Found my great hot cider recipe ! Is it still cold where you are?

  1. This is the BEST hot apple cider ! The kind you are given for all evening sipping at Colorado ski lodges, at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs or at the Greenbriar in West Virginia. I got this recipe in Breckenridge, at a great old bar with a humongous fireplace and leather couches everywhere, and hot tubs filled with apres ski folks sipping pints of "spiked cider".

    You might want to save for next winter:

    1 oz. of your favorite bourbon or whiskey
    1 oz. of Apple Liqueur
    6 oz of hot apple cider.....don't let it boil...the flavor will boil out
    I use natural cider in a gallon jug from the "apple place"
    or from the health food store , and try to avoid pasteur-
    ized from the grocery store...too sweet and no apple
    flavor. tastes like corn syrup and water.
    Last, garnish with a long cinnamon stick,.......... not a peppermint
    stick, but a cinnamon stick.

    Really delightful. The apple liqueur is the secret ingredient, and
    you can garnish it with a few thin apple slices and very
    thin lemon slices.
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  3. by   RNonsense
    sounds delicious! thanks!
  4. by   passing thru
    Just read the "still snowing " thread....why not let some hot apple liqueur comfort your senses and ease those cold, tired, tense muscles into the weekend?
  5. by   Angella Walker
    Gin still works for me! Premade and everything. It is a convenience food.