Forum of Cultures

  1. Might as well post this here since it most probably won't be much mentioned in the US dailies. The website mentioned below is certainly worth taking a look at. NH

    APRIL 6, 2004
    CONTACT: Barcelona Forum US
    David Rippe 513-618-6449

    Largest Progressive Event in History - Calling All Citizens and Activists to Get Involved

    WASHINGTON - April 6 - The city of Barcelona, Spain will play host to the Universal Forum of Cultures (the Forum), an unprecedented gathering of people from all societies to spontaneously and freely participate in creating a better planet based on the principles of cultural diversity, economic sustainability, and world peace.

    "The Forum is the largest progressive event in history," said David Rippe, executive director of the Barcelona Forum US. "This is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to make a difference to connect with others for real change. We need an American presence to show that there are millions of committed Americans dedicated to making the world a better place for all people."

    The first world event will be held in Barcelona May 9th through September 26th, 2004 with expected attendance of five million people. The Forum features forty-five dialogues and hundreds of entertainment and cultural events. Through worldwide television broadcasts, web casts, and ongoing interactive web sites, at least 500 million people will participate in this progressive exchange as it offers a powerful ongoing means of global cross-cultural communication and action.

    In the United States, the Barcelona Forum has a master site and ten theme-specific web sites that serve as online forums and links to dialogue specific material. Each web site features details on the Forum, the agendas and speakers of the dialogues and seminars taking place, a calendar of events, information on Barcelona and Spain, and most importantly, online discussion threads for people to discuss the important issues confronting our societies.

    "For those who cannot attend the Forum in person, we offer the ability to connect with like-minded people around the globe via our online discussion groups. We hope to build a movement of individuals whose collective voice moves the world," Rippe said.

    Some of the critical issues the Forum will address include environmental issues, economic sustainability, green building and green tourism, individual rights and freedoms, the impact of globalization, women's issues, volunteerism, the World Youth Movement, spirituality, and much more.

    The Forum is designed to create real-world actionable solutions. This is your chance for your voice to be heard. Come join the discussion. We all have a stake in our society and the fate of future generations.

    Recognizing this important juncture in history, the United Nations, the Spanish government, the Catalan government, and the city of Barcelona, Spain passionately dedicated themselves to the building of an international village to host a celebration of ideas, dialogue, and diversity.