Franky/Hum'nbird- Where are you?

  1. Just hoping you are ok! Gettin ready to put out an APB! I don't lurk on the BB's as much, now that the weather is nicer, but I always look for posts from you, and nary a one! Tried to get your e-mail to send you a note, but apparently you specified "no e-mails" on this BB- but if you want to keep in touch, you can e-mail me through this board. How's everything!? Miss you and your humor!-- KT
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  3. by   Hum'nbird
    Yo KT:

    How sweet of you to think of me, what a bud, I mean to tell ya!! Talk about being busy! That's me School is finally over.....yippee And.....I landed a job - whoo hoo! It's only 5 miles from the crib (my house), can't beat that. I took a huge pay cut from the last job I had but I'm looking forward to the dialysis gig and getting back into the work force. It's been a whole year since I've been off work, I'm so rusty, not to mention a wee bit nervous. I have so much to say I don't know where to start. I haven't chatted in so long, really missed my cyber pals, especially you hiker! I wont stay away so long next time. I do have somewhat of an excuse tho, my computer was down for several weeks after a power surge about a month ago. I felt like a real ditz tho. I thought my computer was broke, right? Wrong! All I had to do was unplug - then plug in...duh It took my sister to come all the way over to my house to do this for me, can we get anymore stupid than that? don't think so!

    Anywho, how are you doing? Life treating you on the upside I hope? Tell me, tell me, I need to catch up on the haps. I just wrote to Margaret H. (Hoolahan) - pity about her website, huh? Went over to NS, still same 'ol garbage, I swear no control over there. I so enjoyed myself there too, too many good people with so much knowledge, it's a real shame NS doesn't wake up and format like this site does.

    Well, will leave you for now. Need to run errands. Gotta save some chatter for next time. God Bless!! .............P.S. How do I get your email? Not real familiar with how to work this site yet.
  4. by   hiker
    HI Franky!!!
    All's you do is click on "profile" at bottom of my post, and then ...follow the yellow brick road... Nice to hear you are ok! Glad to know life's treating you better, it sounds like!
  5. by   hoolahan
    Hi Franky, missed you too! But glad that life is keeping you happy and busy!

    PS my BB is only shut down, not my whole site. Having more fun here.

    Stop in and see us more often!