Found some OLD photos of our cruise ship days!

  1. Back in 1989. . . for 6 months. . . Amy and I worked as a lounge-music duo on a cruise ship. The name of our duo was Tambre . The name of the cruise ship was called the Discovery Cruises II.

    We played a lot during each day. At one point, Amy had to take about a week's vacation because of no voice.

    Our favorite "show" on this cruise ship was the 1960's Sock Hop. It was a game-filled show of sorts where people would do crazy things and dance crazy stuff to 1960's music. We were the hosts of this show, of course. Amy was on stage working with the contestants. I was in the back working the sound, lights effects and acting as "MC" of sorts.

    We also warmed up to the Chippendales! Yep! It was a horrible experience, actually. We mostly played music for the "Gray-Haired": rumba's, cha-cha's, swing, ballads, etc. I am not sure why the cruise-ship director scheduled us to warm up the Chippendales. . . but we did. It was a stupid decision. We tried to make the best of it, though. I arranged and sequenced a few rock songs to help "bring up to date" our repetroire (sp?). Didn't really work. It's not that the female audience didn't like us. They just wanted to see the "Main Attraction" instead. . . ASAP!!!

    By in large, our sets were pretty mellow. We'd play to an audience of 1 or 2 or 3. (Except for the 1960's Sock Hop and when we performed just before the Chippendales!) It was usually the same couple or couples who wanted to rest in between the gambling.

    (The Discovery Cruiseship II was a tacky "day" cruise ship that cruised about 3 to 4 miles into the ocean just so people can gamble. About 3 times a week it would also do day-cruises to the Bahama's.)

    At any rate, I dug up a couple of photos. Sadly, I couldn't find any photos of the Chippendales or us warming up the Chippendales. But these will give you an idea what we looked like back in 1989!


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  3. by   Ted

    I'm the one on the left! :chuckle



    P. S. This experience almost ruined our marriage! We were around eachother 24/7. At one point we realized that we had to get of the boat in order to save our marriage.

    I applied to nursing school while we were in the tail end of our experience on the ship. I basically went from cruise-ship to nursing school. . . to nurse. Looking back to the whole thing, I don't regret any decision we made.

    Life is good!

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  4. by   emily_mom
    OMG, it's mini-Ted! :chuckle
  5. by   Ted
    Originally posted by emily_mom
    OMG, it's mini-Ted! :chuckle

    I weighed about 80 pounds less back then! Back in 1989, "Mini-Ted" I was. . .

    But there's more of me to love, now. . .

  6. by   cindyln
    you look like a baby!!! ahhhh
  7. by   Ted
    Originally posted by cindyln
    you look like a baby!!! ahhhh
    I was 29 years old, back then!

    Being skinney made me look quite young!

    Now I just act young!

  8. by   Ted

    I'm about 80 pounds heavier now. Amy still weighs about the same. Maybe a bit less since her surgery!!

  9. by   Disablednurse
    All the pictures are great, Ted. You looked like you were having fun on the cruise ship, but pictures can be deceiving.
  10. by   spineCNOR
    Awwww....what a fine-looking young couple w'all were!! Of course, you two are still a fine looking couple now
  11. by   shygirl
    I love pictures! You guys are so cute!

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  12. by   rreed
    the pictures are great, thanks for sharing

  13. by   Beach_RN
    Ted.. You and Amy are so cool! Love the pictures!

  14. by   alwaysthere
    cant see the pics