Freaking out about buying a house

  1. Ok, here's the scenario. I'm 36, single mom buying my first home. Things have gone quickly and now I'm freaking out. Closing is going to be in about a week. I'm nauseated and just plain nervous. Hoping, praying I'm doing the right thing. Absolutely dreading the whole packing and moving thing. Need to get rid of much junk. Am going from a bigger house to a smaller one... am I nuts or what??? Maybe renting isn't so bad.... but doesn't really matter now anyway.. is too late.... arrrgggghhhhh

    Please reassure me I am not insane/nuts/cookoo/etc. Did y'all have this sort of anxiety before buying. Did the horrible feeling ever go away? Sometimes I feel like my insides are going to turn out.... who knew house buying would be so bad. I think I have some guys to help me move, but what if they can't? All my money is tied up in insurance and downpayment and whatnot. What if the roof falls in (ok.. only 6 yrs old and inspector said was fine), what if the water heater blows? what if a window breaks? what if .. what if....ohmygod, what have I done????

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  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    If the water heater breaks, you'll buy another one for 150 bucks and have it put in, takes about twenty minutes. If a window breaks, go to the hardware store and buy a piece of plexiglas and have that put it. If the roof falls in, well, I think you can count on that NOT happening for about fifteen years and I am sure you will have some money by then for that. THAT costs about 3K to fix, been there, done that.
    Renting sucks and you will be glad you have bought a house. Houses, as long as they are kept up, only appreciate in value. I bought mine for 36K almost 20 years ago and now am going to spend about 20K this month for renovations, but when we are done it will be worth close to 100K should we decide to sell. If I had spent all those house payments on rent, I would have put all that money down a rathole.
    Calm down, dear, you'll be fine!!!! It will all be fine in the long run!!! Enjoy moving in and redecorating!!!!!!!!! :chuckle :hatparty:
  4. by   dphrn
    I think as soon as you walk in the door after closing, you will be very happy and relieved. I have bought three homes and have gotten a home warranty on all of them with American Home Shield (AHS). Actually, if it is not offered by the buyer, I put a stipulation that the buyer purchases the initial first year of a home warranty in my bid. Anyway, you can still buy it for about 400 dollars a year (can be made in four payments) and it will cover everything. Electrical, plumbing, any appliances you chose to cover, etc. I have had to use them three different times and never had any problems and saved much more than 400 dollars!

    With each house I had the full coverage for the first year. Then I would renew it on my own and only cover major things like electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and the cost was only about 200 a year. It's definately worth the peace of mind that comes with it. Sorry to go on and on but I am a huge fan of home warranties.

    Anyway, I am sure you will feel great when it is all over. It is a big move but you will have such a wonderful feeling of pride once you sign those papers.
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  5. by   emmy
    Congratulations :hatparty:
    Renting is just money down the drain. I'm sure you will feel so much better once you've moved and are settled. I'm also a big fan of insurance as it gives such peace of mind, it only takes one little fire to turn into a big one and then you have nothing.
    Hope the move goes smoothly and don't forget to crack open a bottle of sparkly to celebrate
  6. by   dphrn
    If you have a home loan, insurance is required. The home warranty is elective and covers things that home insurance does that hot water heater!
  7. by   H ynnoD
    Buying a Home can be very nerve racking.In about a year it will seem like not such a big deal.Our home has doubled in value since we brought it.Almost pulled out all my hair going through the process of buying it,but was well worth it
  8. by   nursebedlam
    Buying a house was the best thing I've done, have been in this home 4yrs now and it has trippled in value.
  9. by   galenight
    Thanks for the support and encouragement. I really do appreciate it. I also am grateful for the advice on the home warranty. I had not thought of that, nor had it been offered to me. I will check into it. Thanks again guys... y'all are great!