Friday 8th September, 2006

  1. g'day, it's friday! ......... and of course, my friday is drawing to a close!
    i posted earlier today on the thursday thread, shared how i was feeling about the impending visit of dh's brother.
    well, i held up rather well. i stayed calm and dignified. didn't let on how i was really feeling, or why. he arrived, loud and full of himself, as always. so, nothing has changed. he started right off with boasting how he's now a millionaire, how his business is worldwide, etc etc etc, blah blah, blah. so indiscreet and tacky. no class at all. he spent about two hours here talking, mostly about himself, his life, his wealth, his possessions. dh and i just listened and nodded in the appropriate places. he showed no interest in us nor our children. the only interest shown was when he rudely asked how we finance our, (young at 55), retirement!!! i replied; "who wants to know?" and stared straight into his eyes with a stoney face. he choked as he tried to wrangle out of that one! he never got the answer to his rude question! :angryfire i'm more than a match for him and his attempts to intimidate and be rude.
    the time passed quickly, and soon enough his taxi arrived to collect him.
    neither dh nor i were impressed, and we do wonder what the heck his visit was really all about! apart from to boast and show just how lacking in any class he is!
    anyway............. i actually sailed through despite my earlier trepidation. both dh and i came away from that visit feeling enormously proud of the people we are. we also realise his brother has absolutely no clue as to how hurt we were as a result of his, ( and the family's), neglect all those years ago! no clue and or, simply doesn't really care. we suspect it's the latter since he was told several years ago!
    thanks to those who offered words of wisdom, i really appreciated it. :icon_hug:
    now....... on with your friday!
    hope everyone has a safe and happy end to the week.
    thanks for indulging me as i offloaded! it's good to be able to vent/share sometimes.
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  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Hi Grace- I was going to say Good Morning, but you're probably heading off to bed. Big thumbs up to you and dh. As for his brother, he'll get his one day. I'm a big believer in that. My dh's brother is like that sometimes. Very arrogant and not considerate of others. Like another poster said on the other thread, hopefully this was your quota of the clod for the next ten years.

    I'm at work now. I have to chart two more assessments and then get my patooty moving. Pt has an OR time of 07:00, so they'll be up @ 06:00 to get her; along with the lab, the residents and everyone else. I have to switch to daylight 7a-7p on Sat/Sun. :selfbonk: I hate daylight. (Maybe I'll be called off. Hahahaha!)

    For all to come: have a great day. I'll be sleeping through it. (Not counting the required q3-4 hour pee breaks.)
  4. by   jmgrn65
    Hello grace, sorry that you bil was such as jerk, sometimes people are so insecure that they feel the need to boast and show off.
    Nursebaby hope the rest of your shift goes well.
    hello to everyone else yet to come.
  5. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Everyone have a great day today!
  6. by   rninme
    Morning all

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Had last night back on for 3

    We're still full.....not an empty bed to be found in this part of the state...has been a bad summer for pneumonia for some reason. Hopefully going to start slowing down a little bit...we sure need a break! pot is empty
  7. by   sirI
    Good Morning all

    Gracie, thanks for starting the Good Morning thread. Read about your BIL on yesterday's thread. Now, I see this meeting is forever in the past. Thank goodness. I know that it had to be difficult. You and dh are to be commended on how you handled this. I'm sure your BIL knew that he did not and could not put anything over on ya'll.

    Our families can cut us so very deeply, can't they? Kudos to ya'll.

    I'll be around, just haven't felt well past few days. Coffee and maybe back later and if not, I'm reading about your day. Hope all have a good Friday.
  8. by   Medic2RN
    Good morning everyone ~ I'm sipping on a yummy jug-o-coffee! I hope y'all are doing the same!
    Grace, I'm thinking that your BIL and my BIL need to go out for a beer together! :biere:

    Have a great day!!
  9. by   dianah
    Well done, Grace and dh! He's clueless. Maybe he'll ponder your dignity and contentment and wisdom, but I doubt it. As others have posted, it's done; time to move on! Congrats to you both!

    I'm up getting oldest ds ready to go to an overnight retreat with his class. He has to be at the school @ 0700. Dh usually has left for work by then, but he's staying home d/t sniffles today, and he'll take him (after I got up early to be sure I had everything done/ready ). Oh well, that means I get to be here, lol!

    Not much going on this weekend, will be here on and off, of course! We may go to a MINI GTG on Sunday, for lunch.

    Everyone have a good day! -- D
  10. by   donsterRN
    Good morning, all... Have a great day!!!
  11. by   babynurselsa
    Morning all.
    Grace you must absolutely be the queen of self-restraint. I am so glad that is over for you.
    Siri, I hope you and dgd feel better soo.
    Tweety, man of so few words. hagd
    Nurseybaby-sleep well
    rninme-never a shortage of work-is there?
    Hey medic why waste good beer?
    Dianah, sometimes I wish I had your energy.
    Don how is school?
    Well, I picked up my new glasses yesterday. I guess I am now a grown-up (sort of) I had to graduate up to bi-focals. Please pray I don't hurt myself.... I am making myself wear them to try and adjust before work tonight. Little man is watching Wonder pets and dh is mowing the back yard. I am gonna have to reward him somehow later....
    He almost never mows the back yard. He will mow the front but delay the back until I do it.
    Looks like a pretty day here and I saw several garage sales while taking sissy to school may have to go treasure hunting here in a few.
  12. by   JaxiaKiley
    Good morning, all! I hope all is going well.

    I'm off to study for my test on Monday!
  13. by   suzy253
    Good afternoon all.
    Rough shift last night, couldn't fall asleep when I got home and just woke up about 1/2 hr ago. Of course I was up earlier to feed the kitties and then back to bed.

    Good job Gracie in your handling of your BIL! I love it when you start the a.m. thread...yes I do! :blushkiss

    Hope you feel better Siri.

    I'm having my 1st cuppa and contemplating what to do today (if anything). I'm off now until next week so I have some time on my hands and don't necessarily have to do my chores and stuff today. Hmmmmmm.
  14. by   live4today
    I posted a nice got back in a sec. I'm on the library computer, sooooooooooo.......