Freakin Ugly

  1. l feel guilty for getting soooooo upset over this....after all with all that's goin on in this crazy sick world lately....this is a small problem...l certainly wish it was my only problem, or my biggest problem....l thought all these thoughts my family is safe and l don't live in a third world just made me cry harder for being so shallow as to be sooooooo upset over this small see, l got my hair cut today....well, l don't know if my hairdresser was having a bad day or what.....l had been home for hair is alot shorter than l ever intended...but then....l picked up the mirror and looked in the back's just chopped to bits...l don't know how it can be fixed w/o getting way to short...l'm just sick....somebody is bound to walk up to me and say..."did you do that on purpose?"'s way too short to even consider pinning up...OMG...that's just all l can hubby doesn't know what to think of my behavior...he heard the glass crashing in the BR...(the mirror l threw down), wanted to know what happened...l was just sobbing...he left the, l decide to go driving around a l'm leaving l tell hubby l look like an ugly man....he just will be ok...gee that helped.....l drive in car sobbing like Lucille Ball...or Laura Petrey....take your pick...the more l feel guilty...the more l cry...finally see gas tank low...go and fill up...go thru car wash.....l drove off w/ gas cap on top of car...go back and find it in car wash............don't feel obligated to answer...just glad my friends here to listen and still luv me when l'm SO FREAKIN UGLY...........LR
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    Hey Leah! I just got my hair cut today too! Not completely what I expected either, not sure it's really "me." But it's just hair, it grows back. My favorite haircut ever was a fixer-upper from a crappy one.

    I'm sure you look absolutely beautiful, you're just not used to it yet. Give it some time. Play with it. In 3 weeks when we both feel a little better about it, we'll laugh over lunch and talk about how beautiful we both turned out!

    :kiss Heather
  4. by   alwaysthere
    oh ive had things like that happen before, i think it make us so upset cuz we do so much for others, when we finally do something for ourselves and it dosent turn out right it's a big let down. Just a theory......
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    ((((leah)))) this is the very reason i do my own hair.

    years ago i went to get my hair cut. before i let home i had a long pony tail, after i got out of the chair, i just about died. it didn't look that bad but it is not what i told her to do. most hairdress don't understand what we mean about a hair cut. i am sure you are just a beautiful as ever.
  6. by   l.rae
    tHANKS MY FRIEND HEATHER.......u are right of course...nothing quite like PMS to make u think u look like a mirror shattering freak...put a bad do on top of that and we are talking about a serious need for valium! l have to decide do l go back to her and get it fixed.....l go there all the time and know these pple that own the shop........gee i don't knw....and ...not much left to play with....l don't think l can pull off the bald look
  7. by   l.rae
    l wonder of if l can call of work and get short term disability/
    STEPHANY AND ALWAYS.....thanks u all are in eye of beholder.....
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  8. by   formernurse
    I used to keep my hair short, especially in the summer, because the heat and humidity really gets to me. Well, 4 summers ago, I had lots of chemo (Taxol), and it took all my hair out in less than a week. It was the COOLEST summer ever----and I loved the egghead look. Then, it grew back curly over the winter. Now I just keep it long and get a trim now and then by a hairdresser who knows what she is doing. ::-)
  9. by   formernurse
    P.S. I just marked my 4 year anniversary of being diagnosed with lung cancer---and am happy to report that all is fine in that department. Boy, am I blessed.
  10. by   Tookie
    This is a very good reason why l drive 3 hours to get my hair cut 0- find a good one follow them - keep them - its a bit like a nurse l guess then our patients/residnts may not be able to drive that far
  11. by   Tookie
    Buy the way I.rae- it may be bad today tommorrow (not that this is any compensation ) it will GROW.
    Hang in there - we always see the worst of ourselves - far more than others see what we think they do
    I am sure you can set a NEW TREND- or say that you are
  12. by   biscuit_007
    I want you to know it could be worse. I am a fairly young man of 31, And the only hair i got left is grey. I only get to see the barber about once a year. I am pretty sure you are not nearly as FREAKING UGLY as you think because I have read a lot of what you have posted since i have been in here and you seem pretty remarkable to me. If there is anything i have learned in the few months i have participated in the forum its that we are judged much more for the content of our character and not the shape or look of our outsides. Besides my grandmother always told me that the only difference between a great haircut and a horrible haircut is 2 weeks. Hope this helps
  13. by   fedupnurse
    l.rae, I almost have to call ahead and see what kind of mood my haircutter is in, else I get scalped!! She is a sweet person but cannot talk and do ANY OTHER ACTIVITY at the same time! She was in a horrible mood last time and I too was butchered! Fortunately my hair grows at lightening speed so I only had to live with it for a few weeks. And wouldn't you know, those few weeks when I lloked like crap were the weeks I met up with the cutest guys! It just ain't fair. In fact, I'm letting my grow out again because of my last cut. Could it really hurt to at least look into that disability aspect?? Go for it!
    And formernurse, that is such great news about your good health. I hope it continues for many, many years to come!
  14. by   Mkue

    If it's any consolation there are some really "cute" short hair styles out now.

    I used to wear my hair short for years and many times I felt it was too short.

    Maybe you could experiment with some gel or wax and create something that you feel comfortable with.

    I feel for you, been there, but you may like it in a few days, let us know.