Friday 5th June

  1. [color=sandybrown]good morning on a wet and cooler friday

    [color=#f4a460]sat outside and listened to the rain for the longest time, appreciating the quiet time and enjoying such blessings. been really contemplating life and the blessings that we take for granted. life can get so busy and so much gets tossed our way but is it all important, in the long run and general scheme of things no.

    [color=#f4a460]life is precioius, what we receive daily is a blessing and i for one, do not ever want to take that for granted.

    [color=#f4a460]have a busy day for a friday but none the less it will be nice to visit with my patients for a while.

    [color=#f4a460]have rescheduled hubby's surprise plane flight either tomorrow at 9am or in the evening at 5pm. pilot will call to confirm with me later this evening. looks like tomorrow will be the only day without rain etc so that works for me. hubby is getting so suspicious as to what the heck i am up too lol

    [color=#f4a460]got the peepers checked this week and am looking forward to new prescription glasses for distance work and i took the plunge and also got some prescription sunglasses. i think those will help with the glare issue.

    [color=#f4a460]hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful day. :heartbeat
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi Sabby! I must have missed something, where are you and Joey going?

    Today is laundry and shopping day, followed by my last clinical day. Which will be nice. And it's a PM shift rather than an AM, so I didn't have to get up early this morning.

    Spent some time yesterday talking to one of my advisors, seeing what she thought about going for a PhD. She liked the idea, but she thought that my alternate idea of doing an acute care NP was just as good. I'll have to spend some time thinking about which way I want to go.

    Managed to find another ticket (just by chance) for my convocation, so the addition of my BIL shouldn't be a problem.

    Weather still strangely cool for this time of year...
  4. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning Sabby and Joe and of course all to follow.
    Sabby you are so right, so many take life for granted.
    Joe have a good last clinical.
    Hope everyone has a good day.
  5. by   suzy253
    Morning all! I've found you all again.
    I apologize for being MIA. Work, life in general, was sick for a few days, computer virus/spyware on my computer almost caused it to crash.

    I've been updating myself on what's going on out there. Now that I've found you all again, I'll be around a lot more!

    I'm off today and of course it is going to pour with rain. If anything, it will make staying inside cozier when I take up my book reading but come on!! My weekend on and it's supposed to be sunny and glorious in the 70's. Arrrggh.

    Nice to 'see' everyone again.

    Hugs all around xx
  6. by   Grace Oz
    cooeee there miss tassie! hope aunty is coming along ok since her bypass, wishing her a full and speedy recovery. fingers crossed that the surprise flight can happen on saturday. i have prescription sunnies and they're the best thing since sliced bread! you'll be glad of them! :d

    greetings everyone!

    it's now friday night here, i'll soon be headed off to bed. i've had a nice day out with a dear friend. we met in the city and caught up over lunch, then browsed the shops and finished the day with a coffee in borders bookstore after perusing the books! books i do i do!!!:d

    we've been blessed with more good rain, just wish it wasn't accompanied by the cold temperatures! brrrrr!

    talk about a ruckus here last night! because it's winter now, we let the two pooches sleep inside. well! all hell broke loose! from a flat out static sleeping position, they both flew out of their bed like rockets into space and it was on for young and old! we had an uninvited and unexpected guest! ...... a mouse! :scrm::grn:
    well, after much ado and noise making by all and sundry, it was pooches and humans = nil ---- mouse = 20!
    i tell you, it was like a scene from a slapstick monty python style comedy!
    we ended up setting a trap ... or two, and this morning it was "operation mouse catch" completed!
    we rarely ever see mice here in the house! just don't seem to have a problem with those critters. still, just because we don't see 'em, don't mean they're not in here! :uhoh21: i can't stand them!

    it's the queen's birthday holiday long weekend here this weekend ...... thanks your majesty!
    happy birthday! :flowersfo she has served the commonwealth admirably. australia may well become a republic one day, but i doubt in her lifetime. we have no set plans for the weekend, might go on a hike but otherwise will just go with the flow!

    ok, need to catch up the threads. i missed thursday and i think wednesday too! i'm a tad tardy sometimes!

    enjoy your friday folks!

  7. by   Grace Oz
    Hi Joe, Julie, Suzy!

    You all were posting as I was typing!

    Nice to *see* you all!
  8. by   sirI
    mornin' mornin' mornin'!!!!

    thanks, sabby, for starting the gm thread. i hope the surprise you've planned for dh comes to fruition as planned tomorrow. he's gonna love you for this.

    [color=olive]hi, suzyq. yes, missed you, too. hope you feel all better and things slowing down a lil bit for ya.

    hello, joe. you are winding down to the end. so proud for you. yup, cool here, too.

    howdy, jmgrn. good to see you as well.

    too funny, gracie. i would love to have been a fly on the wall watching all the chaos with the mouse. hahahahahahahaha

    to the queen!!!!

    the is peeking around the corner of the house. i can see it shining through the trees. think i'll join him in another cuppa

    hoping all who are here and all who come later, have an extra special good...

  9. by   dianah
    Good morning to all, and Happy Friday!!

    Sabby, contemplative and reflective times such as you had this morning are such a good grounding, re-affirming and re-directing time. And necessary now and then.
    Hope the flight happens soon!

    The other day I was blessed to take care of a vet who had been at the battle of Normandy, plus served in Korea!
    My co-worker (who served in Desert Storm) saluted him when he left.

    Our June gloom continues: a little overcast.
    At least temps are cooler, in the 70's.

    I'm off to work today, hoping to get off early (as I'd requested).
    I'm the only RN there today, and we have a pacemaker and a possible cath to do.
    I NEED to get off early, to get music ready for tonight's program.
    It's a faculty dinner for which the Gathering Place group is providing music.
    Starts at 1830 but dh and I want to be there by 1630, as set-up takes some time.
    We'll see, keeping my fingers crossed.

    The rest of the weekend will be taken up by various graduation-related functions.

    Y'all have a good day!
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning EVERYONE, from drizzly Northern California :smilecoffeecup:

    It is all good - those close to 100 degree temps we had just about fried my new Spring grass and now it is all green again.

    I'm going to send Danny to school - his cough has almost gone away, no fever.

    Then I'm going to finish the laundry.

    And start my homework for next class, Nursing Econ.

    I like your story Dianah - my husband always makes it a point to walk over and thank a vet wherever we go.

  11. by   tnbutterfly

    i hope everyone is having a great day! i've been kinda scarce around here....tied up with a couple of big projects at work.

    we had quite a storm yesterday evening.........looks like we might get some more rain. otherwise it has been hot and sunny this week.

    don't have any big plans for the weekend.........

    now to go and read what y'all have been up to.

  12. by   zuzi
    Hey good afternoon... good for you if you are all good. Half sad hald happy today is a day when like in all others days is enough just to listen...

    Finally I did my labs, waiting for results... well... A little sad in the morning... was graduation day for my kido... last night in the middle of night when I went home... a hug and talking in sleep " mom tommorow you are off? Is my graduation day!" My freaking .... life, I sure that I hated myself again... working like a dog I forgot about.... I said... "yes sweety tommorow your damnit mom is all yours... we will wake at 7, sleep tight" So yes my dear I slept 4 hours this beautifull charming mom nurse ... morning came... pickup roses and wear my official american smile and goes there... muah, muah muah... how nice was... how beuatifull... bla, bla.... ran to lab.... sleepy me....Cried a lot and pray only for myself to see to sunshine.... the houses around was so beuatifull... one was like in my dreams.... I stoped the car and walk... and pray... show me where to go.... on the right side a building an official one.... I knocked on the door....wasn't my intention at all to talk about... just to angel... Oh God... I sure that I seen her before... we talked I told her my story... just like it is.... she gave me a list....I hope and pray that she never heard about Zuzi. Dosen't matter what was about is about angels... are beetwen us! Is this my story.... manipualtion is when you say that you like somenthing just to obtain somenthing, to be someone just because you are not just like that but helped you ... I am sad, I am so sensitive to words.... why I am able to see what others could not see....and I am tired... and I could not lie that I am happy. I am totally very unhappy when I meet untrue people.....and fly to sky when I meet angels, their words are true, they aproach are great, they are honest!

    I don't want to describe your self like an angel , my eyes need to see an angel.... is worthless now, I hear you......I feel my angels and I love MY angels...and dear... you are not the one!

    Lets' sings for people like My angels.......true honest open hearts...God is in people ...
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  13. by   jnette
    Quick hello to all.. will try to get back later...must get a fwe things cleaned up and organized here at home.. laundry to be done, etc. Nurse is coming by again this weekend to assist with dressing changes. FINALLY got my "Butt Balm" !

    Similar, Di, to Bag Balm, but they say for bottoms, it's even better.. has nystatin, zinc, and one other ingredient that I can't remember now... it's suppose to be simply the best for elderly bottoms. Officially called 1-2-3 Cream.

    Got a UA on Mutti today as ehr out put is minimal and dark, dark, dark. Sure enough, UTI.. although she's afebrile and no c/o back pain.. urine is clear, no odor. Wierd. The had to leave work again and run back home and draw another CBC, CMP... always something. Doc wanted to see how the anemia was doing... of course the blood in the urine isn't helping matters any. Don't have the results back on that as of yet.

    For those who missed them, I posted some great pics last noc in yesterday's thread of Adam and his hiking buddy on teh summit of Pike's Peak and Mt. Armat in Colo. They camped out and starte their hike before sunrise...way cool !!! Go take a look!

    OK. Outta here for now.. hope to have some good AN therapy time this weekend.... we'll see.
  14. by   suzy253
    Quote from dianah
    The other day I was blessed to take care of a vet who had been at the battle of Normandy, plus served in Korea!
    My co-worker (who served in Desert Storm) saluted him when he left.
    I love taking care of the dear vets. Some are not A&O but when I start chatting about what armed services they were in and that my dad was at Pearl Harbor, their reaction is amazing! I always thank them for serving our country.

    Hugs to you Netters!!! I saw the pictures of Adam in the thread..they were awesome.