Former co-worker arrested, body being exhumed!

  1. What a way to start the day, reading that someone you used to work with has been arrested and this looks like it's gonna get real ugly. One charge is dispencing drugs illegally, without a doctors order to both patients and staff. Drugs invloved, Lortab, Darvocet, Cipro, Prozac, Xanax and Morphine. If convicted at least a 10 year sentence will be imposed. The body is being exhumed due to reports that drugs were given to this resident without an order. She was working as an agency nurse so it is unknown how many nursing facilities will be drawn into this. She has a total of four charges against her. I feel very sad about this. I don't know if she did or didn't do it but it's another kick in the head for a profession of people that work like dogs for very little reward. To say the least, she wasn't vey smart, handing out controlled drugs to co-workers, I would also ask, why does she have so many? If she's innocent I hope she can get a fair trial but there is going to be a lot of people spouting off opinion, with no evidence to back it up. Very sad situation. Duckie
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    Wow, sometimes you think you've got problems then you read something like this...
  4. by   duckie
    That's for sure. I havent seen her in over 7 years, don't know if she has little ones, is married or anything. Hope she has a good support system, she's gonna need it.
  5. by   sanakruz
    Was the death of this resident suspicious? Was she fired? What the hell? There's a big difference between being a druggie and being a murderer? The 2 just dont go hand in hand....
    Need more info...
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD LORD is all I can say. Never do we hear it all, another horror story comes along to shock even more. UGH. This case makes very little sense to me, also. Hope they figure it all out.
  7. by   Darlene K.
    sanakruz - I was thinking the very same thing! What's the deal?
  8. by   duckie
    The paper wasn't great on details, not sure why. Maybe they are hoping some more people will come forward. The paper states she was fired because the facility was suspicious of her role in a residents death. Paper stated exactly that her role is has yet to be determined. However she is being charged with giving medications to residents that they did not have orders for, the above listed meds, BUT, rumors are just that, and to my knowledge all of her terminations were for reasons other than drugs missing. She did sorta bother me BUT that doesn't mean she had any role in killing anyone. So what if they do find drugs not ordered in this body. How can they be certain it was her that did it? Maybe it was the person that turned her in??? She did have a reputation but that again does not make her a murderer. I hope if she is guilty she is proven to be but I hate to see a witch hunt just because someone is not liked or is different than others want them to be. I am already hearing tons of crap, even from where I currently work, seems many people know her and have their opinions. Opinion isn't enough to lock someone up for all those years, I sure hope they are doing this the right way. Her bail was nearly $100,000.00, so I think they are pretty serious but then again, this is a small town area we're talking about. She is due to go before the state board of nursing tomorrow, so I'm certain she'll be suspended until they figure this out. There has been witnesses that have stated she gave the above listed meds to co-workers, not sure if she was selling them, the paper just stated, "illegally dispensing." That could mean anything. I'm certain the paper will cover her nursing hearing.
  9. by   emily_mom
    Wow....keep us posted on this one.
  10. by   sunnygirl272
    My word, sure do have more than your share!!!!
    Do keep us all posted, please!!!
  11. by   cactus wren
    Me thinkith that somwone has put that old gypsy curse on you Duckie.....May you live in interesting times.....
  12. by   duckie
    I should set the record straight that I am not friends with this woman. BUT, I am concerned that gossip and proof may be mistaken for one and the same. I could give you gossip miles long on her BUT that don't make it so. I just hope justice is served, no matter which side it falls on.
  13. by   Darlene K.
    Keep us posted!
  14. by   sanakruz
    Sounds like her " friends" have already convicted her. Hope she can afford a private attorney.
    If she's charged with murder, that's a low bail. No priors, I'm assuming.
    How long ago did this individual die? Would those drugs still be found in the tissues? And is it quantitative as well as qualitative? Doesnt fit still.Why would she give a resident all those drugs all at once? I right in assuming this resident was in their twilght years?Too weird....