend since March of this year.
  8. by   muffie
    commuter, that is rotten
    when do you have time to breathe ?
  9. by   bethin
    I was thinking more along the lines of beer
  10. by   muffie
    ccccccold !
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from muffie
    commuter, that is rotten
    when do you have time to breathe ?
    I can breathe once this semester is completed (which is in 1 week). I will also breathe a sigh of relief when my wrecked Toyota is fixed!
  12. by   muffie
    how many more semesters do you have, commuter ?
  13. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from muffie
    how many more semesters do you have, commuter ?
    This is my very first semester of prerequisites for an RN program.

    In other words, I have a bunch of semesters to go! :uhoh21:
  14. by   compassion1
    Good morning Muffie, TheCommuter and Bethin. I don't know how you guys can handle those schedules! I have all I can do to handle 8 hour shifts/40 hour weeks. I'm gettin' so old and creaky!
    I guess I better get to sleep. 6am comes awful early and I got only 2 hours of zzzzz's last night. So nighty night and sleep tight.