Former Coworker Shot to Death


    I have to Vent!
    Poor Casey! He had a heart of Gold! He went to help a co-worker who was being robbed right in the parking lot! He chased down the robbers and was shot to death!
    I worked with him over 5 years and it's just such a shock to have heard this... he is definitely a hero...

    Now I have to wonder... just who is it that allowed this check cashing service to come to that facility in the first place? I mean you let some guy come to the facility, (he use to come in the lobby) loaded with money to cash checks? I have a problem with this! Here's a copy of the article in case the link doesn't work.

    Last Update: 07/22/2003 12:24:28 PM
    By: Kurt Christopher

    Albuquerque police are searching for two men who fatally shot a nursing home employee following a robbery Tuesday morning.

    The shooting took place at the Las Palomas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 8100 Palomas Avenue NE, just south of Paseo del Norte.

    Police say two men robbed a woman picking up her paycheck at the nursing home around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. They reportedly sprayed the woman with mace.

    A male employee chased the suspects along an arroyo behind the facility. There, police say the suspects shot the man in the chest.

    The victim, whose name was not released, was transported to an area hospital, where he died.

    Police began scouring nearby neighborhoods for the shooting suspects, described as two Hispanic men in their early 20s wearing gray shirts, dark shorts and baseball caps. Officers said the men are considered armed and dangerous.

    Detective Jeff Arbogast of Albuquerque Police asked residents in the area to lock their doors and call police if they spot any suspicious activity.
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  3. by   night owl
    That's really sad Guisep, and what a hero he was indeed.

    Check cashing at a nursing and rehab center? You should all get together and raise some hell about this. I bet they'll think twice about it now that your coworker was killed.
  4. by   kids
    Guisseppi (I know, I spelled it wrong), I can feel your anger and pain, I am very sorry for your loss, and for the loss everyone who knew him is feeling. Hugs & thoughts to you.
  5. by   kids
    I'm not finding mention of a check cashing place in the???
  6. by   iliel
    I'm so sorry this happend, I know he just wanted to help the woman who was robbed. At the same time I'm confused, you said something about check cashing. Do they do this for you at your work? If so maybe these guys knew someone would be carrying cash out with them.
    That's just so sad.
  7. by   nursegoodguy
    This guy has, (I guess) his own little check cashing business. He goes from facility to facility and cashes paychecks for staff on payday for a fee... I guess the admin decided he was charging too much and stopped him from coming inside the lobby so he parks outside of the facility and staff who rely on his service (?) go out to his van or truck or whatever he uses and he cashes their checks. The nurse went out to cash hers and as she was walking back to the facility she was approached by these two crooks who held a gun to her and demanded the money. She gave it to them and they maced her and I guess the two nursing techs saw it and came to her aid... that's when the chase began and Casey was shot. I believe there were actually two techs chasing them and one was shot at but missed... You just don't think about going to work and getting shot to death!
    All for a few bucks... What sort of people can do such a thing?
    I think the staff should find another way to cash their checks...
  8. by   aimeee
    That is the pits, Guiseppe!! What a shame. It really hits hard and close to home when it is someone you know and right where you work.
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    These little "check cashing"
    services are common when you are dealing with folks without green cards.
    I know, I know, everyone needs to be legal to work in a nursing home.
    Thats not the reality when you are short staffed and...(This is another thread isn't it?)
    Sorry to hear of your lost friend.
  10. by   nursegoodguy
    The check cashing guy was an independent who comes at payday to different facilities to cash checks for people who I guess don't have bank accounts...
    You know I had to wonder myself about the whole thing... was it a coincidence that a nurse who worked a lot of OT was the target?
    I mean there's probably only a few nurses who used this (independent) check cashing guy... Why is it that the target was not one of the masses of other staff who make substancially less then the nurse? I'm not saying I think the nurse had anything to do with any of it, (you wouldn't have someone rob yourself and mace you) but... it's just such a coincidence that probably the person with the biggest paycheck ended up being the target... what do you guys think? Do you think the cops are thinking this very same thing?
    It is just a very sad thing... I feel bad and am distraught but it's really Casey and his family that I feel bad for...
    Also the staff that still work there... I wish for them and the patients there that there was someone to help them work through it but... I don't have a lot of faith in the admin staff there! I heard one of the top dogs in the nursing dept. just had to go home early... I mean c'mon there were probably Lots of techs, other staff and patients that worked directly with him that could've used some emotional support and a top person in nursing is leaving early! This (top dog) should be the person who says yes this is bad and we're going to help one another work through it. People look to them for leadership especially when something so major happens and topdog can't deal with it and has to go home?
    Am I wrong here?
  11. by   adrienurse
    Yeah, I know from hearing other stories that that place is kinda a rotten place to worked (otherwise you'd still be there, right?). The bosses leaving early! They should have been getting there asses together getting the Critical Incident Stress Magagement team together! Imagine the people who were still working the shift knowing what had gone on just outside (and the residents too, for that matter).


    P.S. Haven't the bosses ever heard of direct deposit?
  12. by   jemb
    So sorry, Guiseppe. That is so sad.
  13. by   karenG
    oh Guiseppe.......hugs. you sound livid and sad.

  14. by   funnygirl_rn
    How sad & tragic for something like this to happen. Hugs to you.